Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Does He Still Have It?

Wicked Women contributor and Ellora's Cave cover artist Syneca Featherstone (aka EC author Ciana Stone) snapped this picture of Fabio at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 25th anniversary celebration. "He was tired and people were taking his picture constantly," she said. "But he was so gracious, and he can still turn it on in an instant for the camera." We were talking about eyes and how certain models can give you a smoldering look that melts your knees. "Fabio's still got it," Syneca said, and to prove it, she sent this photo.

What do you think? Does Fabio still have it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Women Move to Texas in Droves

Just got this in an email that's been forwarded, like a jillion times. Actually, the email had most of the pix from the Houston Fire Fighters 2008 calendar along with a note that said, "I'm moving to Texas, buying a house and setting it on fire--a really big fire so all these guys will have to come out." The calendar is already sold out, but you can still visit the site and ogle all the pix from years gone by.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Earth Day Save a Tree: Read E

We don't do many shameless commercial plugs on this blog, even though it is sponsored by erotic romance publisher Ellora's Cave. But we're really proud of our company on Earth Day because we publish the most green books in existence: ebooks.

First, ebooks don’t use paper. Not only do paper mills consume huge numbers of trees and contribute to deforestation, they also use toxic chemicals that pollute land, water and air, and consume huge amounts of electricity and water as well as producing mountains of stinky solid waste.

In addition, some inks are still petroleum based, and gasoline is consumed by trucks delivering books to stores and by customers driving to the stores to buy them.

Ellora’s Cave is a leader in the ebook publishing industry and generates all of our hundreds of titles in pretty much all formats needed to read them on your computer, ereader, pda and phone. Among the formats and operating systems we support: Windows, Unix, Linus, Mac, Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle, Franklin eBookman, Casio, Pocket PC, Gemstar, Palm OS, Blackberry, Symbian Os (Nokia Smartphone and Nokia Communicator), MS Smartphone, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, PDA with MobiReader installed, Rocketbook, Adobe Acrobat, and html. To learn more about which format is right for you, visit us here. To find out how to download an ebook, go to this page.

We also have our own print shop, so when you do choose to buy our print books, you can be assured that Ellora’s Cave uses vegetable-based inks, recycles all waste paper and damaged returned books, and is working to reduce our paper usage in every way we can. We also recycle all plastic and glass, and try to avoid doing business with bookstores who practice the wasteful strategy called “churning,” that is overpurchasing books and using returns to avoid paying bills. You can help by buying your EC print books directly from our website, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and independent bookstores.

Ellora's Cave editors and some of our other employees work at home around the world. Each of our telecommuters saves hundreds of gallons of gas per year and contributes far less to air and groundwater pollution than people who drive their cars to work, or even those who ride public transportation.

We wish you a happy Earth Day and hope you will join us in finding ways to protect and enjoy this glorious rock we call Earth.
DamNATION, by Nathalie Gray, won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award in the paranormal/sci fi/erotic romance category. You can learn more about it and buy the ebook (or print) version here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Empress on the Mount

Honoured Highness:
You are a wise and enigmatic creature. I have learned so much about sex from you that Camilla says she is utterly in your debt. The mystery surrounding you is most intriguing and I find myself fantasising about you sometimes. I’ve tried learning more about you but so far Scotland Yard has drawn a blank. What exactly are you Empress of?
Your Devoted Charles

Charles precious, how frightfully spiffing to hear from you! Though tsk, tsk, tsk, protocol Charles dear, protocol. I’m The Empress, therefore it’s Honoured Majesty. And what the bloody hell would your mum say with your ending a sentence with a preposition. Not such a jolly good show, sweetie.
And Charles, we’ve been through this. Scotland Yard knows what I want them to know about me. Nothing. No whining, dear, that’s just the way it is. You’re a prince, I’m an Empress. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again—you can’t afford me.

Dear Empress:
I could really go for a royal chick. I’m a chick magnet. All the ladies love me but I’d throw them all over for you. Do you live in a castle? Is it close to the ocean? If so, I’ll bring my surfboard. Chicks love watching me surf. You can send your address to me at bohunkman589321022@varizon.com I can’t wait to see your castle.
Most people just call me Dude but you can call me,
King of Your Heart

Charles, you’re being a total tosser, you overgrown pillock. Nice try but you’re not getting my address. For all the good it will do you, I’ll tell you this much about my home – it’s surrounded by the ocean.
Now stop being such a prat. Poor Camilla is distraught. My Inbox is flooded with her hysterical emails. Go and buy her a new corgi as an apology for your behaviour.
And don’t worry about seeing my castle, for I’ll certainly never let your drawbridge near it.

For more of the Empress' caustic pearls of wisdom, visit her at Lady Jaided magazine

Monday, April 14, 2008

LJ Swimsuit Edition, Part Two

Monday sucks, so treat yourself to a laugh and an ogle. Meet Butch, Model #2 in Lady Jaided magazine's totally fictional tribute to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. For more models and interviews, go to Lady Jaided's April Man Candy Illustrated.

Swimsuit Model #2: Butch

The one thing I’m absolutely obsessed with is
Survival in the event of a global disaster. I have a shelter fully stocked for any emergency.

On a rainy day, I usually
Make bullets for my AK-47. You can never have too many bullets.

The sexiest thing a woman has ever done for me is
Wear a camouflage negligee.

The sexiest thing I’ve ever done for a woman is
Peel it off her.

In a past life, I was
John Wayne.

My personal hero is
General George S. Patton.

The biggest lie I ever told was
I once told a hippie chick I was collecting signatures to save the dolphins and that my hair was only cut this way because I lost a bet.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Panic Button

Personally, fear makes me want to run, not fornicate. But the proliferation of horror movies and roller coasters would seem to indicate that many, many people get such a thrill out being scared that they’re willing to pay for it. And skillful BDSM dominants have elevated the practice of scaring their submissives to a high art.
What makes fear arousing? Maybe it’s the jolt of adrenaline that accompanies a fright or the high that comes from surviving danger. An alarm-induced frisson does have that same quality of electrical current that comes with sexual arousal. Both probably involve the same internal systems and similar body chemistry and so might be easily confused at some early stage in development.

To read the rest of this article free of charge visit Lady Jaided magazine.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes

Is Monogamy Really the Best Policy?

By Claire Devane

With HBO's drama "Big Love, " about a modern-day polygamist Mormon family in Utah, and CBS's upcoming "Swingtown" set in Chicago in 1976, polyamory, swinging and open relationships are sparking conversation and debate around the TV set.
But what's it like in the real world?
Don't worry, nobody's asking you to call anyone "Sister Wife" or drop your house keys in a party hat for another guest to pick up. But the fact remains that most men view monogamy differently from the way women view it.

Back in college, during a sociology class, one of my professors trotted out this gem of a poem:
Hogamus, Higamus, men are polygamous
Higamus, Hogamus, women, monogamous

Bizarre, right? (And who is this Higamus?) But there is probably truth to it.

According to the book "The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People" by David Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Lipton, M.D., "out of 4,000 mammal species, no more than a few dozen form reliable pair-bonds." In the vast majority of species, males seek the widest quantity of partners (to ensure the most offspring) and females seek the best quality of partners (to ensure the best offspring as well as a nest and protection). Females will "trade up" on the sly if they meet a higher-quality mate; however, they'll continue to raise the babies, regardless of father, with their original companion. (Sneaky!) To that end, both genders in the animal world "cheat" on their primary partners.

Modern men and women may receive societal, emotional and/or physical benefits from monogamy, but that doesn't stop them from thinking outside the marriage box, either.
Read the rest of this article (free of charge) at Lady Jaided magazine

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Myth of Mr. All-Night-Long

At last, confirmation of what most women have always known: Having your cervix pounded for half an hour does not make for better sex, no matter what sitcoms and locker room braggarts would have you believe. In a new sex study, researchers Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani decided after surveying 50 sex therapists that 3 to 13 minutes of penetration is the optimal amount of time for satisfying sex. An earlier study of 1,500 couples showed the median time was 7.3 minutes.

But don't relax just yet. The average woman still needs at 20 to 40 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm. That doesn't mean 20 to 40 minutes of grunting and pelvic pumping. It means 20 to 40 minutes of kissing, stroking, exploring, and gasp! even communicating before and during penetration.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Swimsuit Edition

Why should armchair jocks get to have all the fun?

We all know what Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition is really about—and it ain’t fashion. But we aren’t knocking it. In fact, we share their affection for smooth flesh and well-toned bodies bound in eensy scraps of fabric.

That’s why the April Fool's issue of Lady Jaided is our Swimsuit Edition, containing totally fake interviews with fictional hunks. We promise to bring you real people someday—as soon as Daniel Craig and Vin Diesel return our phone calls.

In the meantime, say hello to Swimsuit Model #3: Lars

The one thing I’m absolutely obsessed with:
My hair. Do you know how long it takes me to do it like this? I need very special products and implements.

On a rainy day, I usually…
You see this body, what do you think I do, sit around and eat chocolates?

The sexiest thing a woman has ever done for me is
Pluck my eyebrows for me.

The sexiest thing I’ve ever done for a woman is
Take her shopping.

In a past life, I was
A kitty-cat. Meow!

My personal hero is
I love all the Bond bad guys. I couldn’t possible choose just one.

The biggest lie I ever told was
Why would you ask such a question? I have no reason to lie. It’s the eyes, isn’t it? People don’t think I’m trustworthy until they get to know me. I’m actually very honest.

Meet the other models in our first annual April Fools Lady Jaided Man Candy edition here.