Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Releases

Visit a world where women’s sexual pleasure is sacred, meet a violinist whose music is an aphrodisiac, watch a BDSM photo session, and taste a sweet candy sexual aid. All that and more in today’s new releases from Ellora’s Cave!

Rock Hard by Faye Adamos
Enter the sexually frustrated, nicotine-addicted, thoroughly boring world of Lab Tech Lana. Unless, like Lana, you find that place entirely too dull. Then enter her fantasy life instead, where she is flying-motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking, free-loving Warrior Lana, who patrols the skies fighting bad guys with her cohort and occasional booty call Rock Hardin. It's a corny name, but hey, it's her fantasy. And he lives up to his name.
When an argument with her obnoxious boss finally sends her over the edge, Lana keeps going—right out of this world, where she finds herself in a new dimension. Suddenly, Warrior Lana's world is the real world, a dimension where men and women really are from different worlds and women's sexual pleasure is a sacred duty for all. And she's about to meet red-hot Tor, who is determined to rock her world and love her hard.
Reader Advisory: This story contains a few scenes of light domination, plus one rather intense scene in which she wields the cane!
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
ISBN: 9781419920622

Sex Symphony by Madison Blake
A magic violin that rules them all in lust.Chelsea is enthralled by the charismatic violinist Kyle Montgomery, and at the first pure notes that trilled into the night she is bombarded by a lust so powerful she loses her breath. She can no longer control her body and she hungers constantly for the hardness of a man's arms around her. To confound her further, she finds herself attracted to the equally compelling brilliant composer Grant Thornton—who dislikes her.Bound by the magic that flows from the violin, the three are inexorably drawn to one another to assuage their deepest needs. But when the notes fade away, who will be left to play the symphony?
Line: Spectrum (gay) Menage, M/M, Paranormal Elements
ISBN: 9781419921261
Sophia Maddox is not only living her dream, but her fantasies, creating edible Body Candy to aid in sexual fulfillment. Until a sexy detective knocks on her door and threatens to expose her secrets. Little does he know, Sophie will do anything to protect those secrets, even using him as a sexual guinea pig for her newest candy creation.Though not what he seems, Brody Burkett must investigate a murder, save his silent partner, and prevent his death. But add Sophie to the mix and his sweet tooth—and desire for her—can't be satiated, even with both of their lives in danger.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419919374
Shy Darla Carmody decides to jump-start her flaccid love life by presenting her fiancĂ© with sexy photos of herself. She doesn't bargain on the photographer, Kon Drummond, being a hunky Dom determined to personally demonstrate what she's been missing. The photo session turns into a BDSM marathon as Kon introduces Darla to the erotic pleasures of bondage, spanking and complete sexual submission—all under the unforgiving lens of his camera. Never has Darla imagined herself on the receiving end of such treatment, or guessed the ecstasy it would bring.Kon has been burned by three expensive divorces and refuses to acknowledge his emotional connection to Darla. He taught her to embrace a part of herself she never knew existed. Will he let her return the favor?
Line: Taboo (BDSM)
ISBN: 9781419921353

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