Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Registration for RomantiCon 2011 is Now Open!!

Register before Valentine’s Day and receive a 10% discount!

RomantiCon 2011: The Time Machine
September 29-October 2
Akron City Centre
20 West Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308

Ellora’s Cave’s third annual conference and bash is going to bigger and better than ever, with a fabulous new venue and loads of new activities—plus a very special addition to our free public book fair: a Caveman Revue!

Join us at the Akron City Centre with its beautiful rooms, spectacular views and convenient location, with plenty of nearby shopping and other amenities. You’ll meet readers, authors, editors, reviewers and Cavemen and witness a dramatic prehistoric fire dance. We’ve got plenty more surprises in store and great giveaways, including ereaders and tiny computers!

The theme this year is the Time Machine, so come aboard for unforgettable new adventures!

First Stop: The Stone Age. On Friday night, we’ll whisk you back 20,000 years, to a time when cave-dwelling men and women indulged their every primitive urge without hesitation or shame. Ellora’s Cavemen will pay homage to the era with a primal fire dance, led by the delicious Caveman, Angelo. We’ll feast on the ribs of beasts (plenty of veggies too for our vegan patrons) and other delectables at an outdoor barbecue, then dance like savages until we drop! Wear your best animal skins, bones, teeth, and other ceremonial garb. And leave your civilized self behind.

Second Stop: The Future. Don’t worry; there will still be cavemen in the future — Ellora’s Cavemen, that is! Our alpha warlords will be dancing to a completely different tune on Saturday night. Let your imagination run wild and dress in your favorite futuristic style, from Barbarella to HG Wells’ The Time Machine! There will be prizes for the best costume, our annual awards ceremony, then we'll dine like royalty and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Third Stop: The Present. Sunday night, for those attendees not leaving until Monday, brings us to our annual pizza, crazy hat & bingo party hosted by Ellora's Cave Publisher, Raelene Gorlinsky. Wear your gaudiest head garb, unwind with the Ellora's Cavemen, and enjoy your last night with us in a festive, laughter-filled setting!

We’ll also spend plenty of time in the present throughout the convention with workshops, focus groups, social activities, eating, games, prizes, and much, much more! The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Akron, Ohio, with lots of shopping, restaurants, nightlife and other activities. We picked this weekend for our conference to take advantage of the exciting events planned at Lock 3, adjacent to the hotel, including concerts and the city's annual art fair. The Akron area, hometown to stars ranging from LeBron James, Angie Everhart, and Clark Gable, to Chrissie Hynde, John Holmes (surprised?!) and Marilyn Manson, is also the headquarters of Ellora's Cave. Come party with us and explore the eclectic city we call home!

Free and Open to the Public: Ellora’s Cave Book Fair
and Cavemen Revue
This event, on Sunday, October 1 from 11:00am to 3:00pm, is free and open to the public. EC authors will be on hand to autograph books and cover flats for readers. This year, for the first time, Ellora’s Cavemen will perform some favorites from conventions past!

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