Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Releases

Perk up the middle of the week with these sizzling new reads from Ellora's Cave.

Three witches. The three warlocks who love them. Three tales of magic and the power of love woven into one erotic and heartwarming tale…

Thanks to her status as first daughter, and the ancient spell that binds them as mates, witch Rosemary Thorne must marry warlock Drake Dundrury. He's a man she could love…if he hadn't already betrayed her.

Psychic witch Ginger Thorne spends her twenty-first birthday in the arms of a handsome stranger…who turns out to be Nigel Brubre, the son of the people who ruined her family's business. Then Nigel disappears, and Ginger must put aside her own heartache to find him.

Witch healer Sage Thorne finds shelter in a cave from a storm—and finds a bespelled locket. Gorgeous warlock Ravin appears and offers her untold pleasure for the mere price of her soul. And she finds herself tempted to accept his offer.

Publisher Note: Sex With Your Hexwas previously published as three short stories under a different title with another publisher, but has been merged and expanded for Ellora's Cave.

Line: Twilight
ISBN: 9781419922626
Price $ 4.45

Book 4 in the Eternal Bonds series.

Captain Amy needs money and the Catallian race can provide it. The race showcases the best pilots the sector has ever known. Amy plans on winning it with the help of her new copilot, the mysterious and sexy Sean—as long as she can keep her sex pheromones in check. But her attraction to Sean kicks her body into overdrive, overwhelming them both.

Sean has left friends and duty behind. Intending to heal mind and spirit, he joins Amy as her bodyguard and copilot. Sean has no interest in forming a bond with Amy, even though their lust for each other is undeniable.

As the two find themselves battling their uncontrollable attraction, they are forced to fight a drug lord intent on fixing the race—even if it means taking Amy and her crew out of the running permanently.

Line: Aeon
ISBN: 9781419923173
Price $6.99

Office romances are a big ol' no-no for Abigail Duncan, once badly burned by a workplace fling. Since then, she's sworn off men in general and especially those she works with.

It's a damn shame because Abbie's coworker Sebastian McCallum is the hottest thing she's ever seen—and he's completely off limits! But when her best friend Mimi throws a "naughty edibles" party and Seb turns out to be one of the guests, Abbie decides that, coworker or not, Seb is on the evening's menu.

Dirty candy is the order of the day and Abbie learns it's okay to take chances in lust and love.

Line: Moderne
ISBN: 9781419923227
Price $4.45

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