Sunday, December 9, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

Since we've reached THAT time of year again, our Quiminologists have found their attention drifting a little to various subjects like decorating their tree and what to wear to the Quim Lab Christmas party.
However...during the course of the difficult search for the perfect gift, our scientists stumbled across some interesting ideas which certainly beat slippers, hands down.
We all know that a gift of delightfully tasty goodies is always gratefully received. about letting Santa hide your quim beneath something edible? How would your lover feel about devouring that on Christmas morning?
There are the well-known thongs made of tiny candies. These came with matching bras. They were quite pretty and looked like a bikini at first glance. Probably also a bit lumpy to lie on and maybe get stuck between his teeth. They do, however, also come in a style for gentlemen. Which would be handy if you're both feeling a bit peckish....
If you're not ready to ORDER something sensual like this, then why not MAKE one yourself? Are you a crafter? Can you knit or crochet? Yes, believe it or not the internet offers several patterns for knitted/crocheted edible thongs. Just trot down to your local candy store and grab a couple of pounds of licorice laces (the red looks HOT against your silky skin) then knit away, girls.
And of course there's the good old fallback - the chocolate thong. We note that the ones we found weren't ALL chocolate - you don't have to slather your butt with whipped cream as well - most featured a chocolate medallion positioned to melt right over where a tongue would do the most good!!! Mmmmm.
So for the ultimate holiday gift this year, why not give him a candy-covered quim to play with? (Er, that would be yours, of course.) Get his mouth where you want it, give him dessert - yep, smiles all around the mistletoe and holly. Now...where did I put my crochet hook?
Happy Holidays to all from Sahara and the Quiminology Lab techs!

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