Friday, July 31, 2009

New Releases

Friday is more delicious with 4 new releases from Ellora's Cave!
When luscious burlesque performer Yoli Ramirez sashays onstage, cage fighter Zel Tesla is rendered breathless. He's never seen anything as exotic or tantalizing as Yoli swinging those voluptuous hips in an elaborate dance. As the curtain falls, Zel knows he must meet her. The second Yoli claps eyes on Zel, desire blossoms. When Zel visits her dressing room, she surrenders to the irresistible lust and begins a torrid affair with the oh so delicious fighter. She'd never imagined meeting someone like Zel, a man who makes her wonder if maybe, just maybe, this is her chance for happily ever after. But the reality of Zel's no-holds-barred profession threatens to come between Yoli and that elusive happiness.
Line: Moderne (contemporary) with Rubenesque theme
ISBN: 9781419923555
When lovers Christian and Joel advertise for a housekeeper, they aren't expecting—or wanting—Mrs. Doubtfire, although one of the applicants could double as Mrs. D's sister. But when little Susie Hood walks into their lives, scraped knees from a tumble with her bike and with the looks and heart of a broken angel, the attraction is instant and irrevocable and it's all they can do not to lock her up and throw away the key. They want her in their bed, their lives, now…forever… She is everything they wanted, needed—but she has to want both of them. Together, separately, in any and every combination they can think of. As the sexual heat between them escalates, all three are forced to make decisions having far-reaching ramifications. Sometimes choosing love is the hardest decision of all.
Line: Spectrum (gay) with M/M, Menage
ISBN: 9781419920844
Anabel and Royce are stuck in the friend zone. Royce secretly wants her in his bed but as a Dominant, he'll only have her as his willing slave. When Royce, in a fit of jealousy, chases off a sleazy guy trying to pick up Anabel, she accuses him of acting as if he owns her. She knows nothing of ownership—yet. Royce is determined to teach Anabel a lesson about consorting with the wrong men. One hot night of sexual submission in handcuffs should be enough to make her beg for freedom. But he'll soon discover Anabel yearns to call him Master, to explore his dark desires. Her body craves the heat of his touch, the lick of his leather…and so much more.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 9781419923692
Hallie James loves cats—she just never realized she was one herself. Not until she met delicious leopard shifters Gar and Cal, one sinfully dark, one beautifully golden. A terrifying meeting with a runaway pit bull lands her on her butt on the sidewalk. But when the dog's owners appear out of nowhere, asking if she's all right, Hallie has the most shocking reaction to their mouthwatering…scent! Cat pheromones are powerful, and Gar and Cal's attraction to the human is as instant as hers is to them. Hallie finds herself caught between two cats—hot and hard Gar, and his hot and delicious little brother Cal. When a gal is confronted with such a succulent choice, why not enjoy the fact that cats aren't monogamous?
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with shapeshifter elemengts
ISBN: 9781419923289

Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"I once played tackle kickball on the beach with my family. I tackled my older sister and younger brother to the sand as they round third. Oh yeah, I'm bad!!"

Nocked Over

Daphne Charissa isn’t a chubby little guy with wings and a quiver of arrows. But she does belong to the Cupid race—a race of devastatingly beautiful creatures who excel at helping others find love, while remaining loveless themselves throughout their long lives.

When Daphne falls in love with Bion Chronos, she launches the two of them into a direct confrontation with the Furies as they fight to protect their own love and win release from the curse of lovelessness for the whole Cupid race. The problem is, the Furies have no intention of letting them win, and the lovers can’t seem to keep their hands off each other long enough to form a coherent plan.

It’s gonna be an interesting battle.

Line: Twilight (paranormal) Valentine's Day theme
Series: none
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419919688


Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Releases From Cerridwen Press

A Regency and a sci-fi for your reading pleasure.
Fifth in the Heiress series
Abigail Lydden, widow of Francis, Lord Lydden, left America for England in the middle of the war of 1812 because her husband's father had died and her son was now heir to an earldom. Sir Arthur St. Eyre was also taken by surprise by Lord Lydden's death, finding himself executor of the earl's estate. Sir Arthur and Lady Lydden are thrown together and find it an attractive association, which becomes more and more intense when Victor's and Abigail's lives are threatened. But those threats are not the only problems. Sir Arthur is a Member of Parliament and eager for a British victory in America. Although British by birth, Abigail sympathizes mainly with "poor little America", as a victim of Britain's armed power. The heat of contention only adds to the heat of attraction, but can Sir Arthur allow Abigail the independence she needs—and can he forgive her when he discovers she has committed treason? Accusation and enlightenment explode family ties, leaving Arthur and Abigail to reorder their lives… if they can.
Publisher's Note: This book was originally published elsewhere in 1984.
Category: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781419921315
Dr. Tess Lockhart doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials—until she becomes the latest attraction in an alien zoo. To ensure her safety, she undertakes the role of official zoo doctor as she and Arnie, a friend and fellow detainee, make plans for an escape. Their plans take a complicated turn when Arnie brings her an injured creature. Tess warily nurses the virile, winged humanoid back to health, knowing too well that aliens aren’t to be trusted.
Too bad she can’t convince her heart. As the months pass, Tess finds herself drawn to her charge. In his world, though, Tess is the alien, and their fragile love may not be able to survive their differences.
Categories: Futuristic/SciFi Romance
Series: None
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781419920127

Secret Lives

Confessions of Cerridwen authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

I knew I'd met my soul mate when he kissed me backstage in high school drama class."
--Teri Thackston

Scent of Lavender

A mysterious woman appears at Rob Sheridan’s Victorian house the evening after he moves into it. When the beauty vanishes before his eyes, the war veteran realizes his home is haunted!

Intending to prove that Rob’s late uncle swindled her grandmother out of the house, Lily Graham arrives minutes after his ghostly experience. Hearing his claim, she fears that he intends to frighten her away. But Lily doesn’t scare easily and vows not only to take back her home but to protect her family from Rob’s cruel lie.

One haunting experience after another proves to everyone that the ghost is real. Possession and worse threaten when the spirit’s longing for her deceased lover draws Rob and Lily to each other and to a long-buried secret that someone—or something—has vowed to keep hidden forever.

Category: Paranormal

Series: none
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
ISBN: 9781419917882


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Releases

Three hot, exciting reads to get you through the rest of the week. Friday's coming...
Raptors Revealed, Book One
Dover Down fixes things. Regardless of the species, Dover will fly into any problem and set matters straight. When he arrives in Banff to learn why species are suddenly ready to attack each other, he might be the one who needs to be set straight. Especially when he falls too hard for Lana Halk. There's one problem—Lana's nest might very well be the reason all the species are fighting.
Lana is positive about one thing. Any male who flies by her side will treat her as an equal. There is no way she will ever sit at a nest and have her kill ready for a male who shows up when he wants to get his tail feathers wet. But when Dover shows her how erotic lovemaking can be, he also steals her heart. If he's in town to destroy her nest, she won't be able to live with herself. Unfortunately, Lana also knows there is no way she can live without Dover.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419923159
Of all the hotels in New York, she had to walk into his. After Chase's beloved Jillian dies in a car wreck, he uses her name as a code for the STORM agents who use his luxury hotel. When a woman registers as Jillian Miller, he assumes it is business as usual. But it's not. The woman he believed dead has come back.
Jillian's mission for the IRDC, enemy to all Talents, shouldn't include wild days and steamy nights but Chase's hot, powerful body drives her crazy. Torn between her mission and her craving for Chase, Jillian doesn't know which side she's on anymore. To save both their lives, Chase must restore the gaps in Jillian's memory. He uses their shared past, including her passion for public sex, to bring her back to him. If she doesn't remember soon, she'll die. And he won't let her die alone.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419922435
Rem Bradley has loved Liv Carter forever. After his father's sudden death, Rem comes home for good—ready to reclaim his family's ranch and his woman. Problem is, the spitfire he finds brawling in the roughest bar in town is not the girl he left behind. Liv recognizes trouble when she sees it, but she'd be a fool to resist Rem's seductive demands. Starting in the barn where they'd left off years ago, they use every available body part, plus a toy or two, to bring each other maximum pleasure. To make up for past mistakes, Rem will have to do a hell of a lot more than just satisfy her body—but that's a damn good start.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419923425

Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"I married my husband twice (without getting a divorce)."
--Ann Jacobs
Zayed's Gift

Lots of hot sex with a sultry and willing Arab princess—that’s Alina’s prescription to shock American former POW Brian Shearer out of grief for the marriage that didn’t outlast his imprisonment, and out of some of the conservative notions he’s held since childhood. But neither anticipates the blazing passion between them. Can a magic necklace and the ghost of the old Marsh Arab who gave it to Brian overcome their differences and lead the way to lasting love?

Line: Modern (contemporary)

Series: none
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419922657


Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"A man once bought me peanut M&Ms after I flogged him."
--Samantha Cayto

Illegal Moves

Attorney Caroline Ellis wants a decent orgasm or twenty. Sex has been mediocre since she and Jordan Fox split and he owes her for breaking his word and her heart.

Businessman Jordan Fox wants to win back the woman he loves. He regrets not going through with that ménage in college, but the idea of letting another man touch him made him run. It was the biggest mistake of his life and long past time to make it right.

Secretly bisexual attorney Seth Foster has his fist wrapped around a recurrent fantasy that Jordan, his boss and best friend, is not completely hetero. Never in those wildest dreams did he imagine they could come true.

Jordan’s determination to get Caroline back could fulfill each of their fantasies and more.

Line: Modern (contemporary)

Series: none
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419922572


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Release

Tuesday is Quickie Day at the Cave. Grab this one today!

A stand-alone sequel to Tantric Kiss.
It's the challenge of a lifetime for Lise. She's at the mercy of two hot men who've trained for years in sexual arts. They're going to do their damnedest to use pleasure to test the limits of her strength and will. And she intends to enjoy every minute of it.
Line: Exotika (erotica)
ISBN: 9781419920240

Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"In high school, a good friend and I had a crush on the same guy, so instead of fighting over him or ruining our friendship, we shared him."
--KoKo Brown
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Unfortunately this isn't the case for recently married Chloe. She believes she's just left behind the biggest mistake she's ever made in her life in Sin City — her sexy as sin husband Tristan, who although a walking Adonis, is nuttier than her Grandma Violet's fruitcake. He seriously thinks he's a flesh-and-blood vampire and says she'll turn into one as well!

However, after returning home, Chloe discovers that Tristan might not have been the loony she first assumed him to be. Stranger still, while she must come to terms with the extraordinary new changes in her life, she must also fend off an irresistible husband, who is hell-bent on winning her back.

But happily-ever-after isn't so easy for these two when Chloe learns that Tristan hasn't exactly played the game of love fairly.

Line: Modern

Series: none
Book Length: Short Novel
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419912771


Monday, July 27, 2009

New Releases

Two freebies and a new Ann Jacobs! What's not to love about Monday?
Lots of hot sex with a sultry and willing Arab princess—that's Alina's prescription to shock American former POW Brian Shearer out of grief for the marriage that didn't outlast his imprisonment, and out of some of the conservative notions he's held since childhood. But neither anticipates the blazing passion between them. Can a magic necklace and the ghost of the old Marsh Arab who gave it to Brian overcome their differences and lead the way to lasting love?
Publisher's Note: Previously published in the Mystic Visions anthology.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 978141992657
Naughty Nooners free download.
Rose Thorne doesn't want much. She'd like a man to love and for village idiots to stop claiming she's a witch. Just because she does a little magic doesn't mean they need to burn her at the stake. It takes ages to get the smell of smoke out of her hair. On her way home after foraging for mushrooms, she's assaulted by two local lechers. Her rescuer appears out of the mist—a tall, dark, handsome stranger with a mouthwatering body. Finally something in her miserable life is going right. Furthermore, her savior turns out to be mute, so he can't ruin things by saying something stupid.Can life get any better?
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
Scintillating Samples Free download
Finding the perfect hero and heroine for a romance novel can turn a writer's hair gray—that's why I advertise for them. Interviewing characters can be exhausting, and getting them to stick to the plot? Well, it doesn't always work that way. And then you find out they're talking about you behind your back. Meet Randy and Sarah, the hero and heroine of Finding Sarah and Hidden Fire, in a funny and illuminating look at what goes on behind the scenes of the romance writing process.
Line: Romantic Suspense, Humor

Friday, July 24, 2009

New in Print

Two great stories in one paperback at a Special Sale Price!

All Night Videos by Sahara Kelly
For Research Purposes Only

He's rich, handsome and at the top of his game. Unfortunately for Jack Foster, the "game" is played in the world of adult movies and he's tired of it. Awards, fame, where he's better known as "Big John Johnson" and the cachet of being the most respected producer in his field have come to mean little to Jack, who prepares himself to suffer through yet another endless promotional appearance filled with plastic-enhanced women and meaningless conversation. When he meets Daphne Littlewood, however, he's in for a surprise. Daphne has an almost-completed thesis in her bag and research questions in her head. She doesn't know Jack, in the literal or figurative sense. She's simply dropping by this uncomfortably sexual establishment to find out about the current level of adult material available to the public. An interested helping hand from the handsome man in the adult video store takes her out of her everyday life and into places she'd never imagined. Some of her questions are answered, but still more are posed.

At Cross Purposes

She's blonde, beautiful and possessed of a body that won't quit. The name "Bambi" fits with her undercover assignment in an adult video store. Clearly her real name — Detective Barbara Fremont — won't get her very far in her bootleg DVD investigation. Especially when she decides to check out that suspiciously good-looking guy behind the register. Inspector Lou Franconi watches the blonde hooker with more than professional interest. Her smile puts a twist in his boxers in spite of her choice of occupation. If he wasn't working undercover as a temporary adult video store manager while pursuing a bootleg DVD investigation… A typical failure to communicate forces Lou and Barbara into an uneasy collaboration as they pursue their case through the very public sexual world of porn. And the very private sexual world their association creates between the two of them. It's not long before they realize they may not be working at cross purposes after all.

Line: Moderne (contemporary)

ISBN: 9781419959172

Price $14.99SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $12.00

New in Print at Special Sale Price!

Fifth in the Nature of Desire Series
The white-collar life Jonathan Powell created for himself is gone. Standing outside Wentworth prison after serving his five-year sentence, he knows he has to start over. No more hooking up with Dominant women so he can enjoy the challenge of screwing up their minds. But who knew his last target would be a psychopathic killer who tried to off two cops? No, it wasn't the game that was the problem. He just made some key mistakes. Mistakes he won't make again.Then Mistress Dona shows up to give him a ride from the prison into his new life, and his resolve goes out the window. She's everything he can't resist. Dona knows she has to help Jonathan make the right choice this time because Hell doesn't offer options. He has to understand and accept what surrender truly means. His only hope is a Mistress of Redemption. The problem is she may lose her own soul in the attempt to save his.
Reader Advisory: This book contains a very gritty and frank journey to Hell and many BDSM elements. Some of the situations and scenes may be disturbing to some readers. It is not for the faint of heart. Features Jonathan from Natural Law.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 9781419959516
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (reduced from $12.99)

Friends with Benefits by Maggie Casper & Lean Matthews
For Bailey Edwards, deciding on a no-strings-attached affair was the easy part. Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter. Tired of men who want her only for her looks, Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere. An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution — hot, explosive sex with no commitment. What more could a girl ask for? Sebastian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him. He's already resigned himself to a friends-only relationship with Bailey despite his long-held desires for more. Sebastian is more than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'll be defining the terms of their new relationship. While Bailey may be looking for a "friend with benefits" type of relationship, she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play, she'll have to do things his way. And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone.
Readers Advisory: While this is a stand-alone novel, we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat first.
Line: Moderne (contemporary) with interracial and Lt. BDSM elements
ISBN: 97814199
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $8.00 (reduced from $10.99)

New Releases

A Dom, a naughty games tester, a suave ghost, a successful businessman and--Robin Hood? Yep, these are the heroes of today's crop of new releases from Ellora's Cave. Happy Friday. Oo la la!

Under His Thumb by Vonna Harper
A handshake at a remote mountain lodge becomes a powerful grip. With the sudden change, Meka Morgan is lifted out of the familiar and safe, and thrust into an evening of submission and fantasy. At first shocked by her capture, she soon embraces everything the powerful stranger offers, including his bindings and sexual mastery. Moment by moment, touch by touch, she surrenders her body and more. He knows her better than she does herself, particularly how to explore her secret need to be dominated. But Meka is a woman of today. She craves answers and explanations, and her captor holds the key to all of them—and much, much more.
Reader Advisory: Contains one scene of non-consensual sex.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 9781419922442

Sexy Games by April Ash
Months earlier Stacy Newman and Sloane Hoffman shared a night of passion, but a panicked Sloane left without a word when Stacy inspired thoughts of commitment and settling down. His disappearance left her heartsick. As game partners for the Naughty Games Company, they'll test games that require role-playing and sex. Undeniable lust and mutual desire quickly resurface and they agree to a business-only venture. They choose games that launch plenty of sex and inspire them to have their own creative and sexy fun. Spending time together offers chances to learn more about each other and share passionate sexual adventures, maybe even fall in love—but only if they can get past the misunderstandings threatening to pull them apart.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922978

Sweeter Than Wine by Margaret L. Carter
A phantom lover might be just what Marie needs. After a year and a half of widowhood, she's ready to move on with her life. She's also looking for ways to increase the profits of her struggling bed-and-breakfast. Gordon MacBain, the lusty ghost of a Revolutionary War smuggler turned gentleman landowner, atones for his youthful transgressions by lavishing erotic pleasure on women who sleep in the room he haunts. But his night of passion with Marie surpasses all others, leaving them both yearning for more.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with paranormal elements
ISBN: 9781419923708

Heart of a Forest by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
In 1199, King Richard the Lion-Hearted lay dying in France. He commanded his lover, Sir David of Doncaster, to protect his small son by any means necessary. Marion Fitzroy, princess of the blood on the wrong side of the blankets, now lives a constrained life in Nottingham castle, dreaming of her childhood betrothed, the son of the Earl of Locksley. As the Barons' War rages around her uncle King John, her dispossessed fiancé—now called Robin Hood—and his merry irregulars make life miserable for Phillip, the sheriff of Nottingham. And fires Marion's blood. Robin, for his part, is about to learn the secret that Marion guards with her life. Thwarting Phillip's gambits for Marion's hand, a doubled price on his head, even shooting for an arrow of pure gold all pale next to the pleasures to be had under Marion's skirts, deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. But Marion is no ordinary woman, no ordinary princess. In fact, her body isn't a woman's at all.
Line: Spectrum (gay) with M/M sex and Medieval History setting
ISBN: 9781419920745

New in Print:
If Not For You by J.L. Wilson
Businessman Max Lerner had it all — until the threats started. Someone wants to sabotage his latest merger, and that someone has inexplicably thrown Layla Whitford into the fray. When Max meets Layla, she turns his world upside down. Suddenly, Max wants to forget about the merger, the threats…his bachelor lifestyle. Layla has rebounded from a divorce and started over in the Twin Cities, testing software for a small computer company. When she receives a threatening letter, she gives it to the authorities. But the letter was meant for Max Lerner, an uptight Suit from Tieland who places business first. When Layla is kidnapped, it isn't about business anymore. For Max, it's about the safety of this crazy woman he's fallen in love with. Now Max has to find Layla, shore up the merger and squash rumors of software piracy — all in a matter of hours. If they can accomplish all that, surely Max and Layla can find a way for an ex-hippie and a business-driven CEO to find a happily-ever-after — can't they?
Category: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781419959271

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New From Cerridwen

Is love closer than we imagine, perhaps even occupying our same space in another dimension? Maybe that "we're not alone" feeling is more than just a feeling. Gwyneth McGowan has no idea how she got there, but this blend of colonial America and medieval England is not home. When a handsome soldier calls her by name, Gwen hopes that he can give her some answers and help her get back to her own world. Falling in love is not part of her plan.
Captain Thane Garren has to find the king's betrothed. Then he can return to the peace of his manor. In a case of mistaken identity, he presents the wrong woman to the king. Now the king has commanded him and Gwen to do the job right. Gwen's actions are exotic and mystifying, but this intoxicating stranger makes him feel things he has never felt, things he doesn't want to feel, doesn't deserve.
Category: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419921438
Format: ebook

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More New Print Books On Sale!

Two from Ellora's Cave and one from Cerridwen:
Mikaela Laughlin discovers a whole new world, and an entirely new species, when she tours the crime lab to meet Lieutenant Diarmid Redwolf while researching her next book. She's lusted after "Delicious Diarmid" from afar for a long time, but meeting him sets her body on fire. It doesn't take long for Mikaela to discover there's more to Diarmid than meets the eye. He is far more delicious up close than she ever dreamed. Diarmid has bad guys to catch, but one look at the voluptuous writer has him wanting to catch her instead. His shapeshifter blood recognizes his True Mate and he wants her. Now. But with a cold-blooded serial killer on the loose, Diarmid has one shot at his future and he will not fail. Because this time, the killer wants Mikaela. Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419959554
$15.00 (discounted from $18.99)

Tomorrow by Samantha Kane
A Hunters for Hire book
What if a beautiful rebel princess on the run from an evil government fell in love with the pirate who rescued her and with the bounty hunter who captured her? And what if the pirate and the bounty hunter used to be lovers? Princess Cerise Chessienne has the power to enslave men with sex. She's never used it—until now. Regan is the most feared pirate in the galaxy, renowned for two things—his temper and his loyalty to the princess.When bounty hunter Tie captures Cerise, he gives in to his desires. Now the two are addicted to sex with each other. Then Cerise leads Tie to his long-lost lover Regan, and Tie realizes that tomorrow—the day he starts his life over—has arrived. The Amalgamation wants to execute all three of them. So what are a beautiful princess, a pirate and a philosophical bounty hunter to do? Have amazing sex, of course. And somehow lead the rebellion while avoiding capture.
Line: Aeon (sci fi/futuristic) with M/M and Menage elements
ISBN: 9781419959608
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $15.00 (discounted from $18.99)
Twenty-first century police officer Mike Forrester can't believe his eyes. A woman is standing in a glowing tangerine light in the early morning hours. He has to see if the vision is real. His hand closes around her wrist and he's stunned by the hot, intense desire that rushes through him. The world spins and the last thing Mike remembers is the gentle touch of the woman's hands on his face as she strokes his mouth.Twenty-second century scientist Shauna Wentworth doesn't intend to bring Mike Forrester to her time. But before she can send him back, they find themselves in a race against time to uncover a political secret that will rock the world. Soon the global military police have them listed as number one on their worldwide most wanted list.
Category: Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 9781419959547
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (discounted from $12.99)

New in Print With Special Sale Price!

Jon Walker and Night Thomas lived their childhood in a cult. They embraced the lifestyle, and it was there that they were trained as BDSM Masters. Only when the cult was infiltrated by undercover agent Reilly did the boys learn of the cult's evil underside, and help to destroy it. Nearly 15 years later, Jon's job as a high school teacher—and his lust for the school's gorgeous secretary, Carly—bring him close to the normal life he's always craved. Just when that life is within his grasp, Reilly returns. An incarnation of the cult has resurfaced with Jon's evil mother at the helm, and Reilly wants Jon and Night to go undercover to stop her once and for all. Shocked by his mother's return and his BDSM past come back to haunt him, Jon is terrified Carly will discover his dark secrets. Including the darkest of all—his complex relationship with his best friend Night, and his unrelenting urge to share Carly with him.
Line: Breathless (romatantic suspense) with Lt. BDSM and Menage elements
ISBN: 9781419959578
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (discounted from $12.99)

Astra's world is flipped upside down when she's called to a demon nightclub to rescue her magic-phobic sister, Darma. Turns out the event is only a precursor of the weirdness to come. A veil of twisted magic is descending over the earth and it's making everybody crazy. Humans are killing humans, magic users are killing other magic users, dark worlders are attacking humans at an alarming rate and madness is rolling over everyone in waves. When the guardian angels start succumbing to a rare disease called Devil's Plague, Astra decides a visit to the prophet is in order. But before she can get her arms around it all, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge she's ever had to face—being surrogate parent to a baby dragon. It's a whole lot of stuff for one little Tweener to manage. But Astra Q Phelps is definitely up to the challenge.
Categories: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419959356
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $13.00 (discounted from $16.99)

New Releases

Don't give up; you're halfway there. Here's your hump day bump: three new sizzling ebook love stories to sigh for.

Acid Rayne by Ciana Stone & Nathalie Gray
Rayne is a mercenary, six feet of blonde bombshell. As clean-up gal for diamond privateers, she's seen her fair share of ugly deals and violence. And her latest mission promises to be the same. Yet the price of her choices is getting higher. All her life she's wanted to find a good, strong man, one who would know how to touch her, quench the all-consuming fire and match her sexual energy. Now that she's finally found him, she has to hide her true self, lie and cheat. Former special ops soldier Ripley Knight is everything she wants, all that she craves. His demanding hands conquer all her defenses and his mouth—that wicked thing—denudes her every secret. No pleasure is beyond his skill and no decadence too great. In exchange, all Rip wants is the one thing she can't give. Truth. Amidst the torrid Floridian wilderness and carnival season, with dangers coming at her from every quarter, Rayne will learn that only Rip can help her. Only he can douse the inferno.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419920905

Aurora's Promise by Eve Jameson
Book 4 in the Ilyrian Destiny series
Connyn has finally gotten his royal hands on his mate—a brown-eyed, smart-mouthed vixen with a stubborn streak he's looking forward to taming in and out of bed. After he uses his magic to secretly watch her bring herself to a powerful climax, he claims her as his own through the Mating Rite, binding her body to him through submission and ecstasy. Having hunted her through years and worlds, he'll do anything to fulfill the destiny he's been denied until now. He doesn't waste time winning her heart or explaining her place in Ilyria before he possesses her, confident she'll willingly offer up her heart and trust eventually. But Aurora is guarding secrets that will shake the very foundations of Connyn's world and though her body might be his to command, her heart is guarded by a promise she's determined to honor. Ultimately, all he has ever lived for will be the price required to keep the mate who has captured his soul.
Publisher Note: While this book can be read as a single story, a richer experience will be found by reading the first three in this series first.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921858

Soulless by Robin Leigh Miller
Alone and on the run from the law, Quinn Hurst does her best to fulfill her family's legacy of slaying Tulpas—thought forms, soulless beings created by humans. Her self-imposed exile is interrupted when she runs into a handsome Tulpa slayer who sparks a deep need she can't deny. Sexy Garen Snyder makes her blood boil and her body ache for his touch. Discovering they shared a past-life love affair only fuels the fire that rages when they come together. Fate is determined to separate them once again. A bloodthirsty demon wants Quinn for himself and will stop at nothing to possess her, but Garen already possesses her, body and soul, and will fight to save her. The demonic struggle is easy compared to the battle he must wage against Quinn's past. Using his only weapons—his love and his body—Garen makes one last attempt to keep her forever.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419923111

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grab a Quickie

Tuesday is Quickie release day at Ellora's Cave. This week Sahara Kelly's got a shiny new Regency!

Rogue's Diamond by Sahara Kelly
She's a courtesan and he's a rogue. Their joining sets their souls ablaze. But that one night together is enough to end La Diamante's sensual career and start her on a new life. One night with Rogue and she knows there can be no other lover in her life. Ever.Rogue is also haunted by their passion—even though he's been "banished" because of it. She was worth it, though. Worth his boring assignment, worth the sleepless nights filled with memories of her scent, her skin. When he ends up in a small village, he's not surprised to see a woman who reminds him of her. But she is a simple villager now, not the diamond he stole on one brilliant night.
Rogue Chambers is about to learn the true worth of his diamond.
Line: Legend (historical) Regency setting
ISBN: 9781419918698

Monday, July 20, 2009

NEW IN PRINT With Special Sale Price!

Two torrid tales of men loving men now in paperback for one low price!

Sex With Lex
Nick Barker was thrilled. A summer working on his college roommate's family ranch was a dream come true for a veterinary student. He didn't anticipate his reaction to his best friend and roommate's father, though. Lex Whitefeather hired his son Sam's best friend for the summer. He figured he'd be generous and help the kid out. He wasn't expecting the young Adonis who stepped off the plane. Nick Barker was no kid. Years of repressed sexual desires rose to the surface that summer. When Lex and Nick finally come together and admit their feelings, Lex is plagued by guilt. He's not "out" to his family and friends. Lex pushes Nick away with his unwillingness to open up to his family.A few years later, Nick is back on the ranch. Will Lex be willing to sacrifice his long-held secrets for true love?

Gio's Dream
For advertising executive Giovanni Brunelli, moving back to his hometown was the right thing to do. His father's heart surgery and the consequent need for a slower lifestyle pulled Gio from the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Now in Kansas City, Gio sets out to help his father save a dying downtown business. There's only one problem. How is he supposed to work with his dad's business partner and best friend? After years of dreaming,

Line: Spectrum (gay) with M/M sex
ISBN: 9781419959639
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (reduced from $12.99)

Monday Freebie and New Release

Monday sucks a little less, thanks to a free read and a new release from Ellora's Cave.
New Release:
When Liam Finnerty agreed to let the boss's daughter accompany him on a business trip, the last thing he expected was to get lovemaking advice from a leprechaun.When a scrap of tapestry in an old boutique forces Maggie Andrews to confront the demons that have made her life miserable for the past several years, she admits her life is on the wrong path. Now the only thing leprechaun Seamus O'Brien must do is get the two of them to see what is right before their eyes.
Publisher's Note: This story was previously available in the Irish Enchantment anthology.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Lt. BDSM
ISBN: 9781419922633

Free Download:
Set in the same world as Nocked Over
When Cupid Christian Kairos sees the lush, beautiful goddess Arion on Olympus, he's drawn to her like a bee to pollen. Her reaction to him suggests she feels the same. So when they find themselves alone together, it doesn't take long for them to pollinate. Christian decides he has to have her for his own. Unfortunately she's been promised to another.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Releases from Ellora's Cave

Pour the martinis! Release the balloons! It's Friday, and you know what that means. Yep, 4 brand spankin' new releases from Ellora's Cave. Well, okay, not all of them have spanking, but you get the idea.

Denise Arensal is stuck on an isolated planet, trying to protect a man and his flighty sister. When help arrives, at first she's thrilled, but then she realizes she knows these two men from her dreams. Memories of another time tell her she can't trust them. Yet, her fears can't hold back her desires. Davik and Camin know she's wary of them. They seduce and tempt her into giving them what they want—her love and trust. They entice her closer with teasing kisses and carnal games, determined to show her they belong together. Denise needs to know if the men are offering more than just hot sex and a warm bed, but there's little time to find out. Between sensual stolen moments, ever-increasing mercenary attacks make every day a fight for survival. The trio will have to rely on each other if they want to make it off the planet alive.
Line: Aeon (sci fi) with M/M and Menage elements
ISBN: 9781419920417
Barely Covered is the prequel to Barely Undercover.
Kaz does not want to stand around alone in a gay strip club…that is, until the next act comes onstage. Damien is the hottest guy Kaz has ever laid eyes on and he watches, completely mesmerized, as Damien strips down to a scanty G-string.Unfortunately Kaz isn't the only one who lusts after Damien's luscious body. Another man wants Damien, whether Damien is willing or not, and Kaz must come to the rescue. Damien finds in Kaz the first person who's ever protected him…and Damien has needed protecting in the past, desperately. The attraction between them is mutual and flares into lustful, delicious passion.When Damien's attacker turns up dead, Kaz must find the killer quickly. Otherwise Damien will go from being the love of Kaz's life to the top of his list of suspects.
Line: Spectrum (gay) with M/M
ISBN: 9781419922398
When Dayton Stewart buys a home in a Toronto neighborhood, he thinks his life can't get any better…until he meets Simon Tate, his gorgeous new neighbor. Add Simon's friend Mateo to the mix and sparks fly. In Simon's mind, being neighborly involves something other than homemade cookies or a dinner invitation. It means a threesome in the parlor and some quality time in the old, stone-walled bondage basement. A wall web, a step stool, floggers and lube. All the accoutrements of kinky sex can be found in Simon's play space, and Simon and Mateo are more than happy to show Dayton the ins and outs of the equipment. After all, they're just being neighborly.
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with M/M, Menage, Lt. BDSM
ISBN: 9781419923258
Alice Parker loves sweets, and nothing gives her more pleasure than whipping up a sizzling batch of erotic candy. Especially for the bachelorette party her best friend is holding for her daughter. That is, until she meets Edward Larkin. Now all Alice can think about is how to get the hunky orthodontist into bed so she can slowly lick every luscious inch of him. Edward doesn't eat sweets and often warns his patients about overindulging. So the last thing he wants to hear is that Alice, the very sexy candy store owner, is providing a huge candy buffet for his niece's wedding. A wedding he is determined to stop. One way or another. Alice is a tempting treat Edward just has to sample—and one taste might not be enough.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922084

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Paperback at Special Sale Price!

Two stories in one book for one low price!
Cole has wanted Tess for years. And he's warned her of this several times. He's also warned her HOW he wants her. Tied down in his bed, under his domination, surrendering to his desires...
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
Fyre Brand
She holds the elemental power of fire within her grasp, able to sear, to destroy. But her heart holds the fear of repeating her ancestors' mistakes. Now, amid a world fighting to rebuild, Carmella must learn that she cannot control the power surging through her fragile body alone. She'll need help. But can she accept the future her leader Torren has seen, and the touch of a stranger who is more than he seems?
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419959301
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (discounted from $12.99)

New Release from Cerridwen Press

Cara's life has been one nightmare after another. She grows to adulthood blaming herself for everything that's happened. She believes her safest path is to keep other people at a distance, especially men.
James, a young doctor who is aware of Cara's history, is determined to break through her barriers, enter her world and love her. Cara cautiously allows him in and returns his love, only to watch her new world of happiness, a world she never genuinely trusted, come crashing down. She turns from James and runs far away in an attempt to reinvent herself. She discovers she's run out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. Now Cara must fight for her survival. No one, not even her beloved James, can rescue her. Cara must believe in herself or perish.

Reader Advisory: Includes scenes of domestic violence, child abuse and rape.

Categories: Mystery, Suspense
ISBN: 9781419920875

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"I went over a waterfall in an inner tube"
--Nina Pierce

Devine Deception

Nicholas is returning to the family vineyard after nearly a decade away. A quick trip to the lawyer to collect the trust fund that’s rightfully his and he can wash his hands of the alcoholic father who disowned him years ago. A romp or two with the cellarmaster’s assistant shouldn’t complicate things.

Francesca has given her heart and soul to Mill Tavern Vineyards, working tirelessly in its wine cellars. Now the greedy son of her stepfather is coming home to take it all from her. Manipulating her way into the playboy’s bed may be the only way to save her home.

But hot sex quickly becomes an affair of the heart as Francesca and Nick get tangled in lies and deceit trying to discover the truth behind the failing vineyard.

Line: Moderne (contemporary)
Series: Succulent
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419920677

New Releases

Take a werewolf to bed tonight--or a king or a space ship captain. How about all three? Immediate gratification at
Ariana Stephanopoulos has led a fairly quiet life—especially for a vampire—until she meets sexy werewolf Jackson Marceski. The instant attraction between them is hotter than anything she's ever experienced, so when Jack offers to help fulfill all her sexual fantasies, she just can't tell him no. As Ari and Jack explore bondage, toys and even a ménage, Ari discovers the self-confidence she's always lacked, along with a passionate side that's sure to keep her lover on his toes.
Line: Exotika with Vampire, Shapeshifter, m/m/f sex and light bdsm elements
ISBN: 9781419922947
Sergeant Tabitha Bryce just wants to make a name for herself. But as the youngest junior officer in her crew, she doesn't get much of a chance to shine. Taking a gamble, she stages a daring one-woman sting. But her plan backfires and she finds herself being stripped naked and sold as a sex slave. To her mortification, it is her stoic, unobtainable captain who buys her freedom. Her new master, Captain Keer, has been the commanding officer aboard Pride of Justice for years and has never lost his cool—until a junior officer with dreams of glory is placed aboard his ship. Now he must get Tabitha out of the mess she's gotten herself into. But he doesn't count on the bonus that comes with his new "slave"—a thin silvery cord wrapped around Tabitha's most intimate areas that won't come off without some special attention from her new master. Now he must try to free her from permanent sexual bondage to the love knots without losing his heart.
Line: Aeon (sci fi) with light bdsm elements
ISBN: 9781419920646
The third Divinity Warriors book, set in the Divinity Universe
An outcast because of her psychic abilities, Paige doesn't expect her people to rescue her when a zealous sect of Faerians sacrifices her to their gods. Thrown through a fairy ring to a new dimensional plane, drugged on ambrosia, she is compelled to seduce the first man she meets. Only when the effects wear off and she's left with a sexy, insatiable husband expecting more than she's willing to give, does Paige discover the true extent of what the fairies have done. Ordered by the king to marry, Sir Aidan of Fallenrock is dead set against taking a bartered bride. He believes his people should be patient and wait for the gods to bless them. When the beautiful Lady Paige comes through the sacred ring, kissing and touching him like she knows their joined fate, Aidan's sure he's being rewarded—until his new bride tries to back out of their marriage.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9871419922480

Meet Your Favorite Authors in Person

Meet Your Favorite Authors in Person

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Release!

Yay! A new release from Ann Jacobs is always cause for celebration! This story was first published in print in the Forbidden Fantasies anthology.

A book in the d'Argent Honor vampire series
Chad LaLanne, a mortal Master who can't provide his newly made vampire slave's only sustenance. Philippe d'Argent, a lonely vampire submissive who needs another loving Master to make him whole. Katie, newly made vampire who needs her mortal Master…but also a vampire male to protect and sustain her. With the vibrant and mysterious bayous of Cajun Country as the backdrop, the three begin an intense ménage—a time of testing, of exploration, leading to the breaking of the physical taboos of one and the emotional surrender of another. And ultimately, learning to trust another, when those they hold most dear are at risk.Theirs is a relationship born of need, sustained by love…and bonded into an eternal triangle when the Master joins his lovers in their shadow world, where all manner of relationships can thrive without prejudice or shame.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with vampire, light bdsm and menage elements
ISBN: 9781419922732