Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Round Five

Congrats to Anne for winning Round Four of our contest! Anne will receive a free ebook of her choice and her entry will go into the final Grand Prize Round for a chance to win a netbook computer!

Now it's time to vote for the best of the Round Five entries in the right panel.

Ellora's Cave has showed me the joys of domination, and my love life has improved drastically!

Life is all about choices. My husband and I have been together for 20 years, married for 17. One night when we were very young, I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to find him absent from the bed. I walked into the living room to find him in the act of pleasuring himself on the couch. He saw me, I saw him, and I promptly walked right back into the bedroom. I sat on the bed and thought, well I can be offended and have him be embarrassed, or I can trust him like no one else. So, I went out, sat beside him on the couch and said, "How would you like to know me better than anybody? … I do THAT too."

It was the best reaction I could have had. I showed him my secret toy. He was so relieved and excited. As time went on, children came, and my libido has gotten stronger and more demanding.

When I hit the big 4-0, I discovered Ellora's Cave. The stories I read gave me new ideas and helped us improve techniques. We even ordered a new toy! We have better sex now than ever and a lot more of it! The variety of genres on EC has helped me decide what I truly want in the bedroom and has given me a medium in which to communicate these desires to my wonderful husband. He has DEFINITELY been game!:)

I'm so glad I decided to be as open and honest with my mate. I even hesitated before telling him I was reading erotic stories. I chose to take the chance that he would judge me or not approve. I should have known that he would return the same unconditional love and understanding I showed him all those years ago. We have both been reaping the rewards! Thank you EC and all the fabulous authors. I have even corresponded with a few, they are great ladies and even encourage me to share my "stories". Don't know if I'm ready for that, but EC cave has a fan for life in me!!

I've rediscovered passionate sex. Thanks for this offer.

I'm an avid reader of all types of erotica, adore all genres and wish I could try most things out on the old man, I have to confess that as he is disabled and pretty much non-functional, all the wonderful ideas that I read about in your books are pretty much a no go in my case--so I was wondering if maybe just for laughs you could have a contest for those like me on how do all those wonderful erotic books from EC frustrate your love life even more than normal?
Seriously, I appreciate the fact that publishers such as you and others help to keep "sex" alive since we know that typical men know nothing of what true romance is and rely on sex to win us over. Books have become our "manuals" and when they ask "where did you learn that?" we can point it out on a page/s and they know we work to keep it interesting for both of us. Again, thanks for helping us keep the excitement going (even when we can't any more) and reminding ourselves that life doesn't stop when the body does.

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