Monday, March 30, 2009

News Around the Cave

This week we salute longtime Ellora's Cave author Sahara Kelly and offer several of her print and digital books at sale prices. Sahara is one of our most popular authors has published 51 ebooks with Ellora’s Cave, more than any other author. Her MADAME CHARLIE is our most translated book and is available from publishers in France, Germany, Spain and Russia.
Sale lasts through Friday so hurry to our website and take advantage of this opportunity to get better acquainted with Sahara’s elegant writing, wicked sense of humor and sexy stories!

Afton Locke was recently interviewed by Fran Lee for Utah's Romance Examiner column. Her paranormal erotic romance CICADA is the story of a science teacher on vacation who is seduced by a ghost.

Cindy Spencer Pape will be autographing copies of her Ellora’s Cave books Saturday, April 24, from 1 to 2 pm at Yarrow Golf & Conference Resort10499 N 48th StAugusta MI 49012
Cindy has degrees in zoology and currently works in environmental education. Check out her books here.

The Quiminology Files

Chia Pet: Fuzzy, Fecund and Slightly Infantile
Earthy yet cultivated, chia pets are cute, almost cuddly and quite loveable. This is the sort of term a young girl might use in her journal to refer to her most private place. However, a man who used this term would be an instant turn-off, causing the object of his affection to clamp her legs shut while her chia shrinks from him. He would probably talk baby talk in bed and bring you stuffed animals for your birthday. Is anything less sexy than that?
For more fun meditations on names for "down there," check out our Quiminology Squidoo lens.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exhibit for the Plaintiff

The book that made Supreme Court Justices blush

Okay, we don’t know if the Justices actually blushed when excerpts from Crook & Flail by Maria Isabel Pita were read to the Supreme Court in 2006 in an ACLU case that argued the Child Online Protection Act was an unconstitutional violation of free speech. Part of the excerpt was read to the court by writer/publisher/editor Marilyn Jaye Lewis, who founded the Erotic Authors Association. The excerpt was selected to show that online adult content could have intelligence, emotional resonance and literary merit. “I was honored to have been selected by the ACLU from among all the available literary online content to help make their case,” says Ms. Pita. The ACLU won its case.
Crook & Flail, published by Ellora’s Cave, is the electrifying and elegantly written tale of a sexual submissive who goes to Egypt to escape the pain of her husband’s death, only to become entangled in an obsessive sexual relationship with two other men. The transcript is fascinating and includes testimony by Aaron Peckham, founder of the Urban Dictionary. Here’s a taste of what the Justices got to read:

“So.” Mark grabs her face with both hands and makes her look at him. “You only pretended to be a widow? You only pretended you’d fallen in love with me? Did Richard have a camera installed in your room? How many times have you two done this anyway? How many other men have fucked you up the ass while he watched?”
Ian enters the shrine and Lucia suddenly feels as though the earth is opening up beneath her and she is falling too fast to stop herself.
“That’s enough, Mark.” Ian comes between them.
“You don’t get it.” Mark steps around him. “If you’re nice to her she doesn’t listen.”
She closes her eyes when he grabs a fistful of her hair but it doesn’t stop her from seeing where she wants this to go and the desire shames her.
“Look at her,” Mark says gruffly. “She wants this.”
“You’re taking advantage of her weakness,” Ian argues very quietly.
“Did you hear that, princess, he thinks you’re weak because you like taking orders from men.” He rests his hands on her shoulders and easily forces her down to her knees. “I just think you’re beautiful.”
Ian gently grips one of her arms and pulls her back up to her feet. “I’m sorry, Lucia, I didn’t realize he planned to…” His voice trails off as he stares into her dark eyes like an astronaut floating off into deep space when his line suddenly breaks.
Mark’s smile is grim. “See what I mean? You’re wasting your time,” he unzips his shorts, “and you’re wasting her… Come here, sweetheart.”
She falls to her knees before him again.
“That’s it,” he weaves his fingers possessively through her hair, “suck me.”
“Jesus!” Ian whispers, but doesn’t look away.

Happy Hump Day

Contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and men in love. New erotic romances from Ellora's Cave!
Chaz is the youngest recruit the Academy has ever seen. Godlike reflexes and hawk eyes make him a natural gunner assigned to fly the futuristic ship with technology so advanced it’s still classified. But it takes a two-man crew and Chaz, the lone wolf, must have a partner.
Ferron is the most dangerous man at the Academy. The ice blue eyes and scarred face of the older cadet aren’t enough to scare Chaz. Nor are the rumors that Ferron killed his last partner.

Tension climbs to a breaking point when Ferron informs him that in order to fly the Needle he and Chaz must have their bodies pressed together in a dance of sensual intimacy that makes the sexually straight Chaz angry and uncomfortable.
Ferron must master Chaz completely and break down his physical and emotional boundaries. The only thing that will keep them alive is their partnership—any space between them means certain death.
Line: Spectrum (gay)
ISBN: 9781419917950

Sorin of Firewall lives in a land forever at war. In fact, the Starian men are so busy fighting that their marriage ceremony has been reduced to an event where they simply pick a woman out of a lineup and claim her as a wife. Duty-bound to attend the ceremony, Sorin has no intention of picking a bride until he sees Lilith, the bewitching woman sent by the gods to reward—or punish?—him.
Lilith wakes up in a primitive, uncharted dimension filled with warriors who know only war and duty. Her fear of becoming a sex slave to a big, beefy knight becomes all too real when a warrior of god-like proportions claims she’s his new woman.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419921094

After his release from a secret gene-alteration hospital, Special Forces soldier Ramon Osceola retreats to his home in Big Cypress Swamp, Florida. It’s the only place he can escape a society that wouldn’t understand his altered state.
Dr. Hannah Richards escapes the hospital to find the man who can help save her daughter, one of the men whose genes she altered. Will he help her despite what she did to him? Or will he seek revenge against her for changing his life forever?
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419918469

Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement. He’s tough and brusque, and cops and criminals alike tremble before him. And that’s the way he likes it. Until he meets Caitlin Summers—and decides he wants her trembling beneath him.
The beautiful scholar is doing dissertation research in his cop shop, and seriously messing with his head. His self-imposed sexual abstinence comes to a screeching halt in Caitlin’s ratty hotel room and dies a permanent death in his bed…and his kitchen…and his living room. Caitlin is also intelligent and funny, kind and generous, her smile a burst of warmth in his cold, austere life. And that scares the crap out of him.
With his head and heart fighting a battle of wills, Alex can barely concentrate on work. And that’s too bad—because his dangerous job and his newfound love are about to clash in the worst way possible.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922077

Monday, March 23, 2009

Take a Caveman to Bed Tonight

Heck, at these prices, take as many as you want! To celebrate the beginning of our sixth year of Cavemen anthologies, we are having a huge sale on all of them.

All 20 Caveman ebooks (four volumes each of Tales From the Temple, Legendary Tails, Dreams of the Oasis, Seasons of Seduction and Jewels of the Nile) are on sale for $6.99 each (regular price $9.99). Each book contains 6 Quickies from our hottest authors. That means 120 searing stories available to you at a cost of just a few pennies over $1 each!

Seven print Caveman anthologies are also on sale--inventory clearance priced at $5.99 all week or while quantities last, whichever comes first.
To get your cavemen now, go to the books on sale page of our website.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Manhattan's Blue Member

Is it real or is it enhanced? Billy Crudup, who plays Dr. Manhattan in "The Watchmen" told Jon Stewart that his sizeable hammer in the film was mostly a digital creation. If so, it was lovingly crafted and quite realistic. Anyone out there seen the film and have an opinion? If so, was anyone else bugged by the fact that Silk Spectre II's outfit made her look more like a stripper than a super hero, complete with fake garters? We know these things were made to appeal to adolescent boys, but putting her in that get-up and making her fight criminals and run through flames with those ridiculously (and dangerously) long locks? We kept expecting her hair to get caught in something or go up in flames.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Reason to Love Friday

It's new release day at Ellora's Cave! Wizards, ghosts and cowboys await your pleasure.

Standing in the barn, looking out over his ranch, J.T. Courage knows there is nowhere else on earth he'd rather be. He has his brothers, a successful horse business and a new home on the land that's belonged to his family for generations. The only thing missing is someone to share it all with. And he has just the woman in mind.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 97814199193981

Book Two in the Hot Magic series
Kill the wizard or her sister Emily dies…She might be chock-full of magic, but witch Skye Logan isn't a killer. Handed a non-negotiable choice like that, though, she has no option. What makes it harder is that one look at sexy wizard Rane Richards has Skye swallowing her tongue and stuttering. And she never stutters.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419921124

What's better than one sexy Irishman? Why, two, of course! Not that Maggie is out for sizzling, steamy sex on her first trip to Ireland. At the top of her to-do list is a pint of homegrown Guinness and a visit to the country's famous site that promises good things to all who kiss it. But after meeting her delicious distant cousin Shamus and his equally hunky mate Myles, Maggie quickly discovers there are a lot better things to kiss in the Emerald Isle than the Blarney Stone.
Line: Moderne (contemporary) Menage and holiday elements
ISBN: 9781419921445
Ram and Jess haunt—and heat up—the old gas station in their small hometown. Each blames the other for their fatal accident, an incident that also drove their best friends to divorce. Spirit sex is great but they need to forgive each other and find a way to bring their friends back together. But Skeeter and Deirdre Cooper may not have the chance to reunite before death comes to call one of them. Parted by different life callings, they struggle to find the love that once meant everything…before it's too late.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419920387

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green-Eyed Monster Mash

Zelophilia: Getting off on Jealousy

Here’s a paraphilia for the drama queens. Who else is turned on by jealousy? Oh yeah, we all want to think our own hairy ape man is the most desirable one in the jungle. Sure, we secretly dig it when some monkey girl eyes him and then slides an envious glance our way. But that’s envy. Someone else’s. When he looks back, that’s jealousy. Ours. And that’s not sexy, is it? Sometimes angry hate sex can be hot. Or if you thrive on drama, the ensuing fight, gifts and mad makeup sex can be pretty fun. Some swinging couples might get off on the twinge elicited by seeing a partner embracing someone else. And we know at least one insecure chick who likes to boost her ego by manipulating men into fighting over her. Come to think about it, zelophilia doesn’t seem so farfetched after all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Releases

It's Hump Day again. That means four hot new Ellora's Cave books to get you through the rest of the week:

Book 3 in the Sexplorations series
I'm crazy about corsets, fishnet tights and steampunk fiction. Give me a couple of wonderful girlfriends like Fenny and Dee, the occasional useful guy to scratch that itch and I'm happy. Do I need anything more? Nope. I certainly don't need a cop with a fishnet fetish, no matter how incredibly hot the sex is between us. I won't let Jonas Smith convince me otherwise. So what if he's as kinky as I am and does things to me that explode my eyeballs? Even if a Sexploration with Jonas threatens to head down a "forever" path, I ain't going. At least—I don't think I am…
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419919749

Friends for much longer than they've been lovers, Taryn and Richard enjoy each other's company while looking for "Mr. Right". When the darkly handsome Caleb walks into their lives, the sexual attraction is instant and mutual—for all three. Caleb wines and dines them then shows them how good it can be if they trust him to lead the way. One night is all it takes to prove that the three of them are a perfect match, at least in the bedroom. Taryn has to decide if explosive sex and the feelings quickly overtaking her are worth the risk of losing it all—again. Richard sees Caleb and Taryn as the perfect couple but isn't so sure there will always be room for him in their ménage a trois. Sexual dominant Caleb has to suppress his urge to tie them to the bed until they understand that they both belong with him—forever. But if they don't come around soon, he'll be pulling those ropes out after all.
Line: Taboo (bdsm) with Menage, M/M elements
ISBN: 9781419922022

Book four in the Club Rio Brava series.
Fifteen years of marriage haven't stilled Mark's hunger for his wife's gorgeous body. But overwork as a surgeon and the resultant fatigue are sure doing a number on his libido. Forced to face the direction his life is taking, and realizing he might lose Lynn, Mark decides to take control back—especially in the bedroom. Opportunity knocks when a chance conversation about a local BDSM club reminds Mark of all the times he and Lynn had gotten off on kinky sex early in their marriage. A visit to Club Rio Brava re-awakens the Dom in Mark, giving him the perfect way to get back to the uninhibited lifestyle he and his deliciously submissive wife enjoyed before work and kids got in the way.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 9781419919916

Morpheus and his army of Dream Warriors protect the human race by infiltrating their dreams. An incubus is on the loose, distorting the fabric of time. The evil must be stopped before reality unravels forever. Gareth has successfully completed every mission, creating illusions as tangible as conscious reality. But now he's falling in love and that's the one thing Dream Warriors aren't allowed to do.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419921025

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Empress on the Mount

Questionable Advice From a Dubious Monarch

Dear Empress:
My best friend hasn’t been laid in a few years and I know she’s really horny and lonely. She’s not much of a looker and she’s shy with men, so the prognosis isn’t getting any better with each passing year. I’d like to get her a male escort for her birthday to take her out and show her a good time. I want to get one who will make her feel comfortable and not be sleazy. He doesn’t have to be a professional. Any advice on how to go about that?

Please, please, tell me you’re not buying your friend a hooker for her birthday. Because when she finds out (and she will; dirty little secrets never stay hidden), she’s a. going to hate you (which doesn’t matter) and b. hate herself (which does).

Instead of humiliating your friend, why not bring her out of her shell a bit. Take her to places where she’s more likely to meet men who share her interests. Suggest a makeover day for the both of you, a new outfit, hell, a different brand of toothpaste. Whatever will give her some confidence. You’re her best friend, so you must know what would work.

I have to ask, were you going to gift-wrap the gigolo? I shudder to think where you would have put the bow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Award-Winning Books

Big congrats to Kate Willoughby, who won an Eppie Award for her Ellora's Cave release A Wolf at Her Door in the Fantasy Paranormal Romance category! Here's a little synopsis:
A wish bracelet, a hot alpha werewolf and a frisky fairy whose specialty is “happily ever afters.” What does all this have to do with Paige’s love life? A whole lot, when gorgeous and sexy shapeshifter Adam shows up to sizzle her synapses, trigger her sensual meltdown and make her secret wish come true.

Cerridwen Press (our mainstream imprint) authors made a very impressive showing in the Eppies this years, garnering three awards:
Fantasy Paranormal Romance category: Teri Thackston Final Words
A hit-and-run driver kills Emma St. Clair. When an emergency team brings her back to life, the young medical examiner learns she can communicate with the dead. Using her ability to solve murders, she hides her dubious gift to avoid being labeled emotionally disturbed and removed from her job.

Mystery/Suspense/Horror Erotic category: JL Wilson If Not for You
Businessman Max Lerner had it all — until the threats started. Someone wants to sabotage his latest merger, and that someone has inexplicably thrown Layla Whitford into the fray. When Max meets Layla, she turns his world upside down. Suddenly, he wants to forget about the merger, the threats…his bachelor lifestyle.

Single Story Mainstream category: Linda Bleser Glory Girls (women's fiction)
The fabulous Glory Girls once thrilled audiences with their perfect three-part harmonies. When tragedy took it all away, little Bethany Glory, middle child and family peacekeeper, promised to take care of her sisters forever. But 30 years later, it's a promise she's finding hard to keep. The life she's built is crumbling around her. Her marriage is falling apart, her relationship with her sisters is strained and she's just discovered that her father is about to marry a Las Vegas showgirl half his age. When Beth's grandmother makes a deathbed request to restore the family's aging Catskills estate to its former glory, Beth seizes the opportunity to mend the scars of the past and recapture the family harmony that once catapulted the pint-sized Glory Girls to stardom.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Releases

Just in time to set fire to your weekend, four new hot reads from Ellora's Cave!

Angelique had been trapped for ten years in a loveless marriage. Now, in 1888—two years after her husband's murder—she has ended her period of mourning and is ready to live again. And a big part of that is learning what passion is all about. For that, she needs Harry Atherton, the Duke of Sex.
Line: Legend (historical)
ISBN: 9781419919671

Forbidden desires plague Celia, head of the Underwater Maintenance Engineering project on Gavrel Space Station. Celia's fascination for the bio-engineered aquatic humanoids who care for the habitat's ocean grows each day. Sleek, strong and graceful, the UMEs have begun to develop patterns of behavior and beliefs that their creators had not planned for. When her attraction to one leads Celia to finally indulge in her long-suppressed sexual fantasies, she endangers her job and the future of the UMEs aboard Gavrel.
Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi)
ISBN: 9781419920400
College student Alex is entirely out of his element, thrust from his safe circle of tightly knit family and friends into a world where he feels out of place and alone. Then he meets the beautiful artist Joshua, who develops a swift and overwhelming obsession for Alex. Still learning to deal with his own sexuality, Alex is confused but intrigued by the bold man who calls Alex his muse.
Line: Spectrum (gay M/M)
ISBN: 9781419919633

Adrianna Kline has the world at her feet. As the CEO of a major lingerie corporation bearing her name, and a long history as a sexually independent woman, she runs her life on her own terms. Until Tristan Locke shows up in her office. Adrianna's first and only love, Tristan is now in the business of corporate takeovers and he has his eye on Adrianna, Inc. But he's prepared to negotiate. How can Adrianna save her company? By becoming Tristan's willing sex slave for a night, submitting to his every whim.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419918940

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nocturnal Kat

A Q&A with new Ellora's Cave author Kat Alexis

Tell us about your upcoming release and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.
CANDY COATED PASSION is a quick look into what happens when you always follow the rules. Then the fun and fallout that result in breaking all those rules. Dane left Natalie because she wasn't suitable according to his wealthy and powerful family. Years later a chocolate mix-up sends Dane right back into Nat's life. One look at the woman Nat's become and Dane is questioning the restrictions and rules of his family.

What is your favorite word and why?
Shiny. You ever notice how most good things are shiny? Diamonds, new car, ocean with the sun bouncing off it... I like shiny.

Least favorite?
Definitely, it looks weird and way too close to defiantly.

Besides your significant other, who would you make love with if you could pick anyone in the world, any time throughout history and why?
Colin Firth equals sexy, successful and classic. The type of man to show you true lovemaking and mean every word and gesture. And Oded Fehr. He's mysterious, sensual, strong, and protective. Lovemaking with him would be wild, exotic and a little on the naughty side.

What is the most seductive thing a man can do for you?
Depends on the man. Every man has some talent: tongue, lips, and other erotic areas. I'd hate to just pick one man when several can do the job more thoroughly.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be?
Time travel, I'd go back in time to stop some personal tragedies. Then I'd flash to the future to snag a ride to Mars.

What do you wish men understood better about women’s sexuality?
That all women are different. The way to arouse one women might not work on the next. Arouse our brain and we'll follow you to the cliff and beyond.

Batman or Iron Man?
Iron Man. There’s something sexy about a man who has everything yet strives to be more as a person. Plus, he has the cool gadgets and gets out more than Batman.
Tuxedo or jeans?
Tuxedo. It’s full of possibilities, like all the nifty way you can use the bow tie
Pickup truck or sports car?
SUV. It’s ready for anything from five-star meals to a remote lover's cabin in the woods
Chocolate or flowers?
Chocolate. Flowers don't taste as good with champagne
Jewelry or lingerie?
Jewelry. It makes a way better investment than underwear
Dick or cock?
Cock. My grandfather's name was Dick. 'Nuff said

What else should we know about you?
I love the night. The possibilities are endless when the sun goes down. Everyone is a little looser, a little more willing to explore their desires.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Releases

Get ’em while they’re hot—four new ebooks from Ellora’s Cave!
Undercover, Book Two.
Mind-blowing sex one hot summer night makes private investigator Jo Brady fall hard for a seductive stranger. But when Daniel turns out to be the lawyer who frees the murderer of her young friend, Jo vows revenge. Years later, she discovers the truth behind Daniel's past and realizes their sexual attraction is hotter than ever. Escaping from the clutches of an illegal organ transplant industry, Jo and Daniel are thrown together in a fight for their lives.
Line: Breathless (romantic suspense)
ISBN: 9781419920257
Damien is sure he has found The Keeper, the savior of the vampire race, in human form. The werewolves have a prophecy of their own and like Damien, they believe that Dr. Wolfrik Usher is their long-awaited answer.Rik's long-avoided attraction to Damien shifts into high gear when the sexual and physical demands of being a changeling wolf besiege his weakened inhibitions. And Damien isn't sure he can resist the man meant to be a savior.
Line: Spectrum (gay) M/M, Shapeshifter, Vampire elements
ISBN: 9781419920325
Fifth in the Magical Seduction series
Tall, dark and handsome, Teo walks into Lacey's bar like he's expecting to be hit with a hail of bullets. There's something about him that draws her but Lacey has a secret. One that could threaten her freedom, her very life if it's exposed. But one night of magical sex and all bets are off as Lacey's secret catches up with her and Teo will risk everything, including himself, to keep her safe. And make her his.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419921612
Summer Wakayama owns Vegas' hottest tattoo parlor, but lately her love life has been anything but hot. With the help of some hemp rope and a few lessons in Japanese rope bondage, she's determined to change all that and teach her longtime steady, Aidan, that what they have is worth fighting for.
Line: Moderne (contemporary) light BDSM elements
ISBN: 9781419921339

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Empress on the Mount

Dubious sex advice from a questionable monarch

Your Grace:
Sex after 13 years of marriage gets to be just a wee bit redundant. So sometimes I let myself imagine that my dh is someone else. A few weeks ago, I was indulging in a fantasy about Daniel Day-Lewis and I accidentally shouted out, ‘Give it to me, Danny!” during an intimate moment. My dh’s name is Phillip, so there was no fudging it. He never said a word about it but he has avoided sex ever since. How can I make it up to him or make him forget?

*ouch* Not good. Though there is one point on your side, men have the attention spans of gerbils, so you should be able to distract him.
Get a DVD of DD-L’s “Last of the Mohicans,” then find a costume shop and get some frontier wear for your dh. Then get booze. You need your dh tipsy and wobbly but not at the point where disgusting things ooze from orifices (his). While plying him with liquor, have the DVD playing and breathlessly exclaim how the “manly, studly, giant-testicled” DD-L reminds you of your dh. Gush and rave about how having your dh dressed in buckskin (or whatever the hell DD-L wore) is your personal fantasy. This is where orifices (yours), are important.

At the end of the night, you need your dh dressed in the costume, snoring in bed (a blowjob would help here). When he wakes up, make sure you look as though DD-L spent the night waving his war-axe at you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you had sex with your dh, just as long as he thinks you did. When your gerbil … sorry, dh is coherent, throw yourself at him and thank him for the night of your life.

OK, so we both know it’s a con job but remember, you’re doing it for him. Really.