Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Releases

Four new full-length releases from some of your favorite authors! Happy Wednesday to you.

Book 4 in the Dance series
Love-'em-and-leave-'em bad-boy Rolf has met his match, and she's nothing like his usual dalliances. Older, plus-sized Fantine is a woman who embraces her curves and revels in her femininity. A weekend of pleasure that begins as a sizzling sexual distraction to both sparks a deeper need that neither was looking for, a connection neither is able to relinquish. Fantine also brings Rolf a gift beyond measure—a link to the dark-eyed, dark-haired father he always suspected was his, not the blond, blue-eyed sire of his brothers. Amid the joy of learning of his new family and a tempestuous relationship burgeoning with steamy sexuality and newfound emotions, a new side to Rolf emerges—the man he never thought he could be, and the lover of Fantine's deepest fantasies.
Note: Dance of the Rogue, the final book in the Dance series, brings characters from earlier books back together for a poignant finale. If you loved the other Dance stories, you won't want to miss this one!
Line: Sophisticate (older woman, younger man) with Rubenesque heroine
ISBN: 9781419923579
Middlemarch Mates, Book Eight
Kiran is a tiger shifter without a past. Plucked from a hospital by Rohan and Ambar Patel, he has no recollection of arriving in Auckland. Nothing is familiar, but he's sure of one thing. Rohan Patel is an attractive man. He fires Kiran with longing. A stolen kiss and Kiran knows exactly what he wants. Rohan's desire for the stranger steals his breath and pushes forward his plans to tell his sister he prefers males. The urgent hunger between them is palpable, guaranteed to make any tiger purr with pleasure. But weird flashes of memory hint at Kiran's terrible past. The truth might blow apart his blossoming romance with Rohan and hurt his new Middlemarch friends. A dilemma—push Rohan away or hold him close and place his lover in danger. It's a difficult choice, then it's too late. Danger stalks through Middlemarch, and they must fight for their love and their lives.
Line: Spectrum (gay) with shapeshifter elements, M/M sex
ISBN: 9781419922992
Book ten in the WindVerse Series
Riezell Guardian Major Dominia Alamaine has heard about the celebrated sexual prowess of Jaegar Rosakaris, and she's eager to experience it firsthand. But the mating doesn't quite go as planned. Her love 'em and leave 'em attitude won't work this time since fate throws a monkey wrench in the gears by bonding the two as eternal mates. Jaegar is rather pleased with the situation. Domi is a gorgeous woman with a laser-hot body, sultry lips and a mind as sharp as an assassin's dagger. With her at his side, he won't mind taking over the rule of his home world. But his mother has very lethal plans for the woman he wants to be his bride. And though love hits Jaegar hard, it's hatred that will ruin his young life and make it a living hell.
Line: Aeon (sci fi) with paranormal elements
ISBN: 9781419921896
Every millennium the most innocent angel in all of Heaven is sacrificed to the most evil demon in Hell. Elandra is this angel. Though she fears for her life and her virtue, she never dreams that she will find true love in Hell. Raziel is half-demon, brought up by his powerful father to take control of the underworld. But when Elandra is presented to him, he can't bring himself to hurt her. Instead he lets her go. Back in Heaven, Elandra can't forget the beautiful demon with the blazing eyes. Raziel's touch has started a fire in her soul and though she knows it is forbidden, she can't help wishing to see him again. Their love must be a secret, but Elandra's pure beauty incites the demonic half of Raziel's nature. Can a demon love an angel without hurting her? For if Raziel is unable to keep his lust in check, Elandra will be cast out of Heaven for being defiled.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419923760

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