Monday, September 13, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Round 7

A big shout out to Kitianne for winning Round 6 with her inspiring essay about finding her inner sexy vixen! Kitianne wins an Ellora's Cave ebook of her choice and entry into the Grand Prize round to win a netbook computer.

This round is the final one before the Grand Prize round. Use the poll in the right column to vote for the one you like best:

Learning new positions makes my hubby squirm! He loves that I can easily switch things up in the bedroom, and that I can take control of the situation. He used to be the one in charge, but now, I am! He loves it when I order him around and tell him what to do to me!!!
Thanks so much!!!

I've been a die hard fan of your books as well as Lady Jaided for more than three years now and really enjoy the expansion of my sexual horizons.
As a matter of fact I have begun to share said expansion of my imagination as a phone sex operator. All of the different genres help with the differing facets of the acting required of me, helping me to better understand that particular perspective, (at least to the extent that the customer seems to require).
Thank you. Not only do I get to read some really hot writing, I get to do something that I have fun with and earn money doing because your books help me to enjoy being sexual a whole lot more.

After reading all the books from Ellora's Cave I am perpetually in the mood for sex. This was not always the case for me in the past but now I feel like I'm in my 20s. I am however, retirement age. Giggle!!

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