Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tempting Transgressions

Pecattiphilia: Sexual excitement from stealing or sinning

News Flash: Sin is sexy. Probably has something to do with the belief that sex is sinful The more taboo you make it, the more compelling it is. If I had known about this fetish in junior high, I would have thought of it as the Catholic School Girl and Preacher’s Kid Fetish. Those were the two groups in my neighborhood who seemed to get off the most on sinning, who were the most creative in coming up with ways to sin and the most energetic in pursuing its pleasures. When Wynona Ryder got busted for shoplifting, people wondered why such a rich, famous person would so such a thing. Maybe she’s a pecattiphiliac.

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anny cook said...

I'm a preacher's kid. Have to admit that's one I never thought of.