Friday, August 21, 2009

Secret Lives

Confessions of Ellora's Cave authors you'll meet at RomantiCon 09

"There's a leprechaun in my ancestry from whom I have inherited green eyes, slightly pointed ears, and a height that makes me eligible for Little People of America. But, damn it, I didn't inherit any of the leprechaun gold."

--Betty Hanawa

Beast Within

Book 2 in the Altered States series

Dylan wakes from a blackout, horny as hell, naked and stuck in a cage. Adding to his frustration is the sight of sexy wildlife officer Haley holding a gun on him. Even though he thinks Haley is crazy to insist the cage held a rescued wildcat, Dylan’s grateful to wake from another blackout in her home.

Haley wants to enjoy Dylan’s hot body but must force the former Special Forces officer to accept the fact that he changes into a jaguarondi. Haley wants the passionate man, not the wildcat, and devises an erotic game to teach him to control the shifting.

Hating to be submissive, Dylan knows he must trust Haley to train him to command the beast within.

Line: Twilight (paranormal)

Series: Altered States
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419919480


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