Monday, August 16, 2010

10th Anniversary Contest Round Three

Congratulations to Toi for winning Round Two in our 10th anniversary contest "How Has Ellora's Cave Improved Your Sex Life?" She will receive a free ebook of her choice and her entry will go into the final round for a chance at the Grand Prize, a netbook computer!

Here are the Round Three Entries. Be sure to vote for your favorite!

Reading your hot books makes me very warm all over and puts me in the mood.

It's much more frequent!

Dreams are what I love. Hot erotic pleasures, soft sensual fantasies, out of this world rendezvous…

Ellora’s Cave incites that dream. On a cold, lonely day a full-length story of a dark, mysterious stranger holding me close is what I need. On a tiresome, stressful day a Quickie solves the problem. On a day when all seem to be against me, a sexy, bold, dangerous vampire can make me relax.

Many fantasies that I have can never be fulfilled in reality but Ellora’s Cave makes it reality for me. It’s not taboo to dream of aliens in my bed, a knight who happens to have a penchant for blood, or a younger lover who likes the mature curves of my frame. Sometimes I can dream of a new planet altogether. A world where clouds are red, skies are green and my life mate has eyes only for me--ready to take me to pleasures unknown.

These dreams however sometimes make their way into my sex life. How? Often times after reading an Ellora’s Cave erotic novel my breath may shorten, my eyes dilate, my palms sweat, my heart beats faster and my skin feels tingly…Ooooh! The only cure for this is a night in my lover’s arms wrapped tight! These novels lower my inhibitions like fine wine after a nice meal. I can do anything, be anyone that I want. There are no boundaries in my way. What a wonderful feeling!!

Ellora’s Cave gives me dreams. Dreams that make it easier for me to believe in love and happily-ever-afters!!

Ellora's Cave opened up a brand new world for me, and one which I want to live in forever. When you are 56 and have been married for 39 years you tend to get in a rut. I married my high school sweetheart and hate to admit it, but he was the first man I slept with (on my wedding night) as well as the only man I slept with in my life! He is the most wonderful man in the world, my best friend and still the sexiest man I have ever seen. Throughout the years and five children, we pretty much fell into a comfortable routine. I grew up while we were married and as I became older (although probably not wiser), I began to have these fantasies about him. He was in the military for 25 years and when he was deployed I would take out my books (which I kind of hid in a box in the closet) and enter the land of exotic fantasy. I think I actually almost devoured them! Since my husband knew I had only been with him, I could not figure out how to tell him about some of my fantasies without having him wonder where in the heck I had come up with them.

I decided to bring my books out of the closet and place them on my bedside table. The first time he saw them he glanced at them but did not say anything. I, in turn, probably turned about 20 shades of red. I waited for a few nights and then I mumbled to him about how some of these sex scenes did not seem possible. He mumbled back something like "it seems like it might be possible." It was only a few days later that he suggested (this time he had the red face) that just to "appease" my curiosity, we could try a few of the scenes I was talking about. That's all I needed and I was off!! It did not take long before we both felt like two kids in a candy store and how sweet it all was! Ellora's Cave gave me the courage and ideas about how to make our marriage so much fun and so very, very exciting!!


Jan Springer said...

Good luck to all the entrants!
I voted. :-)


Mel Teshco said...

I love this one, so very sweet! =)

Mel Teshco said...

Really like this one, so very sweet =)

Barbara Elsborg said...

So hard to choose. Good luck to you all!!!

Jenna Miller said...

My husband and I have always had a healthy sex life. But I am more outgoing and he is more shy and standard. He is still shy after 10 years, but maybe I am overly aggresive. Well, I had mentioned to him about a position that I read about (oral pleasure for him) and told him that was interesting and wanted to try. He was all shy and quiet. So I figured he forgot or wasnt interested. What man would not be interested? Well a month later, when we had extra time away from the kids, he picked me up and tossed me into the position and said let's to that one you were telling me about in that book. I got so excited. Well it is now a staple and is still fun each and every time. Thank you Ellora's Cave for adding spice to my life!