Thursday, March 25, 2010

Accepting Submission for Two New Lines at Ellora's Cave!

Ellora's Cave is launching two new Lines (genres) of Romantica® erotic romance! These lines are open for submission now, to both existing EC authors and new authors, so spread the word!

General descriptions of the two new lines are below. For details and submission guidelines, go here.
Audience: 18- to 25-year-old modern women who would enjoy reading sexually explicit erotic romance stories about heroines with whom they can identify.
Length: Any of our length categories (10K to about 125K)
Tone and Style: The books will have a strong narrative voice. Dialogue and narrative will be very reflective of the target audience’s world.
Heroines: Must be in the 18-25 range, with behavior and attitude to match. The heroine should reflect the lifestyles and values of today's modern young woman. These will not be like our existing stories that happen to have a heroine in that age range—the style will be very different.
Hero: The hero doesn't have to fit into the same age range. He may indeed be of age similar to the heroine, part of her peer group. But we would also accept stories of young women involved with older men.
In addition to being open to submissions from existing EC authors, we are looking to recruit new, authors to write for this line, who have an authentic voice for this age range.

Audience: This line is for women of any age who would, or perhaps already do, enjoy EC Romantica®, but who have a personal belief that sex should not occur before or outside of marriage.
Length: Any of our length categories (10K to about 125K)
Setting: Any setting, but the culture must involve a legal and binding commitment ceremony between the two people that includes the intent of permanence (“’til death do us part”) and monogamy.
Sexual Content: These are as erotic as all of our other books—but the actual sex does not occur until after marriage. The stories should be the same graphic level of sexual description as EC’s existing lines.
These are not religious or “inspirational” stories. The decision to wait for sex is a personal choice of the characters, based on a variety of reasons, and should in no way imply a judgment that other people are wrong or "bad" for making different choices.


Blackeros77 said...

This sounds like its going to be a lot of fun creating a story good enough for EC.

Selena Blake said...

How exciting! Now to brainstorm possible stories...

Anonymous said...

Bring 'em on, ladies. I'm really excited to see what people come up with for these lines and how readers respond!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering for the Branded line if only one hero would be acceptable? Or if two heroes would be okay as long as the marriage happened among all parties and was binding in a long-term relationship.

Selena Blake said...

re: Branded

Would a mating between werewolves count for "committed?"

Anonymous said...

Joele, there are no stupid questions! The Branded line is for monogamous relationships only. Other lines are appropriate for menages and other polygamous relationships.

Selena, a werewolf mating would work for the Twilight line, which includes shapeshifters, but would work for the Branded line only if sex occurs only after the werewolves officially marry in the human world.

My advice to both of you is to write the story you want to write and submit. If your story is accepted, your editor will decide which line is the appropriate one.

Marguerite Arotin said...

Have a question about the Gen-Edge line. Are paranormal vampire romances being accepted? Not talking Twilight here. I'm more into the hero who's slightly on the geeky side :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Marguerite. This line would work for all genres/themes. I'd love to see a slightly geeky hero and a slightly geeky vamp! It sounds very fresh.

Anonymous said...

frankly im very excited about both lines esp the branded line, as much as i love ec, ive often felt left out cause there were not as many books as i would have liked that focused on marriage. im 30 w/five kids and i love the married for ya'll to come out with a line that is more for "married" persons is like a dream come true for what i would like to this..does the branded line get to take place in more that one time period and on more than one world with differnt types of species???

Ec is rockin and i am really happy for the whole company from the owner to the authors to the janitor and everyone all have earned it in Congrats BIG TIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're excited about our new Branded line! Yes, absolutely, a Branded story could conceivably cross any of our other Romantica lines and themes.

Anonymous said...

This is exciting! I also am excited to begin to engage the creative processes--is their a word count that EC is aiming for in either line?

Anonymous said...

Glad we've got your creative juices, flowing, Gwen. Word counts are the same as for all of our other books.