Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Silk Road to Yin and Yang

Our Quiminologists have been reading a lot lately, in the cool coffee room off the lab - when the temps soar, it's not a bad thing to do. So running into a series of novels set in the Far East got us all thinking - and researching the delicately beautiful Chinese phrases for specific body parts.

China has a long and gracious history in regards to erotica - they were sculpting and painting it, not to mention writing about it, while the rest of us were dealing with invading Roman tribes and finding something to kill for lunch. We also found that the Chinese describe sexual matters in a picturesque fashion... "Clouds and rain" for example, is their way of subtly enjoying an orgasm. When it comes to a woman's body - the language is just as symbolic. We have a cinnabar grotto , also known as a moon channel - a rather delightful and picturesque phrase - into which a man will insert his Jade Stalk. He must arouse us to allow our Jade Gate to open for him and he will know this is accomplished by the brilliance of our Scarlet Pearls (labia). He may then pierce our lute strings.

Poetic, isn't it? Our researchers also discovered some amazing sculptures, jade especially, where the peach appears frequently as a symbol of female sexuality. And if you take a look at a peach, especially where the stem has snapped off - well, the Chinese knew their imagery!! So we Quiminologists doff our caps to the Chinese, appreciating the fragile beauty invoked by their phrases. We'd all prefer to have our jeweled terraces awakened by the knocking of a jade stalk; we'd appreciate the caresses to our Yin gate, with particular attention to the grain of seed. Sure beats the hell out of "Hey woman, wanna get naked and do it?"

'Til next time,
Your Quiminologists


Susan said...

Great post, Sahara. These are some of my favorite terms. They definitely make sex sound poetic. You can tell a lot about people's attitudes toward sex and women's genitals by the terms they use for them. I can only imagine the lovely things a man might do to something he thought of as a jade terrace.

Syneca said...

Peach is my favorite. I mean who doesn't want to wrap their mouth onto a sweet juicy peach????