Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Happened in Vegas

Don't go thinking I'm gonna violate the cardinal rule of Las Vegas (you know the one: what happens there, stays there), but I will tell you some of what we did in Sin City while celebrating the release of Forbidden Fantasies.

We didn't have the tour bus *sigh* so we had to rough it on party night with a white stretch limo. But we're troupers, so we managed. The champagne helped. I don't like to brag, but I did manage to pour 11 glasses without sloshing a drop, despite the fact that the driver's feet seemed so ill-acquainted with both the gas and brake pedals that our ride could best be described as "lurchy." Of course, it was only the first of three bottles, so I was still largely sober.

First stop was the fabulous, spangly, sparkly Planet Hollywood, where we were to supp at Pampas, a Brazilian churrascuria. After traipsing all over the casino, we discovered that Pampas was actually somewhere in Miracle Mile, the adjoining mall that is so huge and confusing, some people who entered it have never been seen nor heard from again. Fortunately, we had two college professors with us, so we did find our way there and back eventually, though it was something of a bushwhacking adventure. Dinner was great, though, and well worth the hunt. The churrascaria is a Brazilian tradition, but fairly new and trendy in the United States. It features round after round of spit-roasted meats brought to table on skewers and sliced for each person. But even vegetarians can find plenty to eat at a churrascaria because it also features a help-yourself food bar with a huge array of vegetables and side dishes.

Next stop was the Thunder From Down Under male revue show at the Excalibur, where we watched a troupe of Aussie hunks (who were almost as hot as our Ellora's Cavemen) shake their moneymakers. The rest of the evening is our secret, as we honor the Vegas pledge of omerta. Let’s just say that despite the fact there was more champagne, we all managed to make it to the early afternoon book signing the next day at Barnes & Noble.

A big thank you to all the people who donned t-shirts and boas to be part of the human Forbidden Fantasies billboard. They are pictured above (minus Darrell King and me) while waiting for the limo, from left: Sherri King, Jeania Uplinger, Ann Jacobs, Jory Strong, Donna Hoard, Kim Nguyen, Joanne Pech, and Tiffiany Howard

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