Friday, July 17, 2009

New Releases from Ellora's Cave

Pour the martinis! Release the balloons! It's Friday, and you know what that means. Yep, 4 brand spankin' new releases from Ellora's Cave. Well, okay, not all of them have spanking, but you get the idea.

Denise Arensal is stuck on an isolated planet, trying to protect a man and his flighty sister. When help arrives, at first she's thrilled, but then she realizes she knows these two men from her dreams. Memories of another time tell her she can't trust them. Yet, her fears can't hold back her desires. Davik and Camin know she's wary of them. They seduce and tempt her into giving them what they want—her love and trust. They entice her closer with teasing kisses and carnal games, determined to show her they belong together. Denise needs to know if the men are offering more than just hot sex and a warm bed, but there's little time to find out. Between sensual stolen moments, ever-increasing mercenary attacks make every day a fight for survival. The trio will have to rely on each other if they want to make it off the planet alive.
Line: Aeon (sci fi) with M/M and Menage elements
ISBN: 9781419920417
Barely Covered is the prequel to Barely Undercover.
Kaz does not want to stand around alone in a gay strip club…that is, until the next act comes onstage. Damien is the hottest guy Kaz has ever laid eyes on and he watches, completely mesmerized, as Damien strips down to a scanty G-string.Unfortunately Kaz isn't the only one who lusts after Damien's luscious body. Another man wants Damien, whether Damien is willing or not, and Kaz must come to the rescue. Damien finds in Kaz the first person who's ever protected him…and Damien has needed protecting in the past, desperately. The attraction between them is mutual and flares into lustful, delicious passion.When Damien's attacker turns up dead, Kaz must find the killer quickly. Otherwise Damien will go from being the love of Kaz's life to the top of his list of suspects.
Line: Spectrum (gay) with M/M
ISBN: 9781419922398
When Dayton Stewart buys a home in a Toronto neighborhood, he thinks his life can't get any better…until he meets Simon Tate, his gorgeous new neighbor. Add Simon's friend Mateo to the mix and sparks fly. In Simon's mind, being neighborly involves something other than homemade cookies or a dinner invitation. It means a threesome in the parlor and some quality time in the old, stone-walled bondage basement. A wall web, a step stool, floggers and lube. All the accoutrements of kinky sex can be found in Simon's play space, and Simon and Mateo are more than happy to show Dayton the ins and outs of the equipment. After all, they're just being neighborly.
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.
Line: Exotika (erotica) with M/M, Menage, Lt. BDSM
ISBN: 9781419923258
Alice Parker loves sweets, and nothing gives her more pleasure than whipping up a sizzling batch of erotic candy. Especially for the bachelorette party her best friend is holding for her daughter. That is, until she meets Edward Larkin. Now all Alice can think about is how to get the hunky orthodontist into bed so she can slowly lick every luscious inch of him. Edward doesn't eat sweets and often warns his patients about overindulging. So the last thing he wants to hear is that Alice, the very sexy candy store owner, is providing a huge candy buffet for his niece's wedding. A wedding he is determined to stop. One way or another. Alice is a tempting treat Edward just has to sample—and one taste might not be enough.
Line: Moderne (contemporary)
ISBN: 9781419922084

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