Thursday, November 22, 2007

Booty on the Brain

Why don't we ever hear about studies comparing men's physical measurements to their intellectual ones? Or even for that matter old saws about the relationship of, say dick size to intelligence, like the old inverse relationship of breast size to brain power? That was supposed to be a bone thrown to small-chested women. Now, here's one for those with plenty of junk in the trunk--but only if their waist is small. The latest actual scientific study in this realm posits that the smaller the waist relative to the butt, the smarter the woman--and her children!

Now the Chicago Tribune is exhorting us to measure both and divide waist by hip size to find out how dumb we are. The smaller the number, the smarter we are supposedly. As if we aren't already comparing ourselves to impossible standards, they tell us that Jennifer Lopez (26-inch waist and 39-inch hips) is a .67.

Oh goody, another way to prove we don't measure up.

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