Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Releases

We've got your cure for the mid-week blues right here: New erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

With her partner dead and his dangerous associates after her, fear made Marie run—and drove her right into the arms of Jake Colder, the sheriff of the small town where she sought refuge. The sexual attraction between them is instant and intense, but even the taste of heated nights spent with Jake’s gorgeous hard body wrapped around her isn’t enough to let Marie relax her guard. If Jake knew what she’d done, he’d arrest her, exposing her to the deadly greed of the men who pursued her. Still, as hard as she tries to stay away from the hunky sheriff, some inexplicable force keeps pulling them back together.

Zoe's Gift by Jory Strong

One look at the human female who is his match and the mating fever of the Vesti ignites in Miciah, making it impossible for him to deny what he wants. To go to Earth and claim her, he must choose an Amato co-mate. For him there is only one choice, the bisexual Iden. It’ll mean breaking the cultural taboos of the Vesti, but for ZoĆ«, he and Iden will become lovers.

Capturing Casey's Heart by Maggie Casper

As the only sister of four bossy brothers, Casey McCain is used to being overprotected and cared for. What she isn’t used to, however, is the overwhelming need to give herself completely to another, namely Jared Calabrese. When their relationship progresses and Casey is presented with Jared’s collar, she runs scared.
Jared has had enough of Casey’s evasion of him and their relationship. He sets a plan in motion to show Casey there is no weakness in being submissive, in being owned by him. He not only overwhelms her with his presence, throwing them together whenever possible, but he also shows Casey how others in the BDSM lifestyle live so she understands there is no one right way. Jared plans not only to win Casey back but to capture her, heart, body and soul, and he’ll use whatever means necessary to see the job done.

Spanking Sara by Alyssa Brooks

Tell me you're dirty. Tell me you're bad. With those hastily spoken words, Brenden Morgan displaces yet another goody-two-shoes girlfriend—and he isn’t sorry to see her go. What Brenden requires is a wild woman. One who’ll eagerly submit whenever he’s in the mood to play with the exotic belt collection he’s spent years acquiring…
But a man is the last thing Sara Foster needs. After four failed marriages, she’s learned her lesson—no more relationships. So she’s completely unprepared when Brenden struts into her life. He’s charming. Bossy. Devilishly dominant. And as Sara soon realizes, this is no run-of-the-mill man but a caveman. Clubbing down the walls she has fortified around her heart, one alligator-skinned stroke at a time.

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