Saturday, July 16, 2011

Win Free Books and RomantiCon 2011 Registration!!

July 31 is National Orgasm Day and Ellora’s Cave is celebrating with a contest! To enter, go to our contest page. Winner receives 10 free paperbacks and admission to RomantiCon 2011: The Time Machine, our fabulous, fun and exciting convention and Sexpo September 29-October 2.

This year is bigger and better than ever, featuring 10 hunky new Ellora’s Cavemen performing for your pleasure, pole dancing classes, games, workshops, great food, costume parties and lots and lots of great souvenirs and stuff that you can’t get anywhere else, including our very own eCave Reader, which comes loaded with 60 sizzling short stories.

Deadline for entering the contest is National Orgasm Day: July 31

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin'! Reduced Prices on Ellora's Cave Books!!

Ellora’s Cave has slashed prices on all Blush (romance) and older Lawless (Western erotic romance) ebooks on our own site as well as other outlets. (Scroll down for a list of titles with links to their page on our website)

We’ve also reduced prices at other vendors (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, Kobo) on older books by 10 of our bestselling authors! (See the bottom of this post for a list of those titles)

Blush Titles
Blush is our new line of mainstream romance in all subgenres, for those times when you want a little more romance, a little less sex. We've reduced prices on all the titles in this line!

Lawless Titles Reduced on Our Site
A Cowboy's Charm by Brandi Michaels Now $3.45
A Tall Dark Cowboy by Mackenzie McKade Now $4.95
All the Trees in Pearl by Emily Ryan Davis Now $1.99
All the Women in Pearl by Emily Ryan Davis Now $3.45
Catherine's Awakening by Joanna Wylde Now $3.45
Cattleman by Mlyn Hurn Now $4.20
Chase 'n' Ana by Ciana Stone Now $4.95
Christmas Cowboy by Allyson James Now $1.99
Cowboy Fling by Sherry James Now $4.20
Fit to Be Tied by Myla Jackson Now $3.45
Molding Clay by Ciana Stone Now $4.20
Ride 'em by Tilly Greene Now $3.45
Savannah's Vision by Nicole Austin Now $4.95
Scout 'n' Cole by Ciana Stone Now $4.95
Sin in Jeans by Ciana Stone Now $1.99
Snowbound by Mary Winter Now $1.99
Wanton Surrender by Ruth D. Kerce Now $5.24
Wanton Temptation by Ruth D. Kerce Now $5.24

Reduced Price Titles at Other Outlets

Nicole Austin
Brock’s Hellion
Cat’s Meow
Eye of the Tiger
Foxy Lady
Have a Little Faith in Me
Kenna’s Cowboy
My Greatest Fantasy
Passionate Realities
Rakahnja’s Haven
Savannah’s Vision [Lawless - also gets lower Cover]
Summer of the Cougar
The Boy Next Door
Trip My Switch

Mari Carr
Any Given Sunday
Assume the Positions
Come Monday
Covert Lessons
Everything Nice
Friday I’m in Love
Inflamed (3/30/11 release)
Kiss Me, Kate
Ruby Tuesday
Saturday Night Special
Sugar and Spice
Sweet Thursday
Three Reasons Why (future unscheduled release)
Waiting for Wednesday

Delilah Devlin
A Long Howl Good Night
Bad, Bad Girlfriend
First Knight
Fun With Dick and Jayne
Handy Men (unscheduled future release)
Jane’s Wild Weekend
Knight of My Dreams
Raw Silk
Ride a Cowboy
Silver Bullet
Sin’s Gift
Warlord’s Destiny

Laurann Dohner
Berrr’s Vow
Burning Up Flint
Kidnapping Casey
Kissing Steel
Mate Set
Melting Iron
Propositioning Mr. Raine
Raine on Me
Ral’s Woman
Redeeming Zorus (unscheduled future release)
Stealing Coal
Tempting Rever
Touching Ice

Myla Jackson
Body Snatchers
Cat Scratch Fever
Fit to be Tied [Lawless - also gets lower Cover]
Naked Prey
Sex, Lies & Vampire Hunters
Thorn’s Kiss
Trouble With Harry
Trouble With Mitch
Trouble With Will
Witch’s Curse

Allyson James
Double Trouble
Aiden & Ky
Catch a Falling Star
Braden (released 3/16/11)

Jayne Rylon
Can’t Buy Love
Phoenix Incantation
Picture Perfect
Shifting Gears
Star of Christmas
Through My Window

Ciana Stone
Cam’s Holiday
Chase ‘n’ Ana
Conn ‘n’ Caleb
Finding Her Rhythm
Memory’s Eye
Riding Ranger
Scout ‘n’ Cole
Sin in Jeans
The Thing About Cowboys
Trouble in Chaps
Working Up a Sweat

Jory Strong
Binding Krista
Cady’s Cowboy
Calista’s Men
Cole’s Gamble
Dakotah’s Reading
Death’s Courtship
Divine Redemption
Dragon Mate
Drui Claiming
Elven Surrender
Familiar Pleasures
First Sharing
Healing Seduction
Kiziah’s Reading
Lyric’s Cop
Mystic’s Run
Ride to Ecstasy
Roping Savannah
Sarael’s Reading
Sky’s Trail
Sophie’s Dragon
Spirit Flight
Spirits Shared
Storm’s Faeries
Syndelle’s Possession
Trace’s Psychic
Two Spirits
Zeraac’s Miracle
Zoe’s Gift

Shiloh Walker
Back From Hell
Ben and Shadoe
Byron and Kit
Coming in Last
Declan and Tori
Djinn’s Wish
Drastic Measures
Every Last Fantasy
Good Girls Don’t
Guilty Needs
Hearts and Wishes
Her Best Friend’s Lover
Her Wildest Dreams
His Christmas Cara
His Every Desire
I’ll Be Hunting You
Intervalo de Cazador
Jonathan and Lori
Mythe & Magick
Never As It Seems
Once Upon a Midnight Blue
One Night With You
One of the Guys
Rafe and Sheila
Silk Scarves and Seduction
Telling Tales
The Dragon’s Warrior
The Dragon’s Woman
Touch of Gypsy Fire
Whipped Cream and Handcuffs

Friday, March 11, 2011

$15 off RomantiCon Registration Now Through Mother's Day!!

Spread the word: We’re giving $15 off RomantiCon registration now through Mother’s Day (May 8)

To get the discount, go to the RomantiCon website 
And use this coupon code: RC15B

RomantiCon 2011: The Time Machine
September 29-October 2
Akron, Ohio
Bigger and Better Than Ever!
Beautiful New Location, Same Low Prices!!
Great Food, Fabulous Prizes, Lots More Stuff To Do

Step into our Time Machine with the editors, authors, aspiring authors, models and fans of Ellora’s Cave Publishing! On Friday night, grab a club and dress up in your finest skins, bones, seashells and feathers for a primal journey back to the Stone Age, with a real, live caveman dance and barbecue!

On Saturday night, we’ll launch into the future for our awards dinner and party, shall we say the year 3000? How will we dress and look? That’s up to you to imagine, and we’re giving prizes for the best costumes! One thing’s for sure: There will still be Cavemen, and they will still dance for your pleasure. And the bad girls of romance will continue to misbehave.

We’re still working on the workshops and games that will be offered by EC editors, authors and staff, but we have already booked Cleveland Exotic Dance to teach old fashioned burlesque and pole dancing

People had a blast at our first two conventions, and this one promises to be even better. Here’s what some people had to say about RomantiCons past:

“Thanks to all the EC staff who made us feel like family members. Chatting with them and with all the other authors and readers simply made my year!”
--Ruby Storm

“This was THE BEST conference I have ever been to.”
--Kate Poole

“I tend to be kind of shy when I'm meeting new people, but with all of you I immediately felt at home.”
--Francesca Hawley

“I'll be there next year if I have to hitchhike!”
--Shayla Kersten

“I have never attended a conference where I had so much fun or was treated to well.”
--Desiree Holt

“The workshops were just fantastic and the advice from all of the authors was great. “
--Kristyn Warren

From the Blogs:

“Friday night's Psychedelic Soiree was a blast, Saturday's workshops and focus groups informative, Saturday night's dinner tasty and Sunday's book signing loads of fun.”
Stephanie Julian

“The first RomantiCon has been just amazing from the start. Everyone, authors, readers and Ellora’s Cave staff, has been wonderful. … It really feels like EC is a huge and happy family, each author helping the next so everyone can succeed.”
Joyce Ann McLaughlin, a.k.a. Joysann, Beyond Her Book Blog

“Can't describe how truly wonderful this event was. There were no strangers. Everywhere you looked authors, readers, reviewers, and other industry professionals were dispensing hugs and smiles as if they'd know each other forever. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling that I came home knowing this is one event I would never, ever miss.”
Regina Carlysle

“If you are entertaining the thought of going next year, DEFINITELY save the money for it! From the awesome goodie bags, to the great food, to the friendliness of all the professionals, to the hunky Cavemen participating in everything, and readers mixing with the authors, it was just an awesome experience I wish everyone could enjoy!”
Anonymous commenter on Regina’s blog

“Our enthusiastic readers, hard-working and gracious hosts, awesome authors, and always-charming-and-sexy Cavemen raised the excitement levels off the fun-o-meter charts.”
Adele Dubois

From Twitter (search #RomantiCon)

@marifreeman: Had a blast.
@F1yMordecai: It was so much fun!
@rebeccasew: Met so many wonderful authors, got a boatload of books to read, had my hormones pumped up by gorgeous cover models!
@caismith: WHEE!! Just won a Sony E-Reader at the EC Booksigning at #RomantiCon! Now I can take that off my Christmas "wish-list." LOL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellora's Cave Presents New Lines, New Genres!

Ellora’s Cave will always be known for our own special blend of erotic romance trademarked as Romantica®. A few years ago, we added a line of erotica called Exotika™ to bring you hot stories not bound by the traditional romance formula. But we know that sometimes you want a little more romance, a little less sex.

Presenting Blush: The Softer Side of Romance
Now, Ellora’s Cave presents a third line: Blush is our line of more traditional-style romance. With less explicitly described sex than our Romantica and Exotika titles. Blush books have three levels of sensuality:
Sweet Romance (kisses only, no sexual content)
Suggestive Romance (love scenes are not explicitly described in graphic terms)
Sensual: (may have explicit love scenes and graphic terms, but not erotic level or frequency)
Blush still features kick-ass heroines, dashing alpha heroes, and exciting adventures in genres from historical to futuristic. Although we are releasing new Blush titles weekly, the older books in this line were previously published under our Cerridwen banner.

Introducing Two New Genres
Ellora’s Cave books also come in more than a dozen genres to suit your changing tastes and moods. Now we’ve added two more to our Exotika (erotic) and Romantica (erotic romance) lines: Shivers is the name of our new horror-oriented genre, designed to add some thrills and chills to your erotica and erotic romance, with every sort of scary storyline, from psychological to splatter elements. Kink is our new fetish-oriented genre, for those who want to explore edgier sexual appetites. Both Shivers and Kink books are still first and foremost erotic or erotic romance stories, but with the added dimension of scary or kinky elements.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Desiree Holt brings home a CAPA!


This year's CAPA awards saw our own Desiree Holt bringing home the award for Best BDSM book of the year.

Trouble in Cowboy Boots is filled with Desiree's trademark smoking hot sex, intense emotion and laugh out loud fun.

Book one in the Sequins, Saddles and Spur series.

Stranded in Mesa Blanco, Texas, with no money and no prospects, Emily Lathrop hires on as the cook at the Lazy Aces Ranch. Two problems—she can’t cook, and owner Wyatt Cavanaugh is so hot she nearly burns herself just standing near him. Trying to keep her hormones under control is a problem when Wyatt seduces her into his bed and teaches her the real meaning of erotic love.

Now proper Emily finds herself shockingly addicted to the BDSM games he likes to play, her body craving the bondage and domination that pushes her thermostat past the point of combustion even though she suspects it's all going to come crashing down any moment with a big painful thud.

Click on the cover image above to visit the book page at Ellora's Cave.