Monday, July 2, 2007

Get Your Freak On

USA Today reported this morning that former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is slated to open Nevada's first legal bordello that caters exclusively to female clientele. The newspaper quoted Fleiss as stating, "I have at least 400 women who are ready to buy a membership." (And no shortage of men applying for the job!)

Will Heidi find as much financial success pandering to an all-female customer base as she did supplying female hookers to male clients in Hollyweird? Is this one of life's realities that you consider to be (a) a long time in coming or (b) yet further proof of the decline of modern civilization? Pick up your trumpets and sound off!


Susan Edwards said...

Fascinating. I have no doubt she'll have plenty of customers--and employees. I think I'll start a spa next door to Heidi's place. Women can come and be pampered with massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and great food. Then they can go next door for a happy ending ;-)

Jo Carlisle said...

I'm all for Susan's idea! If I were unattached, I might have to give that pampering day a try, complete with the "happy ending". So, that opinion plants me in the "it's about time" category. Men have indulged their pleasures for millennia, and there's a certain social accpetance (right or wrong) of "men just being men" while woman are considered sluts that I've never thought was fair or just.

On a more humorous note, I do have to wonder, though, how a man will be able to perform in his job, literally, when the bad boy won't cooperate. He's tired, his client is ugly, whatever! I mean, he can't fake it! Hmmm... >:)

Susan Edwards said...

Good question, Jo. I guess the ol' strap-on would be a fall back, but it wouldn't be very flattering for the client. I'm thinking the guys would have to have much more training than the average female prostitute--more along the lines of geishas.

First, because women's sexuality and sexual anatomy are more complicated than men's in general and second because the male anatomy, as Jo said, is less reliable. He'd have to be really skilled to still make a woman feel good about herself if he had to rely on a back-up system when the little man failed.

Toni Lea Andrews said...

There was an episode of CSI where women went to be courted by men. In their version, there was no sex--it was about the fantasy. The pretext was that women don't really want the sex as much as we want the romance.

I thought about this. I mean, the concept of the male, heterosexual prostitute is very different than that of the female prostitute. There's not much market for the standup quickie in the alley. No, we have the gigolo, who is paid to be your boyfriend.

I'm very curious how Heidi's place will be set up. I'll bet it will try to simulate the dating experience and opposed to just "Wham, bam, that'll be $250, please..."

Susan Edwards said...

I'll bet you're right that the service will simulate dating, Toni. I think some call-girl and escort services do this already. But I do think women would pay to have simple, no-strings-attached sex with a skilled lover who's focused entirely on her pleasure too.

Everyone has needs for physical intimacy and not everyone has appropriate, safe ways to meet those needs. Done right, a male prostitution service could be a great thing.

Erin the Innocent said...

I guess I have a different point of view than that of Susan and Jo. I'm voting for choice B.

I don't think that any type of brothel is something to be celebrated.

Just my opinion of course.

Jaid Black said...

Very fascinating dialogue.

Jo, I guess that's what viagra is for lol!!

Susan, I bet you'd make a fortune.

Toni, what a thought-provoking post. Interesting... and no doubt true.

Erin, I'm sure you're not alone in your opinion. Thanks for weighing in!

Deb said...

I agree with Susan I think Heidi will do quite well in her adventure. You have to remember that there are alot of women out there that enjoy what she has to offer.

Jana said...

I would so want to go there on my way to Las Vegas!