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Jaxey's Master
Book 4 in the More Than Male series.

Jaxey is only the second female ever to attend the elite Guardian Training Academy. She is smart and strong and beautiful and designed to hold her own against any primale. Her only weakness is Korlon, her gorgeous classmate. The two are irresistibly attracted, despite Korlon's engagement to the obedient Desela.

When a training mission puts Korlon and Jaxey into deep space alone, all bets are off, especially when Jaxey discovers it's not just sex-making she desires, but complete submission to Korlon as her lord and Master.

A Dominant for Desela
This is book 5 in the More Than Male series.

Following a broken engagement, the beautiful and obedient Desela has vowed never to love again. Instead she dedicates herself to helping other obedient females find dominant mates.

When her matchmaking service leads her to a remote colony run by the rugged Marshal Trajan, however, she soon finds her submissive instincts stirring. Trajan wants nothing to do with Des or her service, but the harder he tries to repel her, the more he wants her in his bed and at his feet. Desela fights, but she is born to yield to the one man strong enough to take her on his terms.

Line: Taboo
ISBN: 9781419960000
Price $18.99

The fabulous Glory Girls once thrilled audiences with their perfect three-part harmonies. When tragedy took it all away, little Bethany Glory, middle child and family peacekeeper, promised to take care of her sisters forever. But thirty years later, it's a promise she's finding hard to keep. The life she's built is crumbling around her. Her marriage is falling apart, her relationship with her sisters is strained and she's just discovered that her father is about to marry a Las Vegas showgirl half his age.

When Beth's grandmother makes a deathbed request to restore the family's aging Catskill estate to its former glory, Beth seizes the opportunity to mend the scars of the past and recapture the family harmony that once catapulted the pint-sized Glory Girls to stardom.

Over the course of one Catskill summer, Beth discovers a strength she never knew she had, and even more important, learns that sometimes you have to tear down what you have in order to build something more solid.

Categories: Woman's Fiction
ISBN: 9781419959264
Price: $14.99

Missed Match is the sequel to Game Timebut can be read as a stand-alone book.

Syv Ramos arrives from the future to play a reality game show watched by the twenty-fifth-century audience. Unfortunately everything goes wrong with his Game, from the in-head computer he argues with to his declined credit card. None of this deters Syv, who has endless confidence in himself.

The Game designers instruct Syv to court "the teacher in Room 10". To win his Game, Syv must propose and be accepted by that teacher, Bethany. But she's concerned about her sick son and not interested in getting involved with a man, even one as charming as Syv. Neither Syv nor the Game designers realize until too late that Bethany is a substitute teacher. By the time he discovers his mistake, Syv is in love with Bethany but he really must win his Game.

Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit sex scenes.

Categories: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419959646
Price: $18.99

Sabina thought she loved Lord Elvan until his blatant infidelities turned her heart to stone. Perce thought Sabina was just his friend Philip's little sister—until she fell in love with Elvan and he realized he wanted her for himself. It was too late for both when they met again at a ball in St. Petersburg and passion flared between them.

Neither Perce nor Sabrina wanted a life of hiding and cheating. But women who divorced their husbands—no matter the reason—could never marry again nor be received in polite society. Sabrina's politically powerful uncle hoped to blackmail Elvan into agreeing to an annulment but Elvan insisted Sabrina accompany him on one more diplomatic mission. In Portugal Elvan indulged himself in another affaire…but this woman had an insanely jealous husband. Not content with his revenge on Elvan and his wife, Dom Jose intended to kill Sabrina for not controlling her husband.

When Perce returned to England and learned Sabrina had gone to Portugal with Elvan, he set out at once to protect her—and arrived just in time to become another target for Dom Jose.

Publisher's Note: This story was originally published elsewhere in 1982.

Categories: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781419959110
Price: $18.99


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