Monday, August 2, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Round One

We received so many wonderful responses to our 10th anniversary contest "How Has Ellora's Cave Improved Your Sex Life?" that we have to run them in batches for voting. So for the next few weeks, we'll post a few at a time and you can vote for the winner in each batch. Then we'll re-run each winner as a semi-finalist for a final voting round. The winner of each round will win a free ebook of her (or his) choice. The grand prize winner will receive a netbook computer!

Here are the Round One Entries:


Reading EC books has given me several ways to get busy on the pool table! Once we were so busy that we did not take the cover off. Now we got a heavy-duty cover! Lol!


Hi! I want to give you a little background information before I tell you how Ellora's Cave has had a tremendous effect on my love life. I have a very hectic, "mommy-can-we-can you-can-they-sleepover" life. My husband retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years, (we have been married for 21 years), we have three active boys…everything from baseball, football games/practice to track practice/events. I work as a teacher's aide at my son's high-school. I spend a lot of my time, sitting around waiting for practice to end, or start. Taxiing my family around from one event to the next, yet I seem to never have time for myself. Confusing isn't it?

I've always loved to read. Anything really but my mother, yes…my mother and I kinda stumbled into reading erotic/romance-type stories when she started chemo last summer. We could sit and talk or read about our favorite characters and who did what to whom. It's great!

I am in an interracial marriage, so of course I wanted to read books that represent my life, my preference if you will. However, I could not find a great variety in popular brick and mortar type book stores in my area. Which led me to the Internet. I stumbled on to Ellora's Cave and I have to say I am hooked! I started reading, "Make It Last" and then "Love Out Loud", and my life has never been the same. I don't just read the Interracial romance books, but it's important to me to have the option. I read the Shape shifter books, and everything in between! My books I must say embarrass my boys when they see them lying around the house, in the van, etc. because of the hot covers. I even hide my books when I have an opportunity to read them at work. LOL My husband likes how the books have kicked up our sex life, and he doesn't want me to stop reading the stories from Ellora's Cave so he purchased my first e-reader. Now I read my Ellora's Cave books everywhere! When someone asks, "What are you reading?" I just say, "Oh it's a romance-type book I got from this site on the Internet." If they are persistent, then I throw out Ellora's Cave. That way, if they really want to know what I'm reading, then they can check out the site for themselves. Who knows, maybe it'll kick up their sex lives a notch, I work with a few women who desperately need it. LOL

I turned 40 last year and it was very hard for me, but the stories from Ellora's Cave, make me feel sexy. Erotic, passionate stories that portray the passion and eroticism that I crave, (and miss) represents us, my husband and I. I know it may sound strange but I dress sexier, added a little sway in my walk, and even my husband reaps the benefits of how these stories make me feel. The stories have given me the courage to visit, and over a period of time given me the nerve to make my first purchase in an adult store. No matter what they say, curiosity did not in any way kill the cat. LOL

I love the ease and eye-catching appeal of the site, I go in, look around, read the excerpts, and make my purchase. Thank you for giving me, and every other woman who needs to escape from the everyday hum-drum life of hurry up and wait, the resources and selection of visually hot sex in black n white. You've made this woman feel special.


Well there is a lot of room for improvement, let's get that said up front. However in the past I had the most widely varied & wild sex life imaginable, however I ruined that when I got married a dozen years ago! Now in the process of divorcing the son-of-a-beeyuch who screwed everything in cracktown but never his own wife (thank God, really--think of the disease exposure! I don't think they make full-body condoms, do they?) however if it weren't for my imagination, I would not have had sex at all for the last 10 years or so, and in all actuality haven't. Hopefully there is a market out there for bitter, deprived, overweight 40+ women who need companionship, let's say. However, to get back to the topic, EC has given me countless fantasies, from Lora Leigh's breeds & threesomes, to Jaid Black's aliens, etc., to every writer you guys publish! All I can say is, if it weren't for my own imagination & the fuel for it that EC has provided over the last long while, I wouldn't have had a sex life at all!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart, EC!!!!


Elloras Cave erotic romance has improved my sex life by giving me the freedom to relax release all my inhibitions and to try anything and everything with my husband. We have been together for over 24 years and married for 21 years. We are still going strong and our sex life just gets better and better. I was brought up by my parents advising that sex before marriage was a taboo and that sex was for the bedroom only. Sex was not a subject to be talked about with anyone, it was a hidden subject.

People should realize it is ok to have sex before marriage as long as all sexual partners are consensual. Ellora’s Cave has changed my and my husband’s sex life for the better. We are not averse to using toys and our motto now is “If it feels good do it!”

Thanks to Ellora’s Cave and to your wonderful authors.


Maria said...

Great post! Yeah for Lisa's husband getting her an eReader!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Yes, that's one way to get your spouse to buy you an ereader.

Jan Springer said...

Wow! Very cool entries! Thanks for letting us into your lives, ladies.
EC Readers Rock!
I love all the entries in Round One!! :-)


J Hali said...

You ladies have inspired me! Now if I could just find that man...

Anonymous said...

These ladies have definitely given my some serious inspiration and, more importantly, ideas. Heh. I can relate to you all on some level or another. I'm so glad I found this blog.

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Misa said...

Voting for Linda. Will never look at my pool table the same again.

Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

Yay, Linda.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Misa! New code for having sex: Honey, how about a quick game of pool?