Monday, July 27, 2009

New Releases

Two freebies and a new Ann Jacobs! What's not to love about Monday?
Lots of hot sex with a sultry and willing Arab princess—that's Alina's prescription to shock American former POW Brian Shearer out of grief for the marriage that didn't outlast his imprisonment, and out of some of the conservative notions he's held since childhood. But neither anticipates the blazing passion between them. Can a magic necklace and the ghost of the old Marsh Arab who gave it to Brian overcome their differences and lead the way to lasting love?
Publisher's Note: Previously published in the Mystic Visions anthology.
Line: Taboo (bdsm)
ISBN: 978141992657
Naughty Nooners free download.
Rose Thorne doesn't want much. She'd like a man to love and for village idiots to stop claiming she's a witch. Just because she does a little magic doesn't mean they need to burn her at the stake. It takes ages to get the smell of smoke out of her hair. On her way home after foraging for mushrooms, she's assaulted by two local lechers. Her rescuer appears out of the mist—a tall, dark, handsome stranger with a mouthwatering body. Finally something in her miserable life is going right. Furthermore, her savior turns out to be mute, so he can't ruin things by saying something stupid.Can life get any better?
Line: Xanadu (fantasy)
Scintillating Samples Free download
Finding the perfect hero and heroine for a romance novel can turn a writer's hair gray—that's why I advertise for them. Interviewing characters can be exhausting, and getting them to stick to the plot? Well, it doesn't always work that way. And then you find out they're talking about you behind your back. Meet Randy and Sarah, the hero and heroine of Finding Sarah and Hidden Fire, in a funny and illuminating look at what goes on behind the scenes of the romance writing process.
Line: Romantic Suspense, Humor

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