Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bare Naked Noggins

A handsome bald man is a thing of beauty--a living sculpture of flesh and bone--and perhaps the ultimate symbol of virility. Maybe it’s an extra dose of testosterone that makes him more masculine in many ways than his thicker-tressed brethren.

But beyond artistic beauty and hormones, a bald pate suggests a certain wisdom for a number of reasons. First, there’s wisdom by association: Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha were bald. Then there’s the evidence that evolution leads to less hairiness and more intelligence. And let us not forget the fact that baldness generally comes with age, and wisdom is a product of experience. But most of all, perhaps, a smooth and unadorned dome is proof positive that its wearer is wise (and tasteful) enough to forgo plugs, toupees, comb-overs and—worst of all—one of those greasy little ponytails.

A bald head is clean. Honest. Smooth. Sensual.
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Flick said...

Well I am absolutely with you on the greasy pony tails, combovers and the rest but bald???? I just can't find it sexy. I couldn't give any of my heroes -- or villains for that matter, a bald head. It just doesn't work for me. In fact, it made me think how many stories I'd read where the hero was bald. (and I read a lot!!) The answer was none. I can't remember a single story where the hero had no hair. Okay, maybe a buzz cut but not bald.

Susan Edwards said...

Really? Not even Vin? Not even Patrick Stewart? I know bald doesn't sound sexy in a book, but it can be visually appealing on the right pate. And it's very masculine.

Flick said...

Nope, it just doesn't work for me. I need hair.