Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's Do It Again!!

Come Celebrate Ellora’s Cave’s 10th Anniversary and Second RomantiCon! October 7-10 Our first RomantiCon last year was even better than we imagined it would be. Ellora’s Cave and Cerridwen Press authors and fans really know how to have a good time! We set the stage and you brought the party—and, of course, loads of great conversation, information, ideas, inspiration, goodies, books, more goodies, and more books.
For more information and to register, visit our RomantiCon 2010 site.
Here are the details:
RomantiCon 2010
October 7-10
Days Inn (formerly Country Inn & Suites)
4742 Brecksville Road
Richfield Ohio 44286

The Highlights of RomantiCon 2010

Friday Night Party: The Roaring Twenties
Calling all Flappers, Gangsters, Molls, and Bootleggers!
Break out the glad rags for the Friday night party, dolls, we’re gonna party like it’s 1926! Beads, hats, feathers—plenty of glitz and glitter. Don’t forget your cigarette holder and do brush up on your shimmy and Charleston for the dance contest!

Saturday Night 10th Anniversary Celebration
Ellora’s Cave: 10 Years of Refusing to Behave
Can you believe it? Ellora’s Cave is 10 years old! Seems like a hundred years ago that Jaid Black launched Ellora’s Cave from her kitchen table. Little did she know then that she was also launching a whole new genre and publishing model. Just one short decade ago, almost no one had heard of “erotic romance” and “ebooks,” let alone read or written one. Now Romantica erotic romance is whole subculture with hundreds of authors, thousands of fans and dozens of imitators. Come toast and feast to the birth and growth of this wondrous community of women who refuse to behave! With special appearances by Ellora’s Cave’s first Cavemen, fans and authors and other surprises!

What people are saying about RomantiCon 2009:

“Thanks to all the EC staff who made us feel like family members. Chatting with them and with all the other authors and readers simply made my year!”
--Ruby Storm

“Putting it on the calendar! Oh I can't wait.”
--Holly Hardenbrook

“This was THE BEST conference I have ever been to.”
--Kate Poole

“I tend to be kind of shy when I'm meeting new people, but with all of you I immediately felt at home.”
--Francesca Hawley

“I'll be there next year if I have to hitchhike!”
--Shayla Kersten

“I have never attended a conference where I had so much fun or was treated to well.”
--Desiree Holt

“The workshops were just fantastic and the advice from all of the authors was great. “
--Kristyn Warren

From the Blogs:

“Friday night's Psychedelic Soiree was a blast, Saturday's workshops and focus groups informative, Saturday night's dinner tasty and Sunday's book signing loads of fun.”
Stephanie Julian

“The first RomantiCon has been just amazing from the start. Everyone, authors, readers and Ellora’s Cave staff, has been wonderful. … It really feels like EC is a huge and happy family, each author helping the next so everyone can succeed.”
Joyce Ann McLaughlin, a.k.a. Joysann
Beyond Her Book Blog

“Can't describe how truly wonderful this event was. There were no strangers. Everywhere you looked authors, readers, reviewers, and other industry professionals were dispensing hugs and smiles as if they'd know each other forever. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling that I came home knowing this is one event I would never, ever miss.”
Regina Carlysle

“If you are entertaining the thought of going next year, DEFINITELY save the money for it! From the awesome goodie bags, to the great food, to the friendliness of all the professionals, to the hunky Cavemen participating in everything, and readers mixing with the authors, it was just an awesome experience I wish everyone could enjoy!”
Anonymous commenter on Regina’s blog

“Our enthusiastic readers, hard-working and gracious hosts, awesome authors, and always-charming-and-sexy Cavemen raised the excitement levels off the fun-o-meter charts.”
Adele Dubois

From Twitter (search #RomantiCon)
@marifreeman: Had a blast.
@F1yMordecai: It was so much fun!
@joysann: Had an absolutely fabulous time. Met wonderful people.
@rebeccasew: Met so many wonderful authors, got a boatload of books to read, had my hormones pumped up by gorgeous cover models!
@caismith: WHEE!! Just won a Sony E-Reader at the EC Booksigning at #RomantiCon! Now I can take that off my Christmas "wish-list." LOL


Helen Hardt said...

Last year was a blast -- I can't wait for RomantiCon 2010!

LAF said...

Thanks for keeping us posted!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had a great time last year, and it's only gonna get better this year!!

Regina Carlysle said...

Will be there with tinkly bells on.

Anonymous said...

I'll be listening for you, Regina! I'm thinking feathers for myself.