Saturday, September 19, 2009

Secret Lives

Confessions of Cerridwen authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"I have one green eye and one hazel. When I wrote a book with the heroine having the same colored eyes, judges in the contest told me that this was not realistic!"
--Mona Risk

French Peril

A summer job in France with room and board in a chateau owned by a handsome count. Can it get any better for Cheryl Stewart? The graduate student in Architecture is now officially on a mission for her sick professor.

Count Fran├žois can't hide his disappointment when Cheryl arrives instead of the eminent professor. But the aristocratic playboy is not one to turn away a beautiful young woman. He allows her to manage the restoration of the chateau's chapel while keeping his search for a valuable historical statue a secret from the other students working on the project.

Soon things deteriorate. The professor is poisoned, the chateau's butler attacked and Cheryl's room burglarized. When Cheryl's summer job changes into a romantic involvement and dangerous treasure hunt, Count Fran├žois is faced with a difficult choice. Is the priceless statue worth jeopardizing the safety of the impetuous young woman who has stolen his heart?

Categories: Romantic Suspense
Series: None
Book Length: 272 pages
Book Type: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
ISBN: 9781419959240
In Stock: YES
Price: $14.99

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