Saturday, June 30, 2007

Embrace The Bitch Within

According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology (Vol 89), successful women who excel at careers in typically male-dominated fields are often unfairly characterized by others as unlikeable and untrustworthy. One of the study's authors, Dr. Madeline Heilman of NYU, noted that, "Success is OK for a woman if it's in an area that is not [seen as] off limits to them. What we are seeing is a reaction to their violation of stereotyped norms."

Indeed, the study found that the more competent the woman was at her job, the less likable she was rated by strangers. "The successful women were characterized as more selfish, manipulative and untrustworthy - your typical constellation of 'bitchy' characteristics," says Heilman. Conversely, women who weren't as successful at their jobs had higher likability ratings.

Now here's the kicker: while both men and women rated successful women as overall UNlikable in the NYU study, three other studies (most notable one from the American Journal of Sociology) found that, unlikeable or not, men rated more powerful, high-earning women as sexier and more attractive than their counterparts.

So where does this leave all you Wicked Women out there? For successful women in traditionally female-dominated careers, take heart: you tend to be viewed as successful, attractive AND likable!! But for women in male-dominated business and science industries, I guess you have to choose. Either you're going to be successful, attractive and loathed or unsuccessful and beloved.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Loving Him Funky

I was just browsing through some old factoids I've kept on my hard drive in case I ever needed to use one of them for a book. Here's a funny one:

Studies have shown that hormonal changes in human females are caused by smelling the armpit sweat of human males. Among the alleged benefits of taking a big whiff o' pit: improved mood and the stimulation of ovulation. (So the next time you wanna get knocked up, you know what to do.)

Are we believing this study or was it concocted by a bunch of smelly men who don't like baths? You decide.

The Quiminology Files


What a word. It rolls around the tongue like soft toffee. It’s a good candidate for some extra thrills during oral sex (ask your partner to breathe it against you while he’s doing…well, whatever he’s doing down there). But what does it actually mean, and where did it come from?

I’ll find out the facts. That’s my job. I follow the evidence. I’m a Quiminologist.

Yes, the word “quim” does mean female genitalia. And it’s primarily British - leave it to us Brits to come up with a word that scores triple in Scrabble and gets dirty looks from Great Aunt Mary at the same time. Consensus is that “quim” is derived from the old word “queme”. Wanna know what that one means? Pleasant or satisfying!!! Yep. It’s earliest appearance may well be in a play from 1613 but it was definitely used in a 1735 ballad titled “The Harlot Unmasked”. No doubt the quim was pleasant and satisfying long before that, but you know these academicians. Gotta have it in writing!!!

So there you go…the history of the word “QUIM” revealed. Another successful case closed. Got any open files you’d like researched? Just ask the Quiminologist. We’re always at your cervix. Er…service.


This would be one of those times when a picture's worth a thousand words. (For everything else there's Mastercard.)
Question for the Wicked Women: whaddya think the guy standing behind the prez is thinking? I'm pretty sure the dude in front of him is wondering, "Where's the beef?" It's the one with the shit-eating grin that continues to stump (and morbidly fascinate!) me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quiminology Debuts Tomorrow!

We're thrilled to announce that Sahara Kelly has joined the Wicked Women's circle as our very first Quiminologist. She'll be investigating the various names we give our fur purses and regularly reporting to us on this very important and quivery topic. Her first post will be tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing what she uncovers.

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Empress on the Mount

Enlightened One:
I recently saw a close friend’s husband kissing another woman. The way they were going at it made it clear that wasn’t all they planned to do. Should I tell her, confront him or just forget I ever saw it?

Personally, I’d simply take out a contract on the husband and let your friend move on with her life but hey, it’s your conscience and your moral dilemma. And I care so much. Really.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome, Wicked Women

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And now, a brief introduction to your hosts:

Most people know Jaid Black , aka Queen of Steam, as a USA Today bestselling erotic romance author and founder of Ellora's Cave publishing and Lady Jaided magazine. But she's also been a volunteer activist in a number of political and humanitarian causes. You can expect her to rant and rage occasionally on injustices. Whether you agree with her or not, she will get you thinking.

No one is entirely sure how Giselle McKenzie, aka Empress on the Mount, got her lofty title, but this cranky Aussie sure lives up to it. Maybe it refers to her experience as a horse trainer. It certainly describes her imperious approach to dispensing her special brand of highly suspect wisdom and her philosophy that in matters of the heart and, uh, parts farther south, one should never spare the rod.

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