Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Pix from RomantiCon

The RomantiCon hospitality suite is rocking with early arrivals who are making quite a splash in the hotel.

Tara Nina, Cris Anson and Natasha Moore prepart to brew up some mayhem.

Mari Freeman and Austin Powers. Rumor has it he'll be wearing red lame pants at the party tomorrow night where he'll be helping out with the dance contest. Can't wait to see that. Rrrrrowr!

Rebecca, who was the high bidder on our donation of an expense-paid trip to RomantiCon for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation auction, looks fresh and lovely, even after a trip across country from Denver.

Editor Helen Woodall with her complimentary Lotus Circle tarot kit.

The Kaths: Kathy Andrico, Kathleen Coddington and Kathy Kulig, birds of a feather hanging together.

Covers guy Will Duke shows his tattitude.

Syneca Featherstone on the other side of the camera for a change with Adele DuBois

Dee Brice and her spouse take a martini break.

Caveman Brian rocks Bartender Bonnie's night.

The Ellora's Cavemen are in da house!! Let the party begin!


Shayla Kersten said...

Waaaaaa! I want to be there now! But I'll be there tomorrow, ready to par-tay!

Anonymous said...

Great picks! Susan, do some mobile uploads to FB with pics from your phone if you have time. I shoulda drove out for a drink or two tonight. :)

Cai said...

YAY! Can't wait to get there and see everyone tomorrow!

Amy Ruttan said...

DANG! I so want to be there. Grrr. I hope EC does it again next year. I'm there, so there!!

In the words of Shayla Waaaaaa!

Joy said...

SOB - Couldnt make it - sis is sick - must stay home to b caretaker : (

keep blogging : )

Joy said...

Cai - sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

M.E Ellis said...

I wanna come and play!


Lakota said...

oh yummmmmmm... some nice eye candy there. Please do this again next year so i can come? puuulllleeeessse? (if only to avoid hearing me whine for a year)

Anonymous said...

We'll definitely do it again next year for all you ladies who couldn't make it this year. Joy, so sorry your sister is sick. Hope she's feeling chipper soon and you both can come next year.

Adele Dubois said...

We're having a fabulous time here at RomantiCon! Toured the Ellora's Cave office, printing press room, and the warehouse where our print books are stored. Fun to see.

Had our pix taken with the Cavemen at the early bird party Thursday night. Met a lot of readers and authors. Had a wonderful time.

I'll post pix on my blog ASAP.

Best--Adele Dubois

Joy said...

(Lady Jaided: Joy, so sorry your sister is sick. Hope she's feeling chipper soon and you both can come next year.)

I plan on attending because I will not let her forget this sacrifice

Anonymous said...

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