Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save a Bundle at the Cave!

Thursdays are now sale days at Ellora's Cave! Every Thursday, you'll find new books on the sale page of our site available at substantially reduced prices for that week.

This week we offer four series on sale:

Divine Interventions by Cricket Starr
These four books feature Greek gods, goddesses and nymphs falling in love and wreaking havoc with mortals and with each other again, just like the good ol' days.
Violet Among the Roses (ebook)Echo in the Hall (ebook)Nemesis of the Garden (ebook and print)

Dream by Mary Wine
A paranormal series featuring psychic trackers and the lovers of their dreams
Dream Shadow (ebook)Dream Specter (ebook)Dream Surrender (ebook and print)

Pantasia by Mardi Ballou
A contemporary series based on stories of Peter Pan
Hook, Wine & Tinker (ebook)For Pete's Sake (ebook and print)Forever on the Isle of Never (ebook and print)

Underground Guardians by Lisa Renee Jones
The genetically enhanced Black Knights battle equally powerful villains to keep the world safe.
Protector (ebook)Healer (ebook and print)

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