Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Release

A tasty new release to sweeten your Tuesday:

A wickedly delicious dessert. A dark and mysterious man. A woman who can resist neither.
One of many trained tasters to the sovereign, Ceta Lars doesn't want to be chosen. Compounding Ceta's fear of the unknown is her attraction to Iason, the sovereign's paladin. For years, her glimpses of his dark perfection have tantalized her, stolen into her dreams, filled her thoughts with wild, erotic fantasies. Except he's the one man she can't have.The sovereign's sentient female ship has other ideas. Her hungers rule and she wants Ceta and Iason. Together. One taste of the creamy ambrosia she creates, and her two reluctant lovers will come together in a fire of scorching, orgasmic lust and passion that neither can deny—that could destroy them both.
Line: Aeon (sci fi)
ISBN: 9781419921148

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