Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Round 6

Congratulations to Lisa, who won Round 5 of our How Has Ellora's Cave Improved Your Sex Life? contest with her beautiful essay about choosing to be open with her husband in a way that created more intimacy and better sex. Now it's time to vote on Round 6. Here are the entries:

I've always found myself to be a little reserved in the bedroom; well more like timid . I always had a VERY bold and erotic imagination; however, when it came down to making love I get reserved and unsure how to act out my fantasies. I guess I was afraid how my partner would view me. In my mind I'm a sexually adventurous dirty girl. In reality I'm a shy but lovely woman. I love to read romance and erotica and imagine I'm the leading lady. I know sad right? After reading a few of your ebooks I was soooooooo turned on that I attacked my husband that night! I was super aggressive and I initiated the lovemaking. Boy was my husband SHOCKED!

After putting him to sleep, several hours later, I really took a moment to reevaluate myself and realized that I am a sexy vixen. I'm a very passionate person but it took your website to reveal my true self.

The love scenes are so passionate and sometimes down right dirty that you can't help but get turned on. I have to commend the authors who contribute to such a wonderful site. I have forwarded the web address to my friends so they can see for themselves.

Again I have to give my heartfelt thanks for reviving my sex life. Sometimes we as women become so engrossed with being perfect mothers and wives we forget about ourselves and what we need to be happy. I'm happy and I have got my sexy back! Much Love.

Ellora's Cave has helped me very much! My sex life has improved a lot as I taught my partner how to please me. Also, we added more positions which made our sex life more interesting. Thank you Ellora's Cave!

Ellora's Cave erotic romances have helped me to be more open about what I like. And EC romances have helped to me to realize that if we try different things, we might find out we like them ;0)

Ellora's Cave Romance has improved my sex life, like it's nothing. I get hot and cold and I climax so, so, many times my clit hurts. It hurts in a good way, so don't worry. I love reading the paranormal romance ones the most because it speaks to my hidden fantasies. I love the male dominant thing, because I am dominant. My fiance is dominant with him just being a male, but I am dominant in a very female way. I get crazy, in a good way with the rough sex. I love the primitive action behind it. I am a very passionate person, so it calls to me. All I can say is that you keep bringing the hot books. And Lora Leigh is my favorite author, so keep putting her books online and I promise you, that I will be one of the people collecting her books. And I love the website and I thank you for it!!!!!!!!!!!

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