Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellora's Cave Presents New Lines, New Genres!

Ellora’s Cave will always be known for our own special blend of erotic romance trademarked as Romantica®. A few years ago, we added a line of erotica called Exotika™ to bring you hot stories not bound by the traditional romance formula. But we know that sometimes you want a little more romance, a little less sex.

Presenting Blush: The Softer Side of Romance
Now, Ellora’s Cave presents a third line: Blush is our line of more traditional-style romance. With less explicitly described sex than our Romantica and Exotika titles. Blush books have three levels of sensuality:
Sweet Romance (kisses only, no sexual content)
Suggestive Romance (love scenes are not explicitly described in graphic terms)
Sensual: (may have explicit love scenes and graphic terms, but not erotic level or frequency)
Blush still features kick-ass heroines, dashing alpha heroes, and exciting adventures in genres from historical to futuristic. Although we are releasing new Blush titles weekly, the older books in this line were previously published under our Cerridwen banner.

Introducing Two New Genres
Ellora’s Cave books also come in more than a dozen genres to suit your changing tastes and moods. Now we’ve added two more to our Exotika (erotic) and Romantica (erotic romance) lines: Shivers is the name of our new horror-oriented genre, designed to add some thrills and chills to your erotica and erotic romance, with every sort of scary storyline, from psychological to splatter elements. Kink is our new fetish-oriented genre, for those who want to explore edgier sexual appetites. Both Shivers and Kink books are still first and foremost erotic or erotic romance stories, but with the added dimension of scary or kinky elements.

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