Wednesday, January 16, 2008

True Confessions

As you might imagine, conversations among editors of erotic books can get pretty frank--and fascinating. Ellora's Cave editors (of whom I am one) were recently discussing on our private loop whether a woman can judge penis length without a ruler and whether most women really have an assortment of lubes, sex toys (especially butt plugs) in their nightstand for handy access as so many EC heroines seem to do.
Of course, the best evidence is anecdotal, so the discussion came down to stories about our own and our friends' habits. Editor X told us a story about receiving a package from a friend when her daughter was around 16 months old. In the package was a purple jelly vibrator and one of those vibrating rubber duckies. After opening the package, Mrs. X left the room briefly and returned to find her daughter "gleefully gumming" the jelly vibe. A couple of weeks later, the toddler found the duckie and was delighted to discover it "swam" in the bathtub. Mother was forced to surrender her toy to daughter, who enjoyed it in her bath for the next few years.
Another editor said she had a "friend" (likely story) whose dog swallowed her ben wa balls and had to have them surgically removed, prompting a vet to scold her about giving her pet such small objects to play with. The stories are coming fast and furious now. Stay tuned for more.


katydid said...

There's a standing joke among my cicle called the Six Inch Rule. Most men can accurately judge any distance EXCEPT six inches (average penis length). You'd be surprised how often it comes up!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm betting they tend to just six inches as nine most of the time.

Lyn Cash said...

Am howling over the doggy swallowing the balls. Had a friend lose hers in the bathroom at work - fell out of her undies. (the balls, not the doggy)

I can't imagine carrying them that long. But then I don't excercise with weights either. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's gotta be fun to explain to your coworkers!