Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happily Ever After Quiz

Redbook has an interesting story called

Before you read the story, what do you think contributes on a daily basis to a happy partnership? No peeking!


Trista Ann Michaels said...

I think everyone is different. My dh and I still flirt and go on dates. I think that helps. We also do things with friends separately, which I think helps keep me from killing him...hehehe...:)

I think the worst thing a couple can do is settle into a routine. Keep the spark alive and have some fun...:)

Susan Edwards said...

Yeah, I agree everyone's different, but you got two of them right off the bat, Trista. Flirting and doing things independently.

Syneca said...

(1)Be best friends who are lucky enough to also be lovers.

(2) Be roommates (i.e. individuals and independent) who are lucky enough to be best friends and lovers.

If you have that, the rest of it falls naturally into place.

LA Day said...

Next year it'll be twenty years of marriage for me. Why has it worked?
We have a great friendship and love to do things together. We also have outside interests that we enjoy seperately.

We still like to play and be silly.
And, after all these years I still think he's hot!

N said...

I make time for snuggling. And brushing the dogs together. LOL!

Susan Edwards said...

Being stupid together is another one, LA. The article talked about acting silly or watching dumb tv together. I think, Syn, that was one thing you were getting at when you said being best friends and N with snuggling and brushing the dogs. Just being together in a companionable way.

One other thing they said that I think you could include with Syn's being best friends was talking to each other. Not just about problems or deep issues, but just having good conversation.

There was one more that I might not have guessed, but it didn't made sense once I thought about it.

anny cook said...

We're forty years in December. Mostly, you just have to be in it for the long haul. And take the other person as they are. They ARE who you married--not who you THOUGHT you married. Do some stuff together. Do some stuff apart. Agree that you like different stuff. Be faithful.

anny cook said...

Oh, yeah. Have sex as often as possible. Twice a day on the weekends.

Susan Edwards said...

Lol, Anny! you guys are definitely the experts. I can't believe how many EC and CP authors have been married for decades. You guys have guessed them all except one. It might surprise you, but here it is:
Share a spiritual moment.