Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Our very own Will Duke won the costume contest at RT's Fairy Ball. It took him and Syneca weeks to make this costume, and word has it, he had to use WD-40 to remove the glue they used to secure the facial prostheses. The beauty in the picture is EC author Mackenzie McKade.


Flick said...

Will's costume was great and he totally deserved to win. Ooh fairy wings are such a nuisance - going through doors sideways, going to the loo, going to bed - oops too much information.

Anonymous said...

Dahlink, you were mahvelous! Yes, wings can be a bit of a pain, but worth it for a night, don't you think? Will said he was less bothered by the wings than by the facial hair. (Of course he has the advantage of being able to pee standing up) I wanted to get him barrettes so he could eat.