Monday, January 12, 2009

See Me Feel Me

Agoraphilia - Arousal from having sex in public places.
Come on, we’ve all got a little agoraphiliac in us, right? No? How about the time you and that cute new intern had a tryst on top of the boss’ desk? You never had sex in a public bathroom stall? On a beach? In the woods? At the drive-in? In the car while going through the carwash? No? Oh. Well, maybe it’s not for everyone.

For more odd paraphilias and sexual arcana, see Lady Jaided ezine.


Anonymous said...

How about sex with a coworker in the back room of a shoe store? Not exciting enough? What if the next day you found out that one of the other stores belonging to that company was outfitted with hidden cameras? I keep wondering if I'm going to one day come across a video of me, and the man who later became my husband, on the internet.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! I love it! Fortunately for you, it was your spouse to be. At least he'll be understanding if it ends up on utube.