Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Releases

A quickie from Ellora's Cave and a romance from Cerridwen Press

Hot Rush by Barbara Huffert
Rick Jensen is working undercover to break up the largest drug deal in the city's history. Everything is going as planned until the hottest redhead he's ever seen comes storming into the warehouse. If only he can stop thinking with his cock long enough to save her luscious ass and convince her that love at first sight really does exist.
Being sentimental has always been Casey Carmichael's downfall. But this time her impulsiveness lands her right in the middle of a full contingent of heavily armed drug dealers. When one of them tosses her over his shoulder and carries her up to the office, the last thing she expects is out-of-control sex with the undercover cop trying to protect her.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419921391

New in Print from Cerridwen Press
With Special Sale Price!
Getting Back to Delaney by Christie Walker Bos
Delaney McKenzie's in a tailspin. With another failed relationship, a gallery nearing insolvency and a father urging her to abandon art for accounting, Delaney is tired of living her life for others. It's time to finally figure out what she wants—in business, life and love.
Tyler Szymanski thought Delaney was as sterile as her gallery until he glimpses the warm woman beneath the façade. He's eager to see more, but when he helps his brother Stirling open a successful gallery near Delaney's, it's clear she sees him as the enemy. With the help of his brother, he stages an "accident" that brings Stirling's rich clients to Delaney's door—and Tyler into her life.
But when the truth comes out, both Delaney and Tyler are hurt by accusations of mutual betrayal. It will take Delaney's three little old neighbors—and one rambunctious puppy—to help these headstrong lovers learn that trust isn't a one-way street.
Category: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419959455
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $13.00 (discounted from $16.99)

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Releases

Escape the Monday blues with a book from Ellora's Cave or Cerridwen Press.

Hot Earth by Vonna Harper
You can't always go back home. Calina Rambo knows this, but circumstances force her to return to the southern Oregon orchard where her Mexican migrant family lived. Settling her mother's estate is hard enough, but facing orchard owner Sayer Woods is even harder. The sexual heat between them is more than Calina can endure.
Publisher's Note: Originally appeared in the anthology More Than Skin Deep.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922534

Djinni and the Geek by Cindy Spencer Pape
Professor David Garvaglia is nobody's idea of a hero. When he opens an antique box and finds a sexy Djinni in his bed, his desire for her is almost as powerful as his determination to set her free. Anissa has spent centuries as a prisoner of the box and has dreamed of the day some handsome master would release her. The scruffy computer geek isn't what she expected, but everything about him turns her on.
While David and Anissa explore their explosive passion, he helps her adjust to the twenty-first century. Complicating things is an evil wizard who wants Anissa for himself. Between scorching sex in his faculty office and hacking government computers, David does everything he can to keep her safe—and satisfied.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419959202

New in Print from Cerridwen Press With a Special Sale Price!
Born of the Shadows by Cyndi Friberg
Proud and rebellious, Gideon is banished from the Light. His own words define his punishment, transforming bloodlust into literal hunger. Living by his sword, he wanders the land of mortals, embittered and alone.
Naomi works in secret, illuminating manuscripts for the Knights of St. John. Gideon is drawn to her beauty and fascinated by her innocence. She stirs the shattered remnants of his nobility, intensifying the conflict already raging within him.
Gideon is unlike anyone Naomi has ever encountered before. His passionate kisses and intoxicating caresses leave her restless and wanting. Still, she senses the bleak loneliness he tries so hard to deny. Responding to his seduction with tenderness, she is determined to help him rediscover the beauty in life. The battle lines are drawn. Gideon must seek redemption or Fall. Naomi must lead her Rebel Angel back into the light before the forces of darkness have their way.
Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title and has been re-edited for Cerridwen Press.
Categories: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419959387

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Releases

What's better than Friday? Stocking up on new releases from Ellora's Cave for the weekend!

First Sharing by Jory Strong
Part of the Fallon Mates series
Laith d'Amato never thought to form a mate-bond outside his race, but when he sees Cyan Dupre, the human female the scientists on Belizair have matched him to, he's more than willing to claim her. But only by including Rykken in the mate-bond will there be hope for Belizair.
One look at Cyan and the mating fever of his race swamps Rykken. Without the wings of the Vesti and Amato she seems fragile, in need of a strong male to care for her. It's not the Vesti way, but for the sake of friendship and the future of Belizair, Rykken will fight his genetic imperative and cultural upbringing. He'll join with Laith in the first sharing of a human female.
Cyan finds it impossible to resist Laith and Rykken. They're erotic fantasy and artistic inspiration—but loving them comes with a choice between doing what's right for her heart or what's right for her art.
Publisher's Note: Published in print in the Forbidden Fantasies anthology.
Line: Aeon (sci fi/futuristic) with menage elements
ISBN: 9781419922800

Sweet Buns by Marilu Mann
When Gary and Felicity meet, he wants one thing—her buns. Her secret sweet bun recipe, that is. He has to make the decision of a lifetime but keeps getting sidetracked by passion and lust. Felicity has been where Gary is. She gives him some insights along with her own brand of sizzling heat to help with his decision. Gary and Felicity explore passion, lust and food—what more could you ask for?
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419923135

Turning Point by Lynn LaFleur & Randi Monroe
Convicted at 19 of a brutal crime he did not commit, Rico Zanini survived ten years in prison because of a driving need to seek revenge against the juror who could have set him free. Mary Beth Hunter, an 18-year-old with the face of a Madonna, red hair and a body that stirred his passion. For 10 years, he hated her as much as he craved her.
Finally freed through The Innocence Project, Rico sets out to find Mary Beth and make her suffer the way he has. Mary Beth is now a successful attorney. They agree they have differences to settle, but their passion overshadows their best intentions.
Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922497

Seduced by Two by Stephanie Julian
Book Seven in the Magical Seduction series
One woman. Two brothers.
It was supposed to be one night only—an escape into pleasure. A night for Nica to forget her obligations and her secrets. Through hours filled with sensually wicked exploration, an emotional connection develops with the two gorgeous brothers she had no way of anticipating. But a stranger with an ultimatum and a dangerous power forces her to reveal her own magic to save her new lovers.
Now Tanner and Jensen are drawn into a world they never knew existed by a woman whose abilities they can barely comprehend. But they won't let the fact that they have no magic get in the way of protecting their woman. Even if it means sacrificing their lives.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy) with menage elements
ISBN: 9781419923210

Dragon's Prey by Tielle St. Clare
Book 4 in the Shadow of the Dragon series
Captured and put into slavery, Kayla should find it easy to escape, if only her dragon would cooperate. But the blasted beast — bored with the males at home — sees Kayla's captivity as the perfect opportunity to find her mate.
When her dragon finds the man for Kayla, he's all wrong. He's too strong, too aggressive and way too grouchy. He's the perfect mercenary but he'll make a rotten husband. Unfortunately, her body — and her dragon — don't care about any of that and while she wants to hate Captain Sixx, she finds herself unable to resist him.
For Sixx, getting the pretty little slave as a gift is more irritation than pleasure. He's got enough troubles — including a curse and a snotty young warrior preparing to challenge him. Of course, having Kayla chained up in his bedchamber does have its benefits.
Now Kayla just has to figure out how to get home, keep Sixx safe from her father's wrath, oh, and tell her lover she's part dragon.
Line: Xanadu (fantasy) with shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419959042
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $12.00 (discounted from $14.99)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New in Print With Special Sale Price!

A couple of fantasies to curl up with on a warm summer night--at discounted prices, with love, from Ellora's Cave. Who's your mama?

Egyptian Voyage by TJ Michaels
An overworked undercover agent desperately in need of rest, Chrysalyn Geyer couldn't have been more miffed with her boss. What was she supposed to do on a mandatory three-month vacation? Stuck on a private residence cruise ship, she tried to prepare herself for what was sure to be pure boredom. Then he appeared—Rahn Benson. What the hell was he doing here? And while her spirit guide was happy to see the man, Chrys couldn't see past knocking him senseless for breaking her heart the last time she'd been with the rogue.
Rahn is determined to do anything to win Chrys back. But first he must protect her from the unseen threat quietly stalking her from port to port.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419959219
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (discounted from $12.99)

Made for Two Rivals by Madison Hayes
Book 2 in the Made for Two series
When Lieutenant Velvet Meadows loses most of her comrades in battle, part of her withdraws to protect her heart from future loss. Because she's an Adept — a race that adapts to changes in their environment — she does a damn efficient job of it. Velvet's emotions are in lockdown.
It doesn't help when Lieutenant Graham Hamm goes to Velvet's room, determined to humble the proud little hellcat in front of his friends. But when Gray falls for the beautiful Adept, he ends up hurting no one more than himself. Now Velvet's shields are up where Gray is concerned. Only through her trust for another man will her love be resurrected.
Lieutenant Jed Castille can see that Velvet needs help. He knows that he and Gray must work together to unearth Velvet's deeply buried emotions. Unfortunately, Graham and Jed are longtime rivals.
Together the trio embarks upon a dangerous mission to eliminate a Spaceforce enemy, while the two rivals pit their desires against Velvet's resistance. By the time victory is theirs, the three officers will have made an unlikely alliance…in the bedroom and in love.
Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi) with menage elements
ISBN: 9781419959141
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $8.00 (discounted from $10.99)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Release

Take a walk on the wild side. New releases from Ellora's Cave:

Demon Lover by Riley Ashford
Maggie Mortis serves the Otherworld High Council—hunting demons while searching for the one who murdered her parents. The Council is supposed to keep the balance between Light and Dark, but lately Dark's really been on a winning streak.
When the Council assigns the sexy half-demon Raphael as her new Guardian, she's not thrilled. But Rafe proves that he's good to have around—in battle and in bed. Together they go on the hunt for the demon who wants to take over Hell, not to mention all the other planes of existence. The betrayal by a Council member forces them into a secret liaison with the very demon they've been hunting. Now Maggie and Rafe have to decide which side they're really on…and which secrets are worth dying for.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419922503

Enemy Overnight by Robin L. Rothman
The last time Jasmine King was aboard the Heptoral, she escaped by the skin of her teeth. This time she won't be so lucky. Trapped on a ship full of sex-starved aliens and out of the pheromone blocker that holds off her physical transition, Jasmine makes a desperate escape attempt…and fails. The consequences are disastrous—she's mated to three horny warriors, and one has a huge bone to pick with her. What's a girl to do but fall in love?
The last time Shauss saw Jasmine, the deceitful little Terran stole his bondmate from under his nose. This time he won't be so trusting. Finally master of his own bond, Shauss names secondary mates Jasmine feels safe with…and lives to regret it. One can't stop puking long enough to claim her. The other challenges Shauss' supremacy by digging into his psyche at every turn. What's a Dom to do but bed them all into submission?
He sets out to do just that, but his domination takes a brutal turn when he discovers Jasmine's deadly secret…
Line: Aeon (sci fi/futuristic) with menage and m/m sex
ISBN: 9781419922565

Under Cover of Night by Charlene Roberts
RCMP Lieutenant Emma Parris, a former jewel thief, loves nothing more than the thrill of the chase. And the international jewel smuggler known as The Broker proves to be fascinating prey. But she isn't prepared for Gerard McIver, The Broker's devilishly handsome right-hand man, whose boyish smile and hot, muscular body may prove too much for Emma's sense of justice.
Gerard knows that Emma Parris is more than just a naïve tourist. But he's torn between uncovering the truth and uncovering Emma's delectable body.
Line: Breathless (romantic suspense)
ISBN: 9781419921254

With a Special Sale Price!
Almost Perfection by Lynn LaFleur
Brent Cooper loves his life. As one-third owner of Coopers' Companions, a successful male escort business, he has his pick of the most beautiful, sexiest women to take to bed. That's the way he likes it. He sees no reason to settle for a woman who isn't perfect.
He wants nothing to do with Robin Howell when he meets her and discovers her scars. But Robin's warmth and courage—and the perfection of their lovemaking—soon shatter his demand for physical perfection.
His love and Robin's courage are put to the test when a man from her past comes back into their lives. Stuart Holden believes Robin belongs to him. He has killed in the past to try to keep her. He won't hesitate to kill again.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419959363
SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $10.00 (reduced from $12.99)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honoring Lara

Her life was far too short, the loss to her family too sad to imagine. But what we hope for Lara Punches is that there is a special place in heaven where animals and the people who love them go, and that she’s making new friends there and finding old friends as well.

Many of our readers and friends know Lara’s mother, Martha Punches, as that wonderful, upbeat, helpful soul in charge of Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press customer service. Several of our authors were so moved by the heartbreaking story of Lara’s death, they decided to honor her memory by donating to her family a portion of the proceeds from books dedicated to Lara. Those books begin releasing this month.

Everyone who knows Martha loves her. And everyone who knows Martha knows that Lara was the apple of her eye. She was crazy about that girl. Never pretended her daughter was perfect, just enjoyed her company immensely and delighted in watching the wonder that was Lara unfold.

When Lara went off to Fort Wayne to study to become a veterinary technician, Martha was excited for her. Lara loved animals and was pursuing her passion, doing what she had wanted to do since she was in eighth grade. The school was an hour’s drive from home, far enough so she could be independent but close enough that Martha and Lara’s dad, Paul, could still see her often.

Lara was close to her parents and kept in touch by text, email and phone frequently while she was away. “Sometimes it would just be a one-word text, ‘hi’,” Martha said in a recent WANE TV interview. Lara and Martha had been emailing back and forth on the evening of January 22 while Lara studied for a test and Martha worked. Around 10:30 Lara called to say goodnight before going to bed.

A few hours later, around 5 a.m., Lara called again. Her apartment complex was on fire and she and her two roommates were trapped in their second-floor bathroom. All Martha and Paul could do was try to help her calm down and pray rescue workers would get through to them in time. They were on the phone with her until she lost consciousness from smoke inhalation.

When the firefighters arrived, they launched a heroic rescue effort. By the time they reached the second floor, the blaze was so advanced that the floor was already beginning to fall in and the ceiling was engulfed in flames. Lara and her roommates were taken immediately to the hospital.

Jennifer Spurgeon, 19, died the next day. Renee Patton, 18, died two days after that. There was hope for several agonizing days that Lara might pull through. Many, many people prayed for her, from devout Christians to those who were a little rusty in the talking-to-God department. But the damage to her brain was too severe. She died on February 12. She was 19 years old.

The tragedy of Lara’s death might have destroyed a lesser woman, but Martha’s strength, courage and faith through the ordeal have inspired the people who know her, even as we ache for her. She finds some comfort in the fact that Lara chose to be an organ-and-tissue donor and that parts of her will live on and might help up to 100 people. And Martha hopes that people who hear Lara’s story will understand the dangers of smoke inhalation and be moved to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

She also tries to focus on the good stuff in Lara’s life. “She had a lot of dreams,” said Martha. “She also had a good life and good friends who loved her.” Shortly after Lara’s death, a friend of hers visited Martha and Paul and they found a text message in the inbox on Lara’s old cell phone. As the friend read it out loud, Martha felt as if Lara was speaking directly to them all. Part of the message said, “What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt? So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you are special to me and you have made a difference in my life. I look up to you and respect you and truly cherish you…” Martha said in a message to her colleagues, “I don’t know who sent that to her but in my heart of hearts, I can almost believe she sent it to us.”

Acceptance, says Martha, has been the hardest part. “I keep thinking she’s going to walk through the door.” Again it is her faith that gets her through. “She knew she was a child of God and that she would go to be with him when she died. It just happened so much sooner than we ever thought it would. Someday I’ll see her again. … I’ll cherish that day when it comes.”

A portion of royalties from the following books will be donated to the Punches family in Lara’s honor:
Best Friends Forever by Kate Douglas (released June 17)
Honey by Ari Thatcher (released June 19)
Sweet Buns by Marilu Mann (releases June 26)
Phantom Affair by Katherine Kingston (releases July 3)
Stray Lovers by Dalton Diaz (releases July 31)
Marry Me, Marietta by Cindy Spencer Pape (releases September 8)
These books do not yet have release dates scheduled:
A Little White Lie by Mackenzie McKade
Nightwalker’s Pet by Cricket Starr
Giggles by Gabby by Ashlyn Chase
Just Being Neighborly by Kaenar Langford
No Regrets by Joanna Wylde
Tuesday Afternoons by Brynn Paulin
This dedication will accompany each book:
This story is lovingly dedicated to the memory of a lovely young lady.
Lara Anne Punches
10/4/1989 to 2/12/2009
You touched the hearts of more people in your short 19 years on earth than you could have ever imagined possible.

For those wishing to make a donation in Lara’s memory, the family has suggested the Defiance County Humane Society or First Presbyterian Church in Paulding, Ohio. You can sign the guest book and leave memories at www.defiancefuneralhome.com.

To see Martha’s full television interview, visit WANE.com.

The Latest Cavemen Anthology is Here!

Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy II
Available in ebook and paperback!

Celtic Rhythm by Ari Thatcher
The Scottish Highland Games is the last place Cait McLaird expects to find sex, but when she sees hot kilt-wearing drummer Jake Ferguson, she fantasizes he's pounding his cadence between her legs. Intrigued by the beautiful, older blonde he glimpses at the entertainment tent entrance, Jake hunts Cait down in her vendor booth. His invitation to the ice cream parlor may sound innocent, but the kiss is anything but… In a dark corner of the park, Cait finds passion she didn't know she could feel, with a man determined to share the rhythm of his heart.

For the King's Pleasure by Cara Carnes
Shatara has waited years to fulfill her calling as a byrna and sexually pleasure the nobility of her Ajika race. When one of the most powerful kings demands her services, she'll do anything to ensure her house's reign as the most coveted. The last thing she expects is for her untapped desires to be sated. King Ladarius knows his pride and crown are at risk unless he upholds custom. But Shatara awakens lust he thought died years ago. Neither expects the intense passion their mating creates.

Hell to Pay by Kimberly Dean
The Longs and the Wilsons have been at war for generations. When Cassidy Wilson moves to Summer Lake, she tries to stay out of the fray. Her dog just won't let her. Time and again, he ends up right where he shouldn't—on Rafer Long's property. Dark and brooding, Rafer is the sexiest of Cassidy's enemies. Just being near him makes her body grow hot and her knees go weak. Rafer doesn't mind finding Cassidy on his turf. He's lusted after her since she moved in, even when he knows he shouldn't. So when her dog gives him an excuse to be with her, he uses it. Even knowing there will be hell to pay.

The Proper Wife by Janne Lewis
Elizabeth Warren is not happy with her handsome ship captain husband but doesn't know what she's missing until she spies a man and woman having torrid sex. How can she, a proper wife, rouse that kind of passion in her husband? An unexpected and intense education from a whore allows Elizabeth to learn new skills to seduce her husband. But he is furious, convinced by her wantonness that she is unfaithful. He binds Elizabeth and takes her with an abandon that has her crying with pleasure. Now she must win back his trust.

Touch of Lust by Liddy Midnight
Julia expects unusual experiences on her first interplanetary journey but not marriage to a compelling stranger. One who can turn her body to liquid fire with only a touch. Gavor does not want a bond-mate. He enjoys indulging his varied sexual tastes too much to ever restrict himself to one partner—until he rescues an irresistible woman from disgrace. Although from a repressive planet, she's everything he was afraid to ask for. More than their happiness is at stake. Gavor has one devastating weapon with which to overcome her background—seduction. As long as Julia succumbs to his touch of lust.

With Sword and Salt by B.J. McCall
A failed mission ended Kitta's career as a mercenary, and the memories of her capture still haunt her dreams. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a stranger walks into her tavern and ignites a sensual fire that demands one-on-one contact. Doss needs Kitta's help to find his brother, a member of her mercenary team erroneously reported as KIA. The ex-merc isn't anything like Doss expected and one amazing night with Kitta will never be enough.

Line: Anthology
ISBN: 9781419919886
Price $9.99

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Favorite Weatherman

Looks like a massive high-pressure area thrusting deep into Ohio, penetrating all the way through to Pennsylvania.

New Releases

Perk up your Monday with a new release from Ellora's Cave!

Hidden Enemies by Ravyn Wilde
A head injury has changed Jenna's once-loving husband into a brutal monster. Divorce further enraged a man already on the brink of insanity. With hands tied, even the police recommend Jenna disappear for a while. Problem is…she doesn't know how.
Then she meets Cole. Among his many…attributes, Cole has published a security-risk book titled Hidden Enemies. In it, Jenna learns everything she needs to know about disappearing into society. After two nights of passion, Jenna takes one of Cole's book copies and vanishes. But escaping from Cole—or the lust he stirs in her—proves impossible.
Publisher's Note: Novella originally appeared in the Ellora's Cave anthology Men to Die For.
Line: Breathless (romantic suspense)
ISBN: 9781419920424

Divided Loyalties by Marilyn Lee
The Quest II
A recent transplant to Volter, Jemi Hunter has heard much of the mythical home of her shapeshifting carnivore lover Hunter. He regales Jemi with fond tales of his boyhood home, which lead her to believe that when she, Hunter and his son Slayer reach Tern Terra, they will live happily ever after.
However, treacherous plans are in place to prevent Hunter from returning to claim his rightful place as future ruler. First Jemi is kidnapped then Slayer disappears. The trail of Jemi's abductors and Slayer's last known destination lead in different directions. Hunter has to decide whom he will attempt to save first, his only surviving cub or the woman he loves.
Reader Advisory: Novel contains a non-consensual scene, a ménage, and sex in animal form. Also, while a stand-alone, the novel is best enjoyed if series is read in order.
Publisher's Note: Story originally appeared in the Ellora's Cave anthology Shifting Faces.
Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi) with shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419922343

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Releases

Slide into the weekend with these brand spankin' new yummies from Ellora's Cave:

The plan was perfect. Slinky black lace dress. Leg-slimming stilettos. Some toys to expand the boundaries of their normal routine. Her husband's favorite meal. The only point Lisa missed was telling him ahead of time.When Rick comes home with his boss in tow, Lisa has to scramble to make herself decent. Now if only Rich would wait for the boss to leave before trying out the toys. But he's never been a patient man where sex is concerned.
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419923234
Turning Paige by Melissa Schroeder
Librarian Paige's life has gone to hell. Her loss of sleep thanks to some pretty erotic dreams isn't helping any. After a particularly bad day, she overloads on a batch of Irish truffles. As she falls asleep, her last wish is that her passionate dream lover were real. When she wakes in the morning, she finds him naked in her bed.
Seamus doesn't know why he started dreaming of this woman, but instinct has him seducing her before he even knows her name. The temptress fills his every need…but she refuses to accept him as her soul mate. Paige cannot believe the passion Seamus stirs within her. Falling in love isn't something she planned for, but now Paige doesn't think she can let him go.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419922091

Book five in the Island Guardians Series
As the Isle of Altair prepares for its final battle, the Mystic is awakened with the knowledge of the ancients and more power than one person should hold. She is not afraid of her destiny, especially when it includes the three sexy warriors who are her intended mates. At seven feet tall with black hair and aqua blue eyes, they are pure fantasy…and now her delicious reality.
Bram, Finn and Tanner Verbani are the sons of Princess Asme. Save the island? You bet they will. But first they must claim the woman who ignites the fires of passion in them all. The Mystic. The golden blonde beauty with a body made for loving. And they plan to love it over and over again.
Line: Aeon (sci fi/futuristic with menage elements
ISBN: 9781419923296

Book three of the Love Curse series
Fleeing everything she's known for safety in the Dark Forest, Nylu finds more than she bargained for. Celt, the leader of the Rogue Maida warriors, knows the pain of slavery. Now he leads Maida men to their freedom. Saving the young woman isn't on his agenda.The Maida fertility curse raging through Nylu leaves her body craving sex. To lay claim to one warrior's heart, Nylu must embrace her passion and allow two warrior men to pleasure her. But her lust could kill them if they don't find a way to break her curse.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with menage elements
ISBN: 9781419922183

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Releases

Just another Wednesday at the Cave: A talking GPS that grants wishes, a kinky vamp cat and more. Don't forget, everything's 10% off the rest of this month!

Desert Wild by Adele Dubois
Sonny Wild Horse of the Tohono O'odham Nation is a danger to a woman's heart. Though he lusts after Caitlyn Spencer, his desire to live inside two conflicting worlds—the Sonoran Desert of his youth and the California coast where his future as a photographer is assured—tears the lovers apart.
When Sonny disappears in America's most hostile desert, Caitlyn borrows a unique convertible and embarks on a desperate search. The car is equipped with a powerful but endearingly kinky GPS navigator that grants wishes. Though not exactly a genie, Guy locates whatever his driver needs most.
And Caitlyn needs to connect erotically with Sonny. Again and again. If only she can find him in time.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419922381

English Vice by Lolita Lopez
Every Wednesday night, Jas revels in the debauched sexual games Cy concocts. The stinging kiss of leather, the burn of hemp rope and the soft thud of suede transport her to plains of ecstasy beyond her wildest dreams. Pain and pleasure. Submission and trust.
For Cy, these evenings feed his need for kink and fuel his addiction to Jasmine, his luscious Latina goddess. With Jas, he finds that deeper connection he's always craved. He senses she needs him just as desperately. And it terrifies him.
Love and lust—Cy knows only too well how the two can be confused. Jas knows different…but convincing Cy means denying herself her greatest desire.
Line: Taboo (BDSM)
ISBN: 9781419923043

Hard Case by J. Hali Steele
Case couldn't believe his security expert hired the tantalizing female cat to manage his newest voyeur club. When he finds her, hand in her pants, in a voyeur's room, he makes his move—a move with bigger repercussions than he can imagine. A white lion from the Kind species, big cats with vampyre blood, Case has honed his blood-sucking ancestors' magic to a fine art. One taste of her and her sexual delights, and he comes undone.
Tres has her own plan—use the lion to forget her mysterious vampyre lover. She's drawn to both creatures for different reasons. The vampyre enjoys watching while the cat brings out a new side of her—performing for watchers.
Forced to choose one, can she live without both?
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with shapeshifter and vampire elements
ISBN: 9781419922862
Best Friends Forever by Kate Douglas
StarQuest 6
As children, Kefira, the first child born of a human woman and Miratan lion male, and Tad Barton, human son of Earth's World Federation's president, swore to be best friends forever. But their relationship did not survive turbulence and misunderstanding. Now though, held prisoner aboard a ship traveling between worlds, they must put aside their animosity and work together in order to overcome their captors. Their only chance of survival depends on a complete subjugation of will, sharing body and soul in the most intimate of links that will bare secrets Kefira and Tad have spent a lifetime hiding. In this final chapter of the StarQuest saga, will they uncover the ultimate betrayal, or a love with the power to bring worlds together?
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Aeon
ISBN: 9781419923715

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Release

From the "Succulent" series:

Ripe for Love by Alexis Canto
Mitch was Callie's delicious one-night stand in acting school. Three years later they're both using their acting skills to sell fruit at the Renaissance Faire. The sparks between them are hotter than ever and Mitch knows what he wants. When it comes to sex, he demands the best part of Callie—her fantasies.
For Callie, pleasing Mitch will mean more than the heart-pounding thrill of risking discovery when he claims her body. And it will be harder than overcoming her nervousness about showing off her cleavage in her Renaissance-style dress. Callie has never before revealed her most scorching fantasies to anyone. To keep Mitch in her life, she's going to have to live out every sexual experience she's ever dreamed of.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419921452

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cash In On Our Website Woes

A big thanks to all our loyal customers for your patience while we work out our technical difficulties. Here's the latest on how to get 10% off every purchase through the end of June: For e-books, go to http://www.ellorascave.com/. All prices on that site have already been discounted 10%. For print books, go to http://www.jasminejade.com/. There you'll need to enter this coupon code to get your 10% discount: ECWEB2009

New Release

Happy Monday to you!

Make That Man Mine by Shelley Munro
On her 25th birthday, Emma Montrose decides it's time to show bad-boy investigator Jack Sullivan she's more than an efficient secretary. She's a woman with needs, and she needs him.
Jack is a taniwha, a shifter who requires women to satiate the sexual demands of the serpent within. Nothing more. When work forces the two undercover as a couple, pretense and reality blur, generating hot sex laced with risk.
Publisher's Note: Story originally appeared in the Ellora's Cave anthology Men to Die For.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419920516

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Gift to You for Your Patience

We're taking 10% off every purchase from Ellora's Cave, Cerridwen Press and Jasmine-Jade through the end of June to thank our loyal customers for bearing with us while we move to bigger, better web servers to meet growing demand. We're now in the final stages of the transfer, but during the process, the site has experienced malfunctions.

To get your discount, enter ECWEB2009 in the coupon field when completing your purchase at http://www.jasminejade.com/.

Thanks again for your patience!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Releases

Weekend Plans: Hang around the house and get a good buzz going with new releases from Ellora's Cave!
Wicked by Lorie O'Clare
Part of the Lunewulf and Cariboo Lunewulf series
Lunewulf Jaynie Rousseau prefers running from pack to pack, enjoying whatever male suits her fancy. She loves her freedom too much to mate and won't risk having her heart broken…until strong, aggressive Cariboo lunewulf Perry Roth tempts her animal senses and arouses her lustful appetite.
Publisher's Note: Published in print in the Forbidden Fantasies anthology.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Shapeshifter elements
ISBN: 9781419922794

Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee
She's a best-selling erotic romance writer. Her fans adore her. She's making excellent money. All by writing about a man she dreamed up many years ago. Her hero is handsome, virile, sexy, strong, sensitive and a complete gentleman.
The real man on her covers is a different story. A hot-headed, sex-on-the-hoof pro wrestler. He has a reputation for being the hottest, nastiest man on the mats. The fact that his face and body are plastered all over a bunch of mushy romance novels written by a woman with a death wish doesn't sit well on those massive shoulders. His agent's demanding monetary retribution from the woman who's dared to use his image on her covers but he has another form of retribution in mind…and it has nothing to do with money.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419921247

Warrior's Release by Tea Trelawny
A medieval warrior returns from battle with one thought—to bed his bride. But on the brink of consummation, lightning strikes, imprisoning his lusty spirit in his own sword.
Eight centuries later, another lightning bolt releases him into modern-day war vet Collin Morgan. The warrior's hot blood not only cures Collin's war-induced impotence, it drives him to bed his former lover Gwen Gardner when they meet by chance at the medieval castle.
Collin broke Gwen's heart years ago and she resists his spirited seductions—at first. But when electrical storms give the ghost command of his body, Collin becomes a tantalizing seducer whose new techniques stir Gwen's desires beyond her control. She surrenders her body and her heart.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Medieval History settings
ISBN: 9781419922169

Heartless by Roxana Blaze
Though Heartless can be read as a stand-alone, begin the series with Breathless in order to learn the full impact of Nighthawk's incarnations.
Karma never felt so good, but there's a dangerous price to be paid for succumbing to temptation. Amid the volatile backdrop of WWII, Raoul Fortier, an on-the-run French Resistance fighter, has just been possessed by Nighthawk's spirit when he encounters armed, hot and handsome Kilian Rheinfeld in the Jura Mountains near the Swiss border. Lust and love bloom between the two men who realize they were lovers in another lifetime. But there's more to Kilian than meets the eye, and for Nighthawk, peril lurks ahead yet again in the form of bittersweet karma.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with elements of Paranormal, M/M sex and 20th Century History
ISBN: 9781419922404

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Is it hot in here or is it just new release day at Ellora's Cave?

Who would've guessed that after years of entering contests, I'd finally win. An all-expenses-paid week at a tropical resort—a clothing-optional resort. I was pretty sure there was nothing that would make me want to take off my clothes. Until I met Leo, a trainer at the resort."Aroused" doesn't begin to describe the feelings he inspires. Looking at him makes me want to work up a sweat—and not from exercise. Perhaps it's time to toss caution to the wind and indulge myself—live the fantasy. Have myself a little sexploration. But I'm not falling madly in love. Nuh-uh. No way. Did I mention how that man can kiss?
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419920011

Lockdown by Delilah Devlin
After surviving an attack by a prisoner, corrections officer Gillian Priest arrives at her new unit, determined not to ever let her guard down again. Things get complicated when a handsome new prisoner enters her dreams and seduces her. When fellow officer Billy Hedron makes a pass, she's already primed, ready to ease the arousal her sexy dreams have left with a more appropriate mate.Billy Hedron knows his old Marine buddy Gabriel Vlahos is posing as a prisoner to find a demon within the prison walls, and who better to hunt one than an incubus? When his buddy seduces Gillian in her dreams, Billy stands ready to serve the needs his friend stirs up in the attractive woman. But things take a deadly turn when the demon they seek decides it's time to take them all to hell.
Line: Twilight (paranormal)
ISBN: 9781419922114
Professor Katherine Hardin can't believe she's agreed to give a man control over her—three wishes, any time, any place of his choosing.But just after her 40th birthday she’s blindsided by sudden, thigh-clenching lust for a 22-year-old senior. To cover her desire, Katherine grills him with questions all semester in front of the class. Now Jarrett Jones has appeared, demanding she make amends, and she can't resist fulfilling her fantasies of him.Unaware of what Jarrett's willing to do for domination and retaliation, Katherine finds herself walking a dangerous line between honoring her secret agreement and maintaining control over her personal life and professional reputation.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with light bdsm elements
ISBN: 9781419922879

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Release

Lusteberry: drink it, eat it. Consume and be consumed by the world's most sensual fruit.

Nicola Luder runs away to Luxovia, home of the world famous lusteberry. A fruit rumored to give lovers their most sensuous pleasure. On her first night Nicola meets Kirill, a local who shares a taste of lusteberry with her, then offers to spend the night in her bed, showing her all the mysteries of the desire-ripened fruit.

Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419921179
Price $4.45

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Freebie

Our gift to you, to make Monday a little less blechy (absolutely free):

Lena is a rare and valued Sin Eater whose function in life is to transform pain and need to pleasure. Dedicated to the service of the god-king Karn the Insatiable, she has spent the last year training in the erotic arts. There's just one problem—Lena has fallen in love with her teacher. The tall, muscular man with wintry gray eyes pushes her limits, constantly testing her. Struggling with her feelings during her final erotic test, Lena wonders how she can leave her beloved teacher and give her heart to a man she's never met to fulfill her destiny as a Sin Eater.

Line: Aeon (futuristic/sci fi with elements of light BDSM

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Releases

Do the Happy Friday Dance and get your hot reads for the weekend!

Madeline accepts an invitation to ride the Mississippi Twilight, a Victorian riverboat that promises plenty of sun, scenery and relaxation. The only thing missing is the hunk she fell madly in love with and has never forgotten.
Reinaldo is prepared to go all out to reclaim a love that got away. Hell-bent on proving that he is the only man for Madeline, he secretly arranges a trip where he plans a memorable night of seduction. With Maddy as his guest, he figures his plan can't backfire. Operation Paddlewheel is a go.As the sun sets over the Mississippi River, Madeline quickly realizes that time hasn't changed how hot she is for Reinaldo or the way her body responds to his masterful touch. But they have an uphill battle ahead if they're going to get beyond their past mistakes.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922619
After years of longing for her best friend's brother, Jody Rush unexpectedly spends the night with hot, sexy Logan Mitchell. Hours of scorching sex make her pulse race and her body heat. She doesn't understand why, afterward, Logan avoids her like the plague.
Then a storm of epic proportions throws them together in an isolated cabin, and Jody realizes she's only had a small taste of the exotic, erotic ways Logan enjoys sex. As the storm rages outside, a comparable one explodes inside the cabin. There is nothing they won't try, nothing they don't enjoy. But Jody can't help but wonder what will happen when the storm is over.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 9781419921186
You're not meant to fall for the bad guy…are you?
On the rain-soaked, famously mean streets of Glasgow, Jenny, a reluctant psychic, hunts Karoly, a dangerous but incredibly sexy vampire. Wearing only his antique kilt, he hangs around wedding receptions, biting the guests and seducing an unsuspecting vampire hunter—Jenny in particular. Half ready to stake him, half ready to beg him to fuck her again, Jenny sets out to hunt Karoly.
When he shows up at Jenny's workplace, cooking for her friends and apparently determined to share her life, Jenny has to figure out who's hunting whom—and if she's ready to share her life with the evil, sexy, gorgeous undead.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with vampire elements
ISBN: 9781419921711
Plus-size psychic Kim Vennon doesn't know how to get sexy Matt Rayne but she can't resist using her skills to get close. Going out of her body is freeing and she can play with his hard, sexy form anonymously. But her game goes further than planned. When he calls her name, she flees to her body.
Matt follows, determined to get the full experience and no more games. Matt has wanted the voluptuous woman but fate kept them apart. Now he's going to have his way with her, in and out of their bodies.
Line: Twilight (paranormal) with Rubenesque theme
ISBN: 9781419922930

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Raised $1,000 for Diabetes Research!

Big, big thanks to Rebeccasew for her final bid of $1,000 for our donation to Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

She will have her picture with the cover model of her choice on the cover of her favorite Ellora's Cave book (plus 10 free copies), free admission to RomantiCon 2009, Ellora's Cave's first ever convention, and food, hotel accomodations, and roundtrip airfare to the convention.

New Releases

Wednesday just got hotter with new releases from Ellora's Cave!

Everything Nice by Mari Carr
After Alex confesses to Allie that he wants both her and his best friend Charlie in his bed, Allie skips town like a thief in the night. Now, six years later, Allie is back in their lives, all grown up and more alluring than ever. What starts as a night of three friends catching up turns into intimate explorations in Charlie’s truck…and Alex’s shower…and his king-size bed…
While Alex and Allie are thrilled with the threesome, Charlie struggles with the idea of sharing Allie and with his newfound feelings for his best friend. A hot encounter at the office—with Alex bent over his desk—only confuses Charlie further. It’s up to Alex and Allie to convince him that two plus one can equal love.

Auctioning Charity by Reese Gabriel
Corporate vice president Charity Bradford is up for auction. It’s all for a good cause, and a huge bid from CEO Roger Morvan brings down the house and buys him dinner with the curvaceous, feisty blonde. But he wants the secretly submissive Charity in his bed.
The very dominant Roger has to figure out how to parlay this opportunity into much more than a dinner date. Nothing less than Charity—naked, bound and begging—will satisfy this Dom’s hunger.

Fighting for Eternity by Shayla Kersten
Searching for a murderous rogue vampire, Watcher Estefan Garza has his life turned upside down by tragic loss and a surprise from his past. His bone-chilling loss is warmed by fires of passion reignited by vampire Karl Brandt.
On a quest to destroy a former friend, Karl is startled by Estefan and his mysterious companions. Karl can’t understand why Estefan hasn’t aged in seventy years. Unwilling to let him leave until Karl discovers the truth, he offers Estefan and his friends refuge and assistance for their common mission.
As a bloody battle for Memphis ensues, Karl and Estefan bond between danger and destruction until all that remains separating them is a fight for eternity.
Angry and grieving after the death of her husband, Cassie seeks comfort in the arms of a charismatic stranger. Fane is reluctant to take advantage of Cassie’s vulnerability, but he must locate the access codes her husband died to protect. Unaware of his true motivation, Cassie surrenders completely, exploring her sexuality as never before.
Fane’s mutation becomes unstable, so he returns to the Underground and the outcasts who consider him king. Cassie is the enemy. He cannot let his personal feelings bring danger to his people. Still, he hungers for her touch and dreams of the pleasure they unleashed within each other.