Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Releases

Three new releases to up the summer heat. Turn on a fan, grab a glass of ice water and indulge yourself in these steamy tales.

Bram Barclay is the scandal of London society, sought out by ladies of the ton who enjoy his brand of pleasurable punishments. That's why he cannot comprehend why innocent Miss Katrina Hartford has disguised herself as Kitty Hartley, taking a position as a maid at his estate. When he attempts to ferret out her secret, he finds her a willing servant, indeed.

No one knows scathing social columnist Alistair Allenby is Kitty's nom de plume—or that she's writing an article to expose Bram. But as she submits to his torturous toys, it's Kitty who is exposed, indulging her unspoken desires to find true freedom, power…and love.

Reader Advisory: While not a true depiction of a BDSM lifestyle, Bad Kitty contains its share of tantalizing taboos. And spankings. Lots and lots of spankings.

Line: Legend
Icon: Regency, Lt. BDSM
ISBN: 9781419923548
Price $ 5.20

Buddies since kindergarten, Ray Jenkins and Eric Richards have never crossed the line into a sexual relationship. But when Ray breaks the news to Eric that he's leaving for war, their friendship suddenly slides into something deeper, and what's intended to be a guys' night in turns out to be a guys' night in bed.

Two years later, their one night of hot sex is a distant memory and having heard nothing from Ray since his abrupt departure, Eric can't believe it when his old friend shows up. Using his mouth and his hands, Ray makes it clear how much he still wants Eric, and unable to resist, Eric falls right back into Ray's bed. But fear that Ray will leave again holds him back, and despite the passion growing between them, Eric can't let go of the pain he suffered while Ray was gone. Ray has to convince him that this time 'round he's not going anywhere—or their burgeoning relationship will be over before it has the chance to begin.

Line: Spectrum
Icon: M/M
ISBN: 9781419923562
Price $5.20

She craves a man's attention… Strong and independent, Georgia longs for love but has failed to meet her equal. Unwilling to settle for a life without passion, she sets a course for Bonkaur Island and the kind of toe-curling sex she's only read about.

He fulfills sexual fantasies… CEO of Bonkaur Island Fantasy Resort, Jay has imagined Georgia in his bed, and in his life, since he first set eyes on her as a na├»ve college freshman. When she applies to his resort, asking for a week as a sexual submissive, Jay stacks the deck and plays to be her partner in a sensual game.

When Georgia experiences the attention and heat of true attraction, she yields to Jay's every command. But before long, it's the Master who becomes enslaved.

Line: Moderne
Icon: Lt. BDSM
ISBN: 9781419922039
Price $5.20

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