Monday, September 20, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Grand Prize Round

After seven weeks of wonderful, sweet, hot, inspiring entries in our How Has Ellora's Cave Improved Your Sex Life? contest, it's finally time for the Grand Prize Round! All the entrants in this round have already won free ebooks in an earlier round, so this is the cream of the crop! Winner of this round receives a netbook computer, so please make sure you vote for your favorite in the panel to the right.

This contest has truly inspired our authors and staff because all of the things entrants wrote showed us that we are doing more than simply entertaining readers; we are helping them to rekindle the romance in their lives and to embrace their own sexuality. So from everyone at EC to all the fantastic people who entered this contest, thank you!!

Reading EC books has given me several ways to get busy on the pool table! Once we were so busy that we did not take the cover off. Now we got a heavy-duty cover! Lol!

Ellora's Cave opened up a brand new world for me, and one which I want to live in forever. When you are 56 and have been married for 39 years you tend to get in a rut. I married my high school sweetheart and hate to admit it, but he was the first man I slept with (on my wedding night) as well as the only man I slept with in my life! He is the most wonderful man in the world, my best friend and still the sexiest man I have ever seen. Throughout the years and five children, we pretty much fell into a comfortable routine. I grew up while we were married and as I became older (although probably not wiser), I began to have these fantasies about him. He was in the military for 25 years and when he was deployed I would take out my books (which I kind of hid in a box in the closet) and enter the land of exotic fantasy. I think I actually almost devoured them! Since my husband knew I had only been with him, I could not figure out how to tell him about some of my fantasies without having him wonder where in the heck I had come up with them.

I decided to bring my books out of the closet and place them on my bedside table. The first time he saw them he glanced at them but did not say anything. I, in turn, probably turned about 20 shades of red. I waited for a few nights and then I mumbled to him about how some of these sex scenes did not seem possible. He mumbled back something like "it seems like it might be possible." It was only a few days later that he suggested (this time he had the red face) that just to "appease" my curiosity, we could try a few of the scenes I was talking about. That's all I needed and I was off!! It did not take long before we both felt like two kids in a candy store and how sweet it all was! Ellora's Cave gave me the courage and ideas about how to make our marriage so much fun and so very, very exciting!!

I've always found myself to be a little reserved in the bedroom; well more like timid . I always had a VERY bold and erotic imagination; however, when it came down to making love I get reserved and unsure how to act out my fantasies. I guess I was afraid how my partner would view me. In my mind I'm a sexually adventurous dirty girl. In reality I'm a shy but lovely woman. I love to read romance and erotica and imagine I'm the leading lady. I know sad right? After reading a few of your ebooks I was soooooooo turned on that I attacked my husband that night! I was super aggressive and I initiated the lovemaking. Boy was my husband SHOCKED!

After putting him to sleep, several hours later, I really took a moment to reevaluate myself and realized that I am a sexy vixen. I'm a very passionate person but it took your website to reveal my true self.

The love scenes are so passionate and sometimes down right dirty that you can't help but get turned on. I have to commend the authors who contribute to such a wonderful site. I have forwarded the web address to my friends so they can see for themselves.

Again I have to give my heartfelt thanks for reviving my sex life. Sometimes we as women become so engrossed with being perfect mothers and wives we forget about ourselves and what we need to be happy. I'm happy and I have got my sexy back! Much Love.

Life is all about choices. My husband and I have been together for 20 years, married for 17. One night when we were very young, I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to find him absent from the bed. I walked into the living room to find him in the act of pleasuring himself on the couch. He saw me, I saw him, and I promptly walked right back into the bedroom. I sat on the bed and thought, well I can be offended and have him be embarrassed, or I can trust him like no one else. So, I went out, sat beside him on the couch and said, "How would you like to know me better than anybody? … I do THAT too."

It was the best reaction I could have had. I showed him my secret toy. He was so relieved and excited. As time went on, children came, and my libido has gotten stronger and more demanding.

When I hit the big 4-0, I discovered Ellora's Cave. The stories I read gave me new ideas and helped us improve techniques. We even ordered a new toy! We have better sex now than ever and a lot more of it! The variety of genres on EC has helped me decide what I truly want in the bedroom and has given me a medium in which to communicate these desires to my wonderful husband. He has DEFINITELY been game!:)

I'm so glad I decided to be as open and honest with my mate. I even hesitated before telling him I was reading erotic stories. I chose to take the chance that he would judge me or not approve. I should have known that he would return the same unconditional love and understanding I showed him all those years ago. We have both been reaping the rewards! Thank you EC and all the fabulous authors. I have even corresponded with a few, they are great ladies and even encourage me to share my "stories". Don't know if I'm ready for that, but EC cave has a fan for life in me!!

Ellora's Cave provides a wonderful spectrum of different romantic stories, ranging from the mildest to the hottest. I do not really have a traditional "sex life" to speak of, and it is kind of unbelievable that a 25-year-old female in this day and age is still a virgin. It is not due to any personal hard-held beliefs, but simply due to how life circumstances have played out for me. I have had my share of longing crushes from afar, but have yet to go on a date or even experience a first kiss. Throughout it all, I have enjoyed the world of romance, more specifically Romantica®. I truly believe that it is these stories that have allowed me to last so long. I have always been a romantic at heart, and therefore am a complete fan of romance.

I discovered Ellora's Cave several years ago through an advertisement in Romantic Times. At the time I was still somewhat conservative about sex and was shy about exploring other stories that were much darker than vanilla. So at first I only looked at the Ellora's Cave stories that seemed "traditional" and "missionary." As time went on I discovered that my curiosity about different types of sex was growing, albeit slowly. New positions were being exposed to me, and I found that I began to enjoy delving into the stories that were steamier and steamier. Ultimately Ellora's Cave developed my imagination and opened my mind to other aspects of sex.

So slowly, but surely, I began to explore the stories on BDSM and spanking. Honestly, at one time I would never think about reading those kinds of stories. But Ellora's Cave introduced classy stories that did not appall me, and it also educated me on BDSM by completely blowing my preconceived notions out of the water. It showed me that there are special relationships between these partners that add a new dimension to the romance. If anything feeling that intimacy makes the romance more engaging and really touches my heart (among other things ;-)).

My sexual exploration and education continue to grow every day. I have begun reading some multiple-partner stories, but mostly M/M/F. Although the majority of my stories are still traditional M/F stories, I am much more open about looking at the different novels offered. And now my imagination is wilder, and my expectations are possibly higher. Even though I do not have a man to share my fantasies with, I can hold on to them and continue to hope that I will meet that special someone to share them with. Ellora’s Cave continues to give me hope that I have every possibility to meet that special person, and in the meantime I can continue to enjoy reading and opening my mind to other sexual possibilities. I look at it this way: When I do meet the one for me I will have a library of fantasies to keep us busy, courtesy of Ellora’s Cave. Thank you, Ellora’s Cave, for educating me and providing a world that has supported me as well as entertained. Thank you, Ellora’s Cave, for helping me develop my fantasies as a sexual woman, and I look forward to more wonderful stories to come.

For you to understand the scope of the change in my life I'll give you a little of my background.

I was raised in a VERY strict, VERY catholic household. You could say that I've had my inhibitions drummed into my head from birth. It was only reinforced when I attended school. Puberty hit me early (10yrs old) and I was blessed with large breasts. Unfortunately the nuns didn't think so, and I was forced to tie them down daily (Ace bandage). It got to the point that as I got older I thought there had to be something wrong with me. I was a bookworm and really a geek (but with a body that could kill, I'm told) but I was ultra shy. That shyness stuck with me. I eventually married and was a virgin until then.

He was very conservative and our sex life was almost obligatory for me. I didn't enjoy sex, and didn't have a clue what an orgasm was but I was sure it was only for the "naughty girls." We divorced after nine years of marriage and by that time I figured the BIG O was a myth. I used books as my escape from everyday life. I already enjoyed romance novels but after my divorce I was really disillusioned with them. So the next time I was in Borders I checked out the other selections. The Ellora's Cave cover picture caught my eye. So I said "what the hell" and picked it up. I didn't even read the back of the book as was my wont (truly adventurous for me).

I got home that night and followed my regular routine; helped my children with homework, prepared supper, bathed kids, prayers and then tucked them in. I even did a couple loads of laundry and cleaned up around the house. I finally settled down, made a pot of tea, turned on some classical music and sat down with my book Double Trouble by A. James.


That book was like foreplay! For the first time in my life I was aroused and by a book. I'd been married and had three children but I had never felt like I did after reading just a portion of that book. I was an eye-opening experience. I went to work the next day and it was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes and my inhibitions! My imagination was working overtime on a couple of my coworkers who flirted with me constantly. I'd been putting them off, but now the thoughts in my head were anything but off I decided that the book wasn't bad, and decided to go get another one. (I'm a fast reader, 916 words a minute.)

I picked up two that time, with the same results. I thought if they can do it why not me? I was tired of being the "nice" girl, I was lonely and I finally realized that I'm entitled to a life too! So I decided to take a chance and I invited the gentlemen from work to my house for dinner...both of them. My plan was to seduce them. Mind you...I had NO idea what I was doing but with my newfound confidence I was doing it anyway!

I'd sent the kids to their aunt's house for the weekend so that wasn't a concern. I was as ready as I was going to get. I'd prepared dinner. I wore a silky blouse with ample cleavage and it was light enough you couldn't fail to see my nipples, especially as excited and scared as I was. I also wore silk pants that were easy to remove. Like I said, I was going to be naughty if it killed me.

When my doorbell rang, I almost passed out I was so nervous. But surprisingly the evening went well. I thought I'd be uncomfortable but the guys put me at ease...sort of. The constant casual touches were anything but casual. I was on fire. They asked me what brought on the change in attitude? I went to the book shelf and pulled out my Ellora's Cave collection. Ironically, they picked Double Trouble to skim through. By this time I squirming in my chair, my panties were soaked and I was panting. They decided that since that book caused my "transformation" then they were going to act out the sex scenes in the book for me. OH MY GOD!!! (Both men were built like Greek gods!!)

That night turned into an ENTIRE weekend of glorious sex!!!! I finally had my first orgasm, (they took care of that immediately) I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities. I realize that there was nothing wrong with me to begin with. I just need the right stimulus and boy did I find it...times two! I'll forever be an Ellora fan!

After reading all the books from Ellora's Cave I am perpetually in the mood for sex. This was not always the case for me in the past but now I feel like I'm in my 20s. I am however, retirement age. Giggle!!


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