Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweetening the Ol' BJ

A recent visitor to our blog with the unappetizing appellation sementaste read with interest our previous conversation about the taste and texture of semen. His interest lies in the fact that he designed a website for a product appropriately called Sweeten69, which is designed to make semen taste better. He says it's the only website completely devoted to the taste of semen. (I'm gonna take his word on that.) The website has a picture similar to the one here of a woman licking an ice cream cone. Yum. Unfortunately, no matter how you flavor it, ejaculate is never going to have the texture of ice cream, and the texture seems to be what triggers the ick factor.
The site does have some interesting facts about foods that sweeten semen (raisins, dates, cinnamon and figs) and stuff that makes it icky (smoking, alcohol and cauliflower).
So do tell, ladies. Wouldja enjoy those bj's more if he tasted like cinnamon?


Laurel said...

I get it. I'm supposed to hate giving blow jobs. I'm supposed to hate the taste of semen. Really, I get it, because the porn industy rams it down my throat (pun intended). Giving head to a man is supposed to be an act of submission, something you don't want to do, something he begs (IRL) or forces you (in porn) to do, and doing it makes you really really nasty. Enjoying it makes you Slutty McHo-Bag. Semen (and by extension consuming it or getting it on you, anywhere) is an icky tool of domination. Icky!

Am I the only one who thinks that is incredibly screwed up? I'm not a "freak" because I enjoy giving my man the same sort of pleasure I expect him to enjoy giving me (the oral kind).

(My gripe is with porn more than with anything on this site. I just saw a chance to speak my piece, and I took it.)

Susan Edwards said...

I agree with you, Laurel. I don't think of a blow job as a political statement, just a sex act that some people like and others don't.

I do think the ol' money shot is much more of turn-on for men than for women. That's probably why it's a fixture in male-oriented porn but not so much in stuff aimed at women and couples. I don't know many women who like having spooge blown on their face.

I would say most women I know probably like giving head but not swallowing. Just a guess, I haven't taken a poll. Anyone want to fess up?

dreammaster said...

I believe many women enjoy the feel of a cock on their lips, but still hate the taste or the texture of semen. I don't know what it tastes like, but I've always thought semen had the same texture as a raw egg white, which is kind of icky.


Laurel said...

1) I like swallowing--and I don't want "spooge blown on" my face. (Elsewhere, fine.)

2) Daniel, you never tasted your own out of simple curiosity?

Susan Edwards said...

Yeah, the idea of semen sweetener seems to miss the point, since it's generally the texture that turns off some women. Raw egg white is a pretty good description.

But context is everything. Just as pain is perceived differently in different situations, so is palatibility. A little properly administered pain can be pleasurable in a consensual sexual situation, but the same pain in a doctor's office or non consensual situation can be quite awful.

Likewise ucking down a raw egg white is yucky, but tasting the pleasure of someone you love while you drive him out of his head can be sensual and delicious.

And there's this: Semen would be pretty useless if it weren't slippery.

And, Daniel, I too am a little surprised you've never tasted your own.

starved said...

So while in culinary school, I once heard that if a man eats pineapple a few hours before receiving head, his cum is sweeter. Granted, doesn't change the texture. But lots of folks love swallowing raw oysters. Afraid I don't have a fellow with whom to experiment but maybe some other ladies might feed pineapple to their guys, fulfill a fantasy or two, and then let us know.

Susan Edwards said...

Mmmmm, pineapple. I'm getting ready to harvest the most beautiful pineapple I've ever seen from my back yard. Truly ripe ones are not acidic at all and incredibly sweet. I can see why they'd sweeten jism.

Someone's got to experiment and report back. Alas, I have no one to experiment on currently either. If the long route doesn't work, I would imagine the more direct route would: Eat a nice big piece of sweet pineapple and then give the bj with that taste still in your mouth.

What else did you hear in culinary school that we ought to know about, Starved?